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Degrees in Communications & Media

The following are a list of Communications & Media related majors, 2 year degrees, certifications, and graduate degrees offered by universities across the country. Click to learn more about each degree.

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Choosing a Degree in Communications & Media

The communications industry is an ever-changing field that is susceptible to a wide range of challenges which include balancing social responsibility, audience perception and truth when conveying different types of information. Communicators spanning diverse industries have to always be prepared for unexpected changes in public interest and compliance, which might become a serious threat when left unchecked.

There are four distinctions in the type of program you can enroll in when interested to work with communications and media. You may choose to get a degree in public relations if you look forward to frequently interacting with media and consumers. Alternatively, completing a program in advertising and marketing is beneficial if you are interested in promoting the products or services of different businesses, to maximize profits. As a journalism major, you would need to write as well as research via different media – i.e. social media, print media, and electronic media. Finally, you may choose a concentration like television, radio or broadcasting, if you aspire to master how to produce a show or direct a podcast.

Some courses are essential to mastering key tenets of communications and media concepts. All programs start with the basics of communication theory, in which you are introduced to concepts and writings related to the field, from the classic texts to modern interpretations of existing theories. Media ethics is also a requirement in many programs, through which you get a deeper understanding of the process behind creating and using media, as well as the importance of ethical journalism.

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