Best Universities & Colleges in Nevada for 2024

These are the 5 top schools, both online and traditional, located in the state of Nevada. Scroll through the list below and get all the information you need about each institution.

Online Colleges in Nevada

Compare all of the best distance education colleges located in Nevada to pursue an online bachelors degree, associates, or online masters program degree. Including cost of tuition, degrees they offer, enrollment rates, faculty, famous alumni, and more.

Recommended Schools

  • College of Southern Nevada Seal

    College of Southern Nevada

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada
    • 33,313 Total Students
    • 22 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    CSN is a public institution that was founded in the year 1971 as Clark County Community College. Over the years, the community college grew and by 1991 it was renamed as Community College of Southern Nevada. The college continued with the same name for some time but in the year 2007, with collaborative agreement between the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education, its name was once again changed to its present name.

    College of Southern Nevada is based in Nevada and has three campuses in the state, Charleston Campus, Henderson Campus and North Las Vegas Campus. The college is the largest college in all of Nevada and so realizes its responsibility of affecting lives for positive change and enriching experience.

    Students at CSN enjoy an experiential and inclusive learning environment where they work alongside the faculty and the staff in collaborative development. Each campus offers every resource contributing to student growth. There are more than 30 student clubs and organisations and there are Honors programs as well as Honor society. Students are further facilitated with Student Government which serves as their voice, raising their concerns and bringing activities and programs. Student Government positions also present an opportunity for leadership development for those that take part. Leadership skills and achievements also make it to the official student record. Community service is also an important part of student life where they put in volunteering hours to serve the communities through single day activities or through trips. Students also bring creative expression to campus by participating in theatre, music, dance and other performing arts activities. There are art galleries and exhibitions held on campus. There are college athletic teams that serve as recreation opportunities. The teams participate at NJCAA. The teams are called ‘Coyotes’ and the colors are Navy and Gold.

    At CSN, there is variety of programs offered. There are 160 degrees and certificates in over 70 academic fields. As part of online education it offers 23 degrees and certificates. The notable facilities are Russell’s Restaurant, Nicholas J. Horn Theatre, James B. Whiteaker Clubhouse, Paul E. Meacham Student Services Building Ralph and Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences, and more.

    CSN School Facts

    • Years Estd.1971
    • NicknameCoyotes
    • ColorsNavy and Gold
    • LocationNevada
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous CSN Alumni

    • Ryan Reeves

      Professional Sports

      WWE professional wrestler, known as Ryback

    • Bryce Harper

      Professional Sports

      Drafted into MLB Round 1 Washington Nationals

    • Phil Bickford

      Professional Sports

      Drafted during MLB Round 1 San Francisco Giants

  • Great Basin College

    Elko, Nevada

    Great Basin College in Elko, Nevada
    • 3,149 Total Students
    • 16 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Great Basin University is a public higher education institute that is member of the Nevada System of Higher Education. It was established in 1967 under the name of Elko Community College. Funds for establishment of the college were collected by a group of people who called themselves the Yo-Yo club due to the Ups and Downs that they faced. They struggled initially to collect the money because of the deteriorated economical state of Elko at that time. The name was changed in 1973 to Northern Nevada Community College which was later changed to its current name.

    Great Basin states its mission to be improving students’ lives by providing opportunities to education. It also aims at buildings connections to various educational institutes and business entities as well as providing access to higher education in distant and rural areas including Nevada.

    The university main campus is located in Elko, in the northeastern part of Nevada at the border between the states of Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, Utah, and California. There are also branch campuses in Battle Mountain, Ely, Pahrump, and Winnemucca in addition to satellite centers and facilities in around 20 locations in Nevada. The official colors of the campus are green and gold while its mascot is the Bighorn Sheep.

    The university offers Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees, Certificates of achievement and skills certificates in 9 fields of studies with more than 70 programs. Many of the programs are also offered through online mode of study. The University is accredited by the Norhtwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

    Great Basin School Facts

    • Years Estd.1967
    • MascotBighorn Sheep
    • ColorsGreen and Gold
    • LocationNevada
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Nevada State College

    Henderson, Nevada

    • 3,534 Total Students
    • 65% Acceptance Rate
    • 41% Enrollment Rate
    • 17 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,110 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Nevada State College is a public higher education institute which is part of the Nevada System of Higher Education. The college was established in 1999 after approval of the Nevada Board of Regents. The first site chosen to establish the college was changed based due to concerns regarding the presence of a nearby toxic waste storage facility.

    Establishment of the college was opposed by opinions saying that its establishment would consume the funds needed for the operation of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; however, the board of Regents finally approved its establishment. The state provided $22.8 to support the initial operation of the college and establishment of its campus. In the following year, the college was named “Nevada State College at Henderson”. The college was inaugurated in 2002. It then started construction on its campus and completed the first permanent building for the college six years later. In the same year, the college received accreditation. In 2010, there was discussion about suggestion to close the college due to its debts that reached $900 million but the Board of Regents expressed their support to the college. In the same year, the college approved its master plan for future development which included establishment of around 6 million square feet of built spaces with the aim of accommodating around 25,000 to 30,000 students.

    Nevada State campus is located at the base of the McCullough Mountains in Henderson, Nevada covering 509 acres. The college mascot is called scorpion while its official colors are black and gold.

    The college is divided into 3 different schools offering bachelor degree programs in 30 majors and 21 minors. It also offers 7 non-degree programs. The college is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. There are several scholarships, grants and loans offered by the college to provide financial support to enrolled students.


    Nevada State School Facts

    • Years Estd.2002
    • MascotScorpion
    • ColorsBlack and Gold
    • LocationNevada
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Western Nevada College

    Carson City, Nevada

    • 3,839 Total Students
    • 20 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    WNC is a public college that was founded in the year 1971 as the Western Nevada Community College. Although it began small in leased buildings, it soon moved to its own campus where it is located presently.  After the college split up with its north campus, it grew rapidly both physically as well as academically.

    It was in the year 2007 that it came to be known as Western Nevada College. It has continued to provide its students with education and environment that supports creativity and encourages leadership and service. It is based in Carson City, Nevada.

    The campus life at WNC offers plenty of opportunities for its students to be indulged in activities helping them to become a part of the campus. To help its students develop their leadership skills, the campus runs a student government organization known as Associated Students of Western Nevada. Students also take on campus responsibility as they actively participate as Student Ambassadors, representing the university both on and off the campus. Besides these, the students also find their place in the various student-run clubs and although few, but there are also athletic clubs for student participation. Moreover, student assistance also exists for those struggling academically, through workshops and tutoring. Students can also seek counseling help on campus regarding difficulties facing academic or otherwise decisions. Students also benefit from the Job Fair held at the campus bringing many potential employment and internship opportunities. For most students, the most favorite spot on the campus is the ‘Wildcat Den Café’ which offers a huge variety in breakfast and lunch and where students gather to share a bite with their friends. The campus colors are Blue and Yellow and the mascot is ‘Wildcats’.

    As for the academics, these consist of 19 Associate degree programs, one Bachelors program and 10+ Certificate of Achievement along with several certifications and licensing programs. Its prominent facilities are Fernley Center, Pinon Hall, John Sheldon Trade and Industry Complex, Bristlecone Building, Donald W. Reynolds Center for Technology, Joe Dini Jr. Library & Student Center, Jack C. Davis Observatory and few more.

    WNC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1971
    • MascotWildcats
    • ColorsBlue and Yellow
    • LocationNevada
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

All Top Colleges in Nevada

  • Arizona College – Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, Nevada

    • No Online Programs

    Arizona College, formerly known as the Arizona College of Allied Health has operated in Phoenix, Arizona, for more than 20 years as a healthcare education provider and continues to be.  Its campus in Las Vegas, Nevada is only a recent development extending its educational facilities and experience in the healthcare industry to other parts of the country.

    The Las Vegas campus of the college is particularly focused on providing nursing education through an in-depth curriculum and practice. With rising demand of healthcare professionals and the need for quality in the field, the college has opened its doors to more and more students providing them with facilities and resources that match no other.

    The classroom experience at every campus of Arizona College is the same and the Las Vegas campus is no exception. Academics are supported through trainings conducted by experts in the field. The instructions take place in lecture rooms supported with multimedia and equipped with modern technology. The School of Nursing at the campus provides simulated education giving away practical techniques of the field. The students at the campus are facilitated through innovative and modern day laboratories for conducting practical experience. It also offers clinical exposure to all its students. This rigorous yet flexible schedule is to prepare its students not only for the profession but for the entire career; the purpose is to prepare for ‘NCLEX licensure exam’. While studying, to lighten the financial burden off its students, the college also financial aid resources.

    Academics at the Las Vegas campus are focused on the sole subject of nursing. Through the School of Nursing, the campus offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). A nine semester program, the degree program also involves dedicating 877 hours to clinical experience.

    Arizona College School Facts

    • LocationNevada
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

Recommended Schools

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