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Grant Aldrich on January 21, 2021

While demand for therapy and massage professionals is on the rise, long-term job security in the industry has not improved over the years. Massage therapists that are starting out have to take on multiple part-time positions with hotels, spas and resorts, until they can establish a strong client base and venture into an independent business. Another challenge massage therapists face includes dealing with unsubstantiated accusations of unprofessional behavior from clients, since the job involves being in intimate contact for prolonged times.

Therapy and massage is a growing industry, and some massage therapists prefer to have an area of focus like pregnancy massage, sports massage or medical massage, depending on their interests. You can major in massage therapy to find promising job opportunities with massage clinics, spas and health clubs. Overtime, you can advance to more administrative roles by expanding your manual skills.

There are certain courses that are required to gain the skills to become a successful massage therapist. One foundational course is massage theory and practice, in which you build your knowledge on the history of massage, and understand the underlying principles of how it works. Another important course for professionals in this field is self-care for massage therapists, in which you learn valuable techniques to maintain a balanced lifestyle and minimize physical strain associated with the job. Professional development as a massage therapist is an additional course some programs provide to equip you with the skills to develop a good business plan, understand the legal obligations, and keep appropriate financial documentation.

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