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Why an Online Degree?

Education is an investment, an investment for the future. You alone are responsible for making the most of your own education. Via the old Chinese proverb, “Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself. “– Education can either be the most enlightening experience to ever happen to you or a big waste of money and time. Do not enroll in any class without the understanding that what you put in is what you get out.

You will probably be discriminated against in one way or another by possessing an online degree. The discriminators come from a time when online education was considered a sham. Things have changed. And slowly but surely discriminators will come around. Both technological and philosophical advances have brought online education to a point of true competition with traditional education. Traditional nonprofit schools are even outsourcing a significant portion of curriculum to online learning platforms.

Not all online degrees are created equal. Accreditation agencies rate the quality of schools similar to how the FDA gives a stamp of approval on food and drugs. Not all accreditation agencies are created equal (though some schools would like you to think so). Regional, National, and Independent are the three types of accreditation agencies, each with different sets of qualifications and standards. Regional is the premium accreditation, national accreditation comes next, and independent/specialized accreditation has the lowest accreditation standards. If employer discrimination is a concern, keep your education with a regionally accredited school.

If choosing a school seems difficult, choosing a degree is impossible! One of the biggest decisions of your life will be choosing a field of expertise. Choose wisely.

Weekly Earnings Based on Education Level:

From a 2010 study. Source:

In 2009, the median weekly income for high school graduates was $626. In comparison, associate degree holders brought in $761, and those with bachelor's degrees took home $1,025. Over a five-year span, the additional amount bachelor's degree holders earn totals up to $103,740.

Top 20 Careers to Watch

Career Click to view program Growth (Approx 2008-2015) Popularity (Num Degrees Granted) Wage (Amount Earned) C Wage (Lorem Ipsum) Demand (Index) Trend (On OnlineDegree)
Marketing Research Manager 14 $ $
Massage Therapist 20% $ $
Interior Design Project Manager $ $
Certified Nursing Assistant 31% $ $
Primary Education Teachers 7 $ $
Social Worker 26% $ $
Principal Enterprise Architect 20 $ $
On-Call Massage Therapist 20% $ $
Associate Attorney $ $
Registered Nurses 26% $ $
Graphic Designer 13 $ $
Mental Health Counselor 26% $ $
Software Engineer 30 $ $
Message Acupressure 20% $ $
Case Manager 26% $ $
Internal Auditor 16 $ $
Real Estate Assistant 12% $ $
Loss Prevention Manager 7 $ $
Medical Assistant 31 $ $ High
Nutrition Aide 20% $ $
Data comes from the US Dept. Of Labor. Source: