Best Universities & Colleges in Utah for 2024

These are the 12 top schools, both online and traditional, located in the state of Utah. Scroll through the list below and get all the information you need about each institution.

Online Colleges in Utah

Compare all of the best distance education colleges located in Utah to pursue an online bachelors degree, associates, or online masters program degree. Including cost of tuition, degrees they offer, enrollment rates, faculty, famous alumni, and more.

Recommended Schools

  • AmeriTech College of Healthcare

    Draper, Utah

    • 478 Total Students
    • 75% Acceptance Rate
    • 63% Enrollment Rate
    • 8 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 53 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    AmeriTech College of Healthcare began as an institution for providing healthcare education and specialized career training in various fields of healthcare. It was founded in 1979 in Provo, Utah, however has grown into a multi campus college, with another one of its campus based in Draper, Utah.  By 1984, Ameritech received accreditation from nationally recognized agency, Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), for its programs and courses being offered.

    Being an institute serving in the healthcare and nursing field, Ameritech considers community involvement its responsibility and introduces values and beliefs based on excellence in learning and growth, enriching student experience, service towards improving lives of the people, calling for ethical practices and showing care towards others. This it calls its ‘Five Star Values’.

    Ameritech takes pride in being a humble dwelling for its students. With a small student population and with small classroom sizes, the college focuses on complete immersion of student and faculty into learning and growth. It allows personal interaction and experiential learning, which the college believes is most important to thrive in the healthcare industry. Students at Ameritech self organize community service projects. Besides there are social events as well at the campus, lunches and dinners which let the students enjoy. Physical activities in winters in Utah also provide an added charm to the student life. There are hiking opportunities, waterfall climbing, snowboarding, skiing and many others.

    The academic programs at Ameritech consist of Diplomas and Associate of Science. The college offers five programs in total which are Nursing, RN-BSN, Medical Assistant, Dental Laboratory Technician and Occupational Therapy Assistant.  The college also provides its nursing program online. It is an accelerated program aimed at finishing the program quickly as well as allowing flexibility for those working while studying.

    AmeriTech School Facts

    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Brigham Young University Seal

    Brigham Young University

    Provo, Utah

    Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah
    • 33,469 Total Students
    • 48% Acceptance Rate
    • 80% Enrollment Rate
    • 20 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 13,376 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    BYU is a private research university which traces its earliest roots to 1862 with the beginnings of Provo school which was founded by Warren Dusenberry. However, the present university started taking shape when Brigham Young, who was serving as president of LDS Church at the time when in 1875 the land for a school was purchased and the classes beginning at the Brigham Young Academy in 1876. By 1903, the academy was replaced with a high school and a university. The university is situated in Provo, Utah.

    The university is another one of the institutes which is managed and run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This institute follows the same guiding principles where education and time spent at the university is dedicated to learning and dedication in success and service in all aspects of life.

    Brigham Young University offers a complete and fulfilling life for its students. From quality education to experience beyond classroom instructions, students find many activities to take part in and many groups to belong with. There are cultural groups, linguistic clubs but also Cappella, prosthetics, and interesting recreation club such as the Quidditch Club. Excitement is further added through the much celebrated culture of arts, the arts departments dance, music, theatre and others bring performances and events for the students to enjoy. There is Dance Championships as well as World Dance Festival. Some other events includes holding Bravo! At the campus which bring some extremely celebrated and award winning artists to perform at the campus. It also houses The Wall which brings concerts, dining and stage performances for students at night; and many other galleries and museums of arts and other exhibits. Students also take interest in sports and the university has 21 varsity teams taking part in NCAA, with colors Blue, white and Tan.

    Academics at BYU consist of undergraduate programs with 178 majors and 109 minors, and also 68 master’s programs and 26 doctorate programs.  There are university’s notable departments and facilities such as David O. McKay School of Education, J. Reuben Clark Law School, Harold B. Lee Library and a few more.

    BYU School Facts

    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationLatter Day Saints (Mormon Church)

    Famous BYU Alumni

    • Michael T. Benson

      Education & Advocacy

      Current (12th President) of Eastern Kentucky University; formerly served as fifteenth President of Southern Utah University and fourteenth President of Snow College

    • Harvey Fletcher

      Science & Medicine

      Physicist popularly known for inventing the hearing aid; also the founding dean of the BYU College of Engineering

    • Don Bluth

      Entertainment & Arts

      Director, producer, and animator of films including An American Tail, The Land Before Time, and Anastasia

    • Stephen Covey

      Education & Advocacy

      Author; New York Times bestseller The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,

    • Jerusha Hess

      Entertainment & Arts

      Directors and screenwriters of Napoleon Dynamite

    • Dee Benson

      Politics & Law

      Federal Judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

    • Kristen Cox

      Politics & Law

      Served as the Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Rehabilitation Services Administration in the U.S. Department of Education, appointed by George W. Bush

    • Steve Benson

      Education & Advocacy

      Editorial cartoonist, Pulitzer Prize-winner

    • Stephenie Meyer

      Entertainment & Arts

      Author; works include the Twilight series and The Host

    • Johnny Miller

      Professional Sports

      Former professional golfer; winner of U.S. Open - 1973, British Open - 1976, PGA Championship - 1977, and Masters Tournament - 1980

  • Broadview University

    West Jordan, Utah

    Broadview University in West Jordan, Utah
    • 160 Total Students
    • 11 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Broadview University is a for profit university that started as Bryman School in 1977 in the Salt Lake City. Over its 40 year journey, the university transitioned from a school to a modern day higher education institute gradually. It first introduced Associate degrees in 1995 and the Bachelor’s degree were introduced as part of curriculum in 2006, almost a decade later. The name change from original name to the present one happened in 2010.

    The university expanded its location to operating through seven campuses in total across Utah, Wisconsin and in Sioux Falls. With the strategic development of its campuses and its program offerings the institute is determined to coming off as a career focused institute with its graduates being ‘career ready’, equipped with all the needed knowledge, skills and resources.

    Highlighting its dedication to providing education and every other facility to its students to make their journey resourceful yet easy in making them ready for their chosen career fields, the expert faculty bring the real world knowledge and practical experience inside the classrooms, enhancing the student experience. Not just this, the university brings an innovative program, called CareerPath which brings multiple benefits for students. It enables applied learning where students put their learning into practical application, empowering students to build relationships within their chosen fields and industry and lastly, through the program the students can earn up to, approximately 25 percent discount on their tuition fee, helping them to pay for their studies.

    Academic programs at Broadview are accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) and include undergraduate program such as Certificates, Associate and Bachelor’s in the field of business, information technology, paralegal and healthcare. It also offers its education and programs through online means which also includes MBA program and Masters of Science in Management, along with undergraduate program offerings.

    Broadview School Facts

    • Years Estd.1977
    • MottoSuccessful Futures Start Here!
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Dixie State University Seal

    Dixie State University

    Saint George, Utah

    • 8,503 Total Students
    • 19 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    DSU is a public university that was established by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). It began in 1911 as St. George Stake Academy and within a few years turned into a normal school, for teacher training and by 1923 had turned into a junior school. By 1935 the college was given up by the church and taken over by the State Board of Education and was kept running by funds and support by the local area people.

    After many struggles, in 2013, the college was transformed into a university and named Dixie State University. It is based in St. George, Utah and is on the mission to adding excellence to the lives of its students and promoting knowledge exchange in the hope of producing competent individuals.

    At DSU students come across a variety of activities and programs to be part of, in a warm community like environment, there are around 81 student clubs and organisations that are active on the campus and which students join to learn and work on new or existing skills and to socialise and form relationships. There is additionally a Student Government, which seeks to promote active participation by students in improving student life and working as leaders. There is also Student Association Academic Senate that brings various programs and activities, educational and learning in nature and which focus on improving academics through trips, projects, conferences, presentations and etc. Community service opportunities for the students come through organising and working with organisations such as United Way Dixie, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers and Big Sisters and others. Besides there are also other fun and entertainment activities, as students take time off from studies and take part in carnivals, dances, musical concerts and other such traditional events. The university has its athletic teams competing at NCAA division II. Its teams are called ‘Trailblazers’; its mascot is ‘Brooks the Bison’ and the official colors are Red, White, and Blue.

    Academic programs offered at DSU consist of 30 bachelor’s degrees programs with 53 majors and 26 minors, 16 associate’s degrees, and 14 certificate programs.

    Dixie State School Facts

    • Years Estd.September 19, 1911 (1911-09-19)
    • NicknameTrailblazers
    • MascotBrooks the Bison
    • ColorsRed, Blue, Gray, White
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous Dixie State Alumni

    • Cresent Hardy

      Politics & Law

      Nevada State Assemblyman and member of the U. S. House of Representatives

    • Gregory Prince

      Education & Advocacy

      Pathology researcher and Mormon historian

    • Jerry Atkin

      Business & Industry

      Founder and CEO of SkyWest, Inc.

    • Nolan D. Archibald

      Business & Industry

      CEO of Black & Decker

    • Brandon Kintzler

      Professional Sports

      MLB relief pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers and Minnesota Twins

    • Sark Arslanian

      Professional Sports

      Former football coach at Dixie Junior College, Weber State University and Colorado State University

    • Bruce C. Hafen

      Social Advocacy & Service

      LDS Church leader as well as President of Ricks College from 1978 to 1985

    • Jeffrey R. Holland

      Education & Advocacy

      President of Brigham Young University from 1980 to 1989

    • Howard W. Cannon

      Politics & Law

      Former U.S. Senator from Nevada, served from 1959 to 1983

  • Midwives College of Utah

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    • 236 Total Students
    • 100% Acceptance Rate
    • 100% Enrollment Rate
    • 5 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 10 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Midwives College of Utah is a higher education institute offering direct entry midwifery training. It was established in 1980 under the name of Utah School of Midwifery.

    The college states that its mission is to improve the care provided during pregnancy and birth avoiding unexpected and undesired outcomes.

    Midwives College offers undergraduate and graduate programs granting bachelor and master’s degrees. The institute is accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council and recognized by the California Medical Board for the state licensure. Students get the chance to take the exam for the North American Registry of Midwives after graduation which is required to become Certified Professional Midwife. There are also some courses offered through online education and continuing education programs. The college offers several scholarships to provide financial support to the students including Briana Blackwelder Equal Access Scholarship Fund.

    Midwives College School Facts

    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Provo College Seal

    Provo College

    Provo, Utah

    Provo College in Provo, Utah
    • 364 Total Students
    • 12 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Provo College is a private for-profit higher education institute located in Provo, Utah. The college was established in 1984 and was initially named Dental Careers Institute. It was later renamed Advanced Careers Institute before finally gaining its current name in 1989. The ownership of the college was transferred in 1992 to the Center for Professional Studies, Inc. The college was then relocated to its current location. Provo started offering Associate of Applied Science degree in 1996. It got approval in 2005 to change the degree to Associate of Science rather than Associate of Applied Science from ACCSC. It finally started offering bachelor degree programs in 2013.

    The college states that its mission is to help students achieve personal excellence by offering student-center education that is driven by market needs. Currently, Provo operates three campuses in Provo, Layton and Murray. Different programs are offered at the different locations with some programs offered online.

    Provo offers 6 different programs. The college was formerly accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, however, this accreditation was lost in 2016 as the U.S. Department of Education cancelled the recognition of this accrediting agency. The college offers 2 scholarship programs that provide financial support to enrolled students in addition to federal financial aid and other loan programs.

    Provo School Facts

    • Years Estd.1984
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • University of Utah Seal

    University of Utah

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • 31,592 Total Students
    • 81% Acceptance Rate
    • 34% Enrollment Rate
    • 16 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 12,174 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    U is a public institute and a research university which was established in the year 1850 as University of Deseret but it didn’t take off due to financial problems. It restarted in 1867 and after that, overcame all problems and made progress. It changed locations over this time but found its permanent abode in the year 1900.

    It was in 1892 when it was renamed to University of Utah and is situated in the Salt Lake City, Utah. The present-day institute has transformed itself into a hub of creative activity, innovation, academic excellence, encouraging experimentation and knowledge progression.

    For students a range of activities exists at the campus of U, helping them to pursue their interests even outside of the classrooms. The opportunities provided to the students primarily exist in the form of more than 600 student organizations being run on the campus. There is also the Student Assembly and the Student Senate open for student participation. These help students represent their ideas, regulate and positively influence student life and learn about leadership roles. For new students, LEAP learning Community initiative is provided for more effective and active transition into the campus life. Peer Advisors play an active role in the successful transition program. Students also find the opportunity to work in community building and public service initiatives and activities; these include volunteer activities, participation in the research groups and various projects or taking part in the Spring Break trips. Students also actively take part as well as enjoy arts events put together by students. These consist of film screenings, artistic and theatre performances, exhibits, concerts, etc. There is also the university athletics; the teams are called Utes and they play at NCAA Division I. The campus mascot is ‘Swoop’ and the colors are Red and White.

    The academic programs offered at U include 80+ undergraduate majors, 20+ Master and 5+ Doctoral programs. Its notable facilities/departments are Kingsbury Hall, Rice-Eccles Stadium, the Jon M. Huntsman Center, A. Ray Olpin University Union, Huntsman Cancer Institute, J. Willard Marriott Library, the S.J. Quinney Law Library and others.

    U School Facts

    • Years Estd.February 28, 1850 (1850-02-28)
    • NicknameUtes
    • MascotSwoop
    • ColorsRed and White
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous U Alumni

    • Jon Huntsman Jr.

      Politics & Law

      Governor of Utah (2005–2009), United States Ambassador to Russia

    • J. Willard Marriott

      Business & Industry

      Founder of Marriott International

    • Gretchen W. McClain

      Business & Industry

      CEO of Xylem Inc., former NASA Deputy Associate Administrator for Space Development

    • Robert A. "Bob" McDonald

      Business & Industry

      CEO of Procter & Gamble

    • Orson Scott Card

      Entertainment & Arts

      Science fiction author, Ender's Game

    • Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

      Education & Advocacy

      Pulitzer Prize-winning historian of women and early America

    • Larry Watson

      Entertainment & Arts

      Milkweed National Fiction Prize-winning author

    • Don L. Lind

      Science & Medicine

      American scientist and a former naval officer and aviator, and NASA astronaut

    • Thomas Ypsilantis

      Science & Medicine

      Co-discovered the antiproton

    • John E. Dennis

      Science & Medicine

      Editor-in-chief and founder of the SIAM Journal on Optimization, pioneered convergence analysis of quasi-Newton methods

    • Alan Ashton

      Science & Medicine

      Computer scientist; co-founder of WordPerfect and Thanksgiving Point

    • David Evans

      Science & Medicine

      Computer scientist and graphics pioneer; co-founder of Evans & Sutherland

    • Rodney Bagley

      Science & Medicine

      Co-inventor of the catalytic converter

  • Utah State University Seal

    Utah State University

    Logan, Utah

    Utah State University in Logan, Utah
    • 28,622 Total Students
    • 97% Acceptance Rate
    • 30% Enrollment Rate
    • 22 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 16,158 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    USU is a public research university that was founded in 1888 under the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act. It was initially called the Agricultural College of Utah. The institute rapidly gained success, adding programs, activities and growing as an institute. By the year 1950, the institute had already awarded its first doctoral degrees.

    Based in Logan, Utah, it was in 1957 that its name was changed to Utah State University. Being a land-grant and space-grant institute, the university stays committed to promoting discovery, engagement, critical thought process and intellectual advancement of its students and the communities.

    At the campus of USU, students go through an enriching experience, filled with academic as well as extracurricular activities. There are more than 200 student-run clubs and organizations offering diverse interests. Participation is also encouraged with the Student Government Association where students work to improve and regulate campus life, voice student interests and get the chance to learn and grow as leaders. The campus also offers fraternity and sorority life where students feel motivated to aim high and achieve big. There is also an emphasis on service learning and community engagement; students learn community service and are encouraged to also experience it practically by engaging themselves in community building work. Arts and creativity are much appreciated and celebrated on campus. There is an art museum, students take part in musical groups, bringing musical performances and also put together theater performances. Students are further supported academically and non-academically through various services such as the academic success center, counseling, diversity programs and multicultural engagement and others. Students also enjoy athletics and play at NCAA Division I. The teams are called ‘Aggies’. The campus colors are Aggie Blue and White.

    As for the academics, the programs consist of 159 undergraduate degrees, 111 undergraduate minors, and 110 graduate degrees. The prominent facilities/departments on campus are Merrill-Cazier Library, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business, S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources, Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services, George S. Eccles Business Building and more.

    USU School Facts

    • Years Estd.March 8, 1888 (1888-03-08)
    • NicknameAggies
    • MascotBig Blue
    • MottoResearch, Service, Teaching
    • ColorsAggie Blue and White
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous USU Alumni

    • Gregory C. Carr

      Social Advocacy & Service

      Entrepreneur, human rights activist, and founder of the Gregory C. Carr Foundation, which supports human rights, education and the arts

    • Nolan Bushnell

      Business & Industry

      Founded Atari Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's chain

    • Ward Parkinson

      Business & Industry

      Founder of Micron Technology; VP of Commercial Development of Ovonyx, Inc.

    • Caryn Beck-Dudley

      Education & Advocacy

      Dean of the College of Business at Florida State University; first female dean of the Huntsman School of Business (2002–2005)

    • Spencer Cox

      Social Advocacy & Service

      Lieutenant Governor of Utah

    • Chris Stewart

      Entertainment & Arts

      New York Times best-selling author

    • Don Quayle

      Social Advocacy & Service

      First President of National Public Radio

    • Kevin Wasden

      Entertainment & Arts

      Science fiction and fantasy artist and illustrator

    • W. Rolfe Kerr

      Education & Advocacy

      Commissioner of Education of the LDS Church

    • Mary L. Cleave

      Science & Medicine

      NASA astronaut

    • Phil Johnson

      Professional Sports

      Former NBA head coach; currently longtime assistant coach, Utah Jazz; named NBA's top assistant coach three times

  • Utah Valley University Seal

    Utah Valley University

    Orem, Utah

    Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah
    • 33,211 Total Students
    • 22 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Present day UVU is a public higher education institute and traces its origin to Central Utah Vocational School founded in 1941. With state funding pooling in, the school became a permanent state institution. Over the years, the school changed into a technical institute; as it got the power to award degrees it evolved into a community college and then state college by 1993.

    Based in Orem, Utah, it was in the year 2008 that it was eventually transformed into a university. Offering state of the art facilities, expert faculty and up to date programs, the university is committed towards student success and building strong futures.

    At Utah Valley University, the campus life is inclusive and providing every opportunity and resource for its students to grow in life. Students come from diverse backgrounds and the campus provides many activities and programs helping students from different backgrounds to feel at home; encouraging dialogue and for increasing tolerance and understanding. Engagement of students at various levels is also encouraged and the university offers from on-campus engagement to academic to off-campus initiatives. Students find opportunities to take part in the research opportunities that help them learning and applicability of their education and programs, also the opportunity to work with off-campus organizations working towards community building and service. The university also offers career development support to its students, through fairs and having open houses for students, in collaboration with its organizational partners. For student involvement on the campus, there are also registered student clubs and organizations, recreational activities and wellness facilities and also events being held on the campus all year round. Some of these events are intramural sports, volunteer week, social innovation events, mentoring programs, arts and creative performances and many more. There is also participation at NCAA Division I by athletic teams called Wolverines. The campus mascot is ‘Willy the Wolverine’ and the colors are Green and White.

    The academic programs offered by the university are 65 Associate, 89 Bachelor and 8 Master degree programs. Its notable facilities are Woodbury School of Business and Fulton Library.

    UVU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1941 (1941)
    • NicknameWolverines
    • MascotWilly the Wolverine
    • Motto"Engage"
    • ColorsGreen and White
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous UVU Alumni

    • Ricky Allman

      Entertainment & Arts

      Internationally renowned painter

    • Mitch Jones

      Professional Sports

      Major League Baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates

    • Christopher Fogt

      Professional Sports

      Olympic bronze medalist in Four-man Bobsleigh

    • A. J. Cook

      Entertainment & Arts

      Actress, Criminal Minds

    • Ricky Lundell

      Professional Sports

      3rd degree black belt in Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, current head wrestling coach at Bishop Gorman High School in Las Vegas

    • Wesley Silcox

      Professional Sports

      World champion bull rider

    • Matthew S. Petersen

      Politics & Law

      Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, and former Republican chief counsel to the United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration

    • Kam Mickolio

      Professional Sports

      Major League Baseball pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks

    • Chelsie Hightower

      Entertainment & Arts

      Professional dancer on TV series Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance

  • Western Governors University Seal

    Western Governors University

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Western Governors University in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • 70,504 Total Students
    • 41 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    WGU is a private and a not for profit educational institute. It is an online university that started in the year 1997 by the efforts of 19 U.S. governors, while the seed for the institute was sowed in a Western Governors Association meeting which was held in 1995. The idea behind this institute since the start was to have competency-based learning. Over the years, the different schools were founded and added to the university.

    Besides being based in Salt Lake City, Utah, presently the university has affiliate universities in seven states. With the mission to make high quality higher education accessible ‘anytime, anywhere’, Western Governors University used emerging technology to make an intellectual and developmental impact on the lives of its people.

    WGU offers education accredited by five accrediting agencies for their credibility and higher learning standards. With its openness, the university attracts students from around the country as well as people from different background and fields. The university with its dynamic education programs has also been able to produce strong and successful careers, making its students better prepared for their jobs. With its innovative idea of having competency-based knowledge goals, it allows students to understand their knowledge level and henceforth develop their skills in their own pace rather than fixed semester duration. This allows the students the flexibility to practice their skills and improve their knowledge. The students are also provided with faculty support, which is personalized and one-on-one depending on the need and progress of each student. This ensures complete learning for the students. The students are also provided with course mentors who serve as advisors to the students in guiding them through different courses. The university also maintains strict fairness standards and employs online proctoring during examinations.

    The academic programs offered at the university consist of seven Bachelors programs and seven Masters programs in the field of Business and Management, Healthcare, Teachers Education and Information Technology.

    WGU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1997
    • MascotSage the Night Owl
    • Motto"A New Kind of U."
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

All Top Colleges in Utah

  • Careers Unlimited, LLC

    Orem, Utah

    • 120 Total Students
    • 12 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • No Online Programs

    A recent development in the field of education, CU is a private institute which is mainly focused on facilitating individual careers and job markets. It was founded in the year 2012 and its establishment was based on the understanding of the present market challenges as well as those anticipated to be rising. It developed its role mainly as facilitator to fully prepare individuals entry level workforce skills, which will assist employees in understanding the job and help succeed at it.

    The institute is situated in Mission, Texas and complies with state regulations in its academic programs. One of its kind institute, it focuses specifically on those individuals which are looking to enter the workforce at entry level. The institute dedicates itself to preparing such individuals for a better induction in their jobs and are ready to face the occupational specifications and challenges.

    Its role as a facilitator is further enhanced as it employs faculty expert in understanding the individual needs and realising the changes in local market and preparing each individual respectively. Its programs and instructions are designed in alliance with local employers and in such a way as to not only facilitate in career preparation but also for those looking for a completely new direction or planning to start career building in a new field. The institute comes out as a 5 week training institute, shaping its students through rigorous training to start perfectly at their jobs. The campus life at Careers Unlimited is small and composed however it brings events that not are not only educational but also put its participating students into perspective such as Health Fair or encouraging students to be part of volunteering activities as part of giving back to their communities.

    The programs at the institute, including its five week training sessions include Nurse Assistant, Patient Care Technician (PCT), Phlebotomy and ECG Technician.

    CU School Facts

    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Neumont University

    Salt Lake City, Utah

    Neumont University in Salt Lake City, Utah
    • 472 Total Students
    • 83% Acceptance Rate
    • 24% Enrollment Rate
    • 21 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 724 Total Applicants
    • No Online Programs

    Neumont College of Computer Science is a private for-profit higher education institute for technical studies. The college was established in 2003 by Scott McKinley, Marlow Einelund and Graham Doxey and and was named “Neumont University”. The college campus is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2007, the college started a branch campus by renting a suite in the Dulles Town Center mall however; the branch campus was closed after only one academic quarter. Five years later, the college announced its plan to relocate to an 11-story building located in South Main Street, Salt Lake City. The building that has art deco design previously hosted the Salt Lake Tribune. In 2017, the college name was changed to its current one.

    The college states that its mission is to provide education to prepare students to become the most market-required software developers. Neumont serves its local community by providing the public conditional access to its facilities to arrange meetings or events. Additionally, all events organized by the college are free and open to the public.

    The college follows a project-based learning scheme which requires students to work in groups. Students can attend few courses online which are required for their graduation. It offers 5 bachelor degree programs. Neumont is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools and is currently in process to get another accreditation from other agency as required by the US Department of Education.

    Neumont School Facts

    • Years Estd.2003
    • LocationUtah
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

Recommended Schools

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