Degrees in Education & Teaching

The following are a list of Education & Teaching related majors, 2 year degrees, certifications, and graduate degrees offered by universities across the country. Click to learn more about each degree.

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Choosing a Degree in Education & Teaching

In education and teaching, individuals have the chance to make a big impact on students but there are certain challenges they must overcome first. In the 21st century, the rate at which things are evolving makes the requirements of education quite different from what was taught fifty years ago. Classes are having to incorporate a modern perspective and design curriculums that factor in complex issues like innovative technologies, environmental changes and globalization. In addition, learning is becoming more flexible in nature to accommodate individual student needs, such as changing the conventional format of composite classes.

There are several paths to take if you are interested in pursuing higher qualifications to accelerate your career growth. In case you want to become a teacher and expand your skillset, completing a degree in teaching is a great option to build your knowledge in teaching concepts. If you would rather take up a role in educational administration or policy, joining a program in education would be better, since it will develop your foundations in educational leadership and management.

There are some courses you will need to take across programs in this sector, which will prove to be useful in your career. For instance, coursework in language and literacy is beneficial to not only potential teachers but also educational administrators, as you understand how students develop their linguistic capabilities through school years. Another course that is common is childhood development, whereby you identify different stages of growth that young learners go through and how learning styles might vary across ages.

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