Degrees in Art, Music, & Design

The following are a list of Art, Music, & Design related majors, 2 year degrees, certifications, and graduate degrees offered by universities across the country. Click to learn more about each degree.

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Choosing a Degree in Art, Music, & Design

One of the challenges facing art, music and design is how to conserve different types of art and music down the road, when this industry is still in the early stages. It is linked with better learning, positive moods and discovering new ways of thinking in both children and adults. Further, with advances in technology and science, innovative ideas are being expressed through such creative forms and influencing people’s thoughts in various spaces.

You can pursue a great career while expressing yourself as an artist or musician. Go ahead and complete a major in art and design, to work with a combination of traditional techniques like sculpting, with new age methods like 3D imaging. In relation to digital art and design, you may choose to study graphic design and create stunning visuals for different projects. Further, you have the option to prepare yourself for a career as a professional musician by completing a degree program in music.

Depending on your study focus, there will be a few overlapping courses in this field. Art, music and design degrees require you to study the histories and theories behind it, from the time of origin to modern days, among global cultures. To build your critical understanding of the industry, you will also have to take a course on research and practice.

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