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Degrees in Business

The following are a list of Business related majors, 2 year degrees, certifications, and graduate degrees offered by universities across the country. Click to learn more about each degree.

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Choosing a Degree in Business

As businesses start to grow, they face various challenges in the world today. Most companies have to prioritize globalization and tailor their markets to offer products and services that suit clients from foreign cultures. In addition, with ever-changing regulations and policies on finance and environment, the business industry has to be prepared to make complicated decisions over time.

Review the different degree programs available in business before choosing what closely aligns with your long term interests. A degree in accounting will help you grasp financial concepts and how they affect business operations. Managing a company is never simple, and a degree in business management would provide a solid foundation in leading day-to-day business components like sales, strategy, budgeting, legal obligations, etc. If your goal is to eventually start your own independent venture, a great way to gain the right skillset is through an entrepreneurship program.

The coursework you choose to take significantly influences your focus areas, yet there are some fundamental topics that you will need to cover no matter what the specialization. For instance, most programs in this industry require you to complete a course in business strategy, that equips you with the tools to calculate economically viable measures for a company, and make the best possible decisions in the long run. Data analytics and statistics coursework is quite common as well – an essential aspect to draw real-time conclusions based on data, and predict future pros and cons. Finally, project management skills are emphasized for developing and executing a successful business plan.

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