Degrees in Culinary & Hospitality

The following are a list of Culinary & Hospitality related majors, 2 year degrees, certifications, and graduate degrees offered by universities across the country. Click to learn more about each degree.

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Choosing a Degree in Culinary & Hospitality

The culinary and hospitality industry is growing rapidly, leading to fierce competition that makes it a challenge for most businesses to build a reputation. Related to this, finding staff that are reliable and committed to the company is particularly tough for hotel and restaurant owners, since bad quality service is a serious threat to profits. Rising maintenance costs and tax obligations are also roadblocks for many businesses in this sector.

With the range of programs offered, you can propel your career by choosing a degree or diploma qualification that will strengthen your managerial and leadership abilities. Many choose to enroll in culinary arts programs to specialize their knowledge in a type of cuisine or cooking technique, such as pastry-making or creating interesting sauces. Others might focus on gastronomy to gain a deeper understanding of the history of food and its impact on aspects like culture, policy and business. You could also take on a degree in hospitality management to gain the skills required for planning an event, catering at a venue or restaurant, budgeting costs for events, etc.

Some of the courses you need to take in this field have common themes. For instance, having a clear idea of financial management for food service is essential to tackle issues like keeping records of financial data, guidelines on event plans or restaurant expenditures, etc. A foundational course in catering is also required in many programs, to gain knowledge of how a catering business functions, the process for permits and licenses, and how best to maintain food safety practices.

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