If you’re here, you might be wondering how much a medical assistant earns in New York and if becoming a medical assistant is worth it.

But first, let us tell you what exactly is a medical assistant.

Medical assistants are allied healthcare workers who provide support services to physicians and other healthcare professionals. A career in medical assistance is considered one of the fastest ways to enter the healthcare field.

Unlike other healthcare professions, no relevant degree is required to become a medical assistant. However, completing your high school diploma or a GED is a minimum requirement.

Enrolling in a medical assistant training program is the first step if you’re interested in starting a medical assisting career.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average annual salary of a medical assistant in New York is $42,100 annually or $20.24 per hour. 

In this article, we will discuss more about medical assistants, how much they earn in the state of New York, and how their salaries compare to other states and cities.

So, if you’re planning to become a medical assistant in NYC, or planning to move there, read on!

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Medical Assistant Taking Notes

The mean annual salary of medical assistants across the country is reported to be $37,190, which proves that the average wage earned in New York is much higher.

Let us take a deeper look at salary figures of different careers in New York and how they compare to a Medical Assistant’s Salary.

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Medical Assistant Salary in New York and Job Outlook

The average medical assistant salary across the U.S. is reported to be $37,190 annually, with an hourly average of $17.88 per hour.

This shows that medical assistants in New York earn approximately 12% more than the average, with a mean salary of $42,100, which comes to around $20.24 per hour.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that the medical assistant job outlook looks positive, with the employment rate expected to increase by 16% by 2031. This is much higher than the national average increase of 5% in other professions.

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Medical Assistant Salary in New York (Compared to Other States)

The top five states in the U.S with a higher average mean salary for medical assistants than New York are-

  • Alaska- $22.79 hourly or $47,400 annually
  • Minnesota- $22.56 hourly or $46,920 annually
  • Oregon- $21.97 hourly or $45,710 annually
  • Washington- $22.82 hourly or $47,460 annually
  • Massachusetts- $22.06 hourly or $45,880 annually (Check Out Medical Assistant Salary Massachusetts)

Even though some states across the country offer higher salaries, the job prospects and demand might be lower for medical assistants than in New York.

Add to that the additional costs of moving, living, and other daily expenses, in case you plan to move to any of these states.

Now let us also take a look at the top five states in the U.S. with a lower salary for medical assistants than New York-

  • Alabama- $14.38 hourly or $29,920 annually
  • Arkansas- $14.41 hourly or $29,970 annually
  • Kentucky- $16.06 hourly or $33,410 annually
  • Louisiana- $14.17 hourly or $29,470 annually
  • Mississippi- $14.31 hourly or $29,760 annually

These figures prove that New York offers a significantly higher salary than other states across the country.

Medical Assistant Salaries in Different Cities of New York

Now let’s compare the average annual salary of medical assistants in the state of New York with other cities within the state, as reported by a salary aggregator such as indeed.com –

  • Manhattan- $20.90 hourly or $48, 668 annually
  • Brooklyn- $19.57 hourly or $45,564 annually
  • Staten Island- $18.99 hourly or $44,223 annually
  • Ithaca- $18.15 hourly or $42,246 annually
  • Buffalo- $17.82 hourly or $41,493 annually
  • Albany- $17.96 hourly or $41,815 annually
  • Long Island- $20.68 hourly or $48,142 annually
  • Montauk- $20.47 hourly or $47,668 annually

Do Certified Medical Assistants Salary Earn More Than Uncertified Medical Assistants in New York?

Even though the state of New York does not require medical assistants to be certified, employers highly prefer candidates with certificates as it implies competency and a commitment to the profession.

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Certified clinical medical assistants reportedly earn around 10% more than uncertified ones. Certification will also help you advance in your career, and you’re likely to expect a higher starting salary.

Choosing from online medical assistant programs is highly recommended if you want to enter the medical assistance workforce as quickly as possible.

An online program can be completed in as little as 6 weeks. However, the recommended certification programs can take up to 6 months to complete.

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Other options are available for completing your medical assistant training, which can be through an associate degree and diplomas offered by community or technical colleges (See more: Medical Assistant Degree vs Certificate).

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Annual Mean Salary of  Medical Assistants in New York (Compared to Other Professions)

Even though medical assistance serves as an entry point into the world of healthcare, the salaries offered in this field are decent compared to other occupations.

It is to be noted, however, that there are higher-paying professions than medical assistance, but they usually require relevant experience and advanced education.

Let’s take a look at the salaries offered for professions that require similar educational requirements in comparison to a medical assistant’s salary:

  • Medical Assistants- $40,010
  • Cashiers- $29,410
  • Personal Care Helpers or Home Health Professionals- $32,770
  • Bank Tellers- $39,560
  • Medical Technicians (Emergency)- $41,120

And here is a comparison between medical assistant’s salaries as compared to other professions that require advanced education as well as training:

  • Medical Assistants- $40,010
  • Registered nurses- $88,530
  • Medicine Physician- $223,220
  • Surgeon- $242,330
  • Physician Assistant- $141,790

It is to be noted that once you enter the field of medical assistance, you also have the option of advancing further in your career and evolving from a medical assistant to a registered nurse, physician, or any other healthcare professional.

Here’s more on Registered Medical Assistant.

How Can You Increase Your Chances of Earning a Better Salary as a Medical Assistant in New York?

A career in medical assistance offers a good salary, even for beginners. However, every profession tends to offer higher salaries to candidates who go the extra mile and develop their skills further, making them valuable and having the potential to earn a higher salary.

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Here are some medical assistant skills you can develop that can make you a valuable candidate and ultimately help you score a higher-than-average salary-

#1 Completing a course in phlebotomy

Blood samples are required in any medical facility. As a medical assistant, if you know how to draw blood, that adds to your resume. This adds value to a healthcare facility, as apart from your day-to-day medical assistant job duties, you can be asked to fulfill the responsibilities of a phlebotomist.

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#2 Staying updated with new procedures and technologies

The field of healthcare evolves continuously. As a medical assistant, you will be considered valuable if you stay updated with the latest practices and procedures. This will help in delivering optimum care to the patients.

#3 Completing a course in medical coding or medical billing

Much like phlebotomy, a medical assistant might be asked to handle the billing or fill in for a medical coder. If you complete a course in Medical Billing & Coding, you can be asked to fill the station for a day or oversee other Medical Billing & Coding Specialists’ tasks.

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#4 Obtaining your medical assistance certification

It is highly recommended and often required for medical assistants to earn their certification. This implies your commitment, and employers highly prefer certified medical assistants.

#5 Completing a course on EKG

An EKG helps physicians diagnose abnormalities in a patient’s heart rhythm. Completing a course on EKG will help you efficiently assist the physician with the readings and help you learn the essential maintenance and cleaning of EKG machines.

#6 Learning a Language

New York is known to have a widely diverse set of population. Learning another language will help you efficiently communicate with people from different ethnic backgrounds.

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Salaries In Other States

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