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These are the 7 top schools, both online and traditional, located in the state of North Dakota. Scroll through the list below and get all the information you need about each institution.

Online Colleges in North Dakota

Compare all of the best distance education colleges located in North Dakota to pursue an online bachelors degree, associates, or online masters program degree. Including cost of tuition, degrees they offer, enrollment rates, faculty, famous alumni, and more.

Recommended Schools

  • Bismarck State College

    Bismarck, North Dakota

    • 4,078 Total Students
    • 14 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    It was a time when the people of Bismarck, North Dakota needed an educational institute for their youth that BSC began as Bismarck Junior College in 1939. The college started small, sharing the premises with the Bismarck High School but as the classes and the student body grew, the college soon moved out to another location until a local entrepreneur, Harold Schafer offered a piece of land on which the college finally built its campus. It was in 1987 that the college opted for its present name.

    It hails as a Public institute and went on to become part of North Dakota University System in 1984, formerly being a part of Bismarck Public Schools. Beginning its journey as an institute working to serve the educational needs of its youth, the college since then has always kept to its purpose. Today it provides affordable education along with training for global and local outreach.

    Bismarck State College inducts each of its students through a Welcome Week which involves orientation program, building trust and relationship between a student, the college and all of faculty. Students also get a chance to meet and socialise with one another. To further involve its students into the campus life, there are various opportunities for each student as per their interests. There are sports, and there are opportunities for arts, music and dance through events and activities held by college as well as the students. There are also writing opportunities through student newspaper. There is Aquatic and Wellness Center which aims to keep the students physically fit. It has its athletic team ‘Mystics’ which participate at the NJCAA. The college colours are Green and Brown.

    The academic programs at BSC include undergraduate study options; Associate degrees, diploma and certificate programs, and also a bachelor’s degree. Unique to the college are its programs in the field of energy such as power and process plant technology, nuclear power technology, electric power technology, and renewable energy. Its prominent buildings are Swensen Hall and Werner Hall.

    BSC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1939
    • NicknameMystics
    • Colorsgreen and brown
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous BSC Alumni

    • Alvin Jaeger

      Presently serving as the 14th Secretary of State of North Dakota

    • Brock Lesnar

      Professional Sports

      A professional wrestler and mixed martial artist

    • Bob Stenehjem

      Politics & Law

      Republican member and also a Majority Leader of the North Dakota Senate

    • Masai Ujiri

      Professional Sports

      Works as the General manager of the NBA's Toronto Raptors

    • Larry Watson

      Entertainment & Arts

      An author; has written novels, poetry, and short stories

  • Dickinson State University Seal

    Dickinson State University

    Dickinson, North Dakota

    Dickinson State University in Dickinson, North Dakota
    • 1,317 Total Students
    • 93% Acceptance Rate
    • 65% Enrollment Rate
    • 10 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 347 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    DSU is a public four year institute that traces its history to the year 1918 when it started as a state institute and was called Dickinson Normal School. Its original purpose was to produce formally educated and trained teachers. As a start, it operated in the facility of Dickinson High School; its own campus building wasn’t constructed until 1924. The school gradually progressed and turned into a university by 1987.

    Dickinson State University is based in Dickinson, North Dakota, and is part of the North Dakota University System. The university has always been the place where not only affordable but quality education is provided and students are trained for excellence in profession and personal lives.

    At DSU, students find a welcoming community of students and faculty members, engaged in learning and growth. The campus life is simple but filled with opportunities. The students get to build social networks and learn in a collaborative way through 40 student run clubs and associations which range from academic, to political, performing arts, Honorary and more. The students also find opportunities in Student Senate as they take positions through election and work for other students, becoming a bridge between them and the faculty and administration. Another additional facility provided is the Testing Center which assists students with professional instructions and as per the standards. There is also a tutoring and mentoring center where students get extra support and since it allows peer mentoring, it also lets students be engaged in helping other students. There is also a Career Development Center which starts preparing students for internships, as well as for prospective job opportunities after the graduation. The university also has its students participate in athletics; its teams are called ‘Blue Hawks’ and take part in NAIA. The university mascot is ‘Buster Blue Hawk’.

    The academic programs offered at DSU consist of two certificate programs, four associate degree programs and 40 bachelor’s degree programs. Its prominent facilities are the Stoxen Library and Henry Biesiot Activities Center.

    DSU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1918
    • NicknameBlue Hawks
    • MascotBuster Blue Hawk
    • MottoEnter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous DSU Alumni

    • Derrick Atkins

      Professional Sports

      Track and field, 2006

    • Adam Eckert

      Professional Sports

      CFL's Montreal Alouettes & Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2008

    • Ramon Miller

      Professional Sports

      Gold Medalist at 2012 Olympics, in 4x400 Men's Sprinting and also Silver Medalist at 2008 Olympics in 4x400 Men's Sprinting

    • Adam Eckert

      Professional Sports

      CFL's Montreal Alouettes & Winnipeg Blue Bombers, 2008

  • Mayville State University Seal

    Mayville State University

    Mayville, North Dakota

    Mayville State University in Mayville, North Dakota
    • 1,110 Total Students
    • 15 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Mayville State University is a public university located in Mayville, North Dakota. It was established as a normal school in 1889 following the provisions of the North Dakota Constitution. The school was granted 30,000 acres piece of land by the first Legislative Assembly in 1889 followed by receiving funds for establishment of the first building by the second Legislative Assembly 2 years later. The Old Main was the first building to be built and was opened in 1894. In 1926, Maryville was recognized as a 4-year teacher’s college granting Bachelor of Arts in Education degree. In 1948, the degree was changed to become Bachelor of Science in Education degree. The college started offering non-teaching programs in 1961. Maryville achieved the university status in 1987. The university started in 2010 a construction state-funded construction project called “HPER” which involved the construction of Agassiz Hall and replacement of health, sports and physical education facilities.

    The university campus covers 301 acres offering several distinctive buildings and facilities as Byrnes-Quanbeck Library, Berg Hall, Birkelo Hall, Agassiz Hall, Larson Alumni Center, Lewy Lee Fieldhouse, Jerome Berg field and Scott Berry Field. The official colors of the university are reflex blue and white. Its athletic teams, who are nicknamed the Comets, compete in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics as members of the North Star Athletic Association.

    Maryville offers 27 undergraduate programs; 11 of which are teaching majors. It also offers 2 associate of arts degrees. Moreover, there are some courses offered through its summer school or the online mode of education. Students at Maryville get the opportunity to get international experiences through the study abroad program which included countries as Japan and Belize. Maryville is a member of the North Dakota University system accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    MaSU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1889
    • NicknameComets
    • ColorsReflex Blue and White
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • Athletics6 varsity teams
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Minot State University Seal

    Minot State University

    Minot, North Dakota

    Minot State University in Minot, North Dakota
    • 3,354 Total Students
    • 56% Acceptance Rate
    • 71% Enrollment Rate
    • 12 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 840 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Minot State University (MSU) is a public higher education institute located in Minot, North Dakota. It was established in 1913 initially as a two-year normal school named Minot Normal School. It started offering bachelor degree programs in 1924 and accordingly its name was changed to Minot State Teacher’s College. The name was changed again in 1964 to Minot State College till it achieved the university and got its current name in 1987. The university is currently classified as Master’s I institution by Carnegie foundation. It is one of 11 members of the North Dakota University System.

    The university states that its mission is achieve excellent higher education, scholarship and community service. It aims at providing active learning environment and advanced academic programs. Minot State has a rural campus offering several distinctive buildings and facilities including Lura Manor Building, McCulloch Hall, Cook Hall, Herbert M. Parker Stadium, Hartnett Hall, Swain Hall, l Old Main Building, Cyril Moore Science Center, Pioneer Hall, Crane Hall and Campus Heights Apartments. The university library is known as Gordon B. Olson Library which consists of three floors building that hosts more than 500,000 volumes. The official colors of the university are red and green while its mascot is called Buckshot, the Beaver. Its athletic teams compete in NCAA Division II as members of the the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference.

    The university is divided into 3 colleges in addition to the graduate school. It offers more than 60 undergraduate programs and 8 graduate programs granting masters and bachelor degrees. Some courses offered at the university are also available through distance learning. The university operates two centers of excellence, CASCLS and NDCPD, in addition to CMSC Museum and Northwest Art Center. It is accredited by 10 accrediting organizations including the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

    MSU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1913
    • NicknameBeavers
    • MascotBuckshot, the Beaver
    • ColorsRed and Green
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • AthleticsNCAA Division IINorthern Sun Intercollegiate Conference
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous MSU Alumni

    • Arthur G. Crane

      Politics & Law

      former Governor of Wyoming

    • Josh Duhamel

      Entertainment & Arts

      actor and model, and winner of Emmy Award

    • Mary Manross

      Politics & Law

      former mayor of Scottsdale, Arizona

    • Mary Sherman Morgan

      Science & Medicine

      Inventor of liquid fuel Hydyne in 1957, which powered Jupiter-C rocket that boosted first U.S. satellite

    • A. R. Shaw

      Politics & Law

      mayor of Mandan, North Dakota

  • North Dakota State University Seal

    North Dakota State University

    Fargo, North Dakota

    North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota
    • 14,516 Total Students
    • 94% Acceptance Rate
    • 51% Enrollment Rate
    • 18 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 5,311 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    North Dakota State University (NDSU) is a public land-grant university located in in Fargo, North Dakota. It was established in 1890 as a research land grant university under the name of “North Dakota Agricultural College”. Classes were held in the following year in temporary campus of 6 rented classrooms from Fargo College. The university opened in 1892 its first permanent building, College Hall. In 1960, the name of the university was changed to its current name after a state referendum to indicate the increase in the range of programs offered by the university. In 1986, part of the university campus including 12 buildings on 36 acres was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

    The university has an urban campus covering 258 acres divided into the main campus and NDSU Downtown campus. The campus is divided into Southern, Central, North, West area in addition to athletic area. The campus offers several distinctive buildings and facilities including Appareo Systems Building, Askanase Hall, Candlewood Suites, Dacotah Field, Dolve Hall, E. Morrow Lebedeff Hall, Ehly Hall, Harris Hall, Hastings Hall, Johansen Hall and C.I. Nelson Building. The university is served by 6 libraries in addition to a storage annex including Klai Juba Wald Architectural Studies Library and P.N. Haakenson Health Sciences Library. The libraries contain a total of around 1 million items. Additionally, the university has a branch campus at Downtown Fargo which was established in 2004. The university also operates a research and technology center covering 55 acres in addition to many research centers across the state covering more than 18,488 acres. The university athletic teams compete in NCAA Division I. Its mascot is called Thundar while its official colors are yellow and green.

    The university is divided into 9 colleges offering 170 undergraduate programs, 81 master’s degree programs and 47 doctoral degree programs.

    NDSU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1890
    • NicknameBison ("Thundering Herd")
    • MascotBison
    • ColorsYellow and Green
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • AthleticsNCAA Division ISummit LeagueMissouri Valley Football ConferenceBig 12 (wrestling only)
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous NDSU Alumni

    • Mark Andrews

      Politics & Law

      former U.S. Senator

    • Alf Clausen

      Entertainment & Arts

      composer for "The Simpsons" as well as other television programs and motion pictures

    • David Bernauer

      Business & Industry

      former CEO and current chairman of Walgreens

    • William L. Guy

      Politics & Law

      former Governor of North Dakota

    • Clarence McGeary

      Professional Sports

      former NFL player

  • Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College

    New Town, North Dakota

    • 229 Total Students
    • 10 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Nueta Hidatsa Sahnish College (NHSC) is tribal community college located in New Town, North Dakota. The college was established in 1973 as the agency responsible for higher education on the Fort Berthold Reservation. The college received its charter from the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Reservation. Establishment of the college aimed at providing a tribal higher education institute that would encourage the tribal people to keep their cultures. Initially, the college was administered by a steering committee which was replaced in the following year by the board of directors. In 1994, the college was recognized as a Land Grant Institution. It was accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of Schools and Colleges in 2006 under the name of Fort Berthold Community College.

    Students have the chance to participate in 5 sports offered by the college including Rodeo which is based on cattle herding practices. The nicknamed for the college is the Storm.

    The college offers studies in more than 30 majors through 14 undergraduate programs granting bachelor and associate degrees. It also offers 6 certification programs. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is also a member of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium. The college offers internships to the students through its career and internship center. Students enrolled at the college may apply to financial aid programs.

    NHSC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1973
    • NicknameThe Storm
    • ColorsBlue and Silver
    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Trinity Bible College Seal

    Trinity Bible College

    Ellendale, North Dakota

    • 217 Total Students
    • 42% Acceptance Rate
    • 72% Enrollment Rate
    • 13 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 158 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Trinity Bible College is a private higher education institute located in Ellendale, North Dakota. It is officially name Trinity Bible College & Graduate School (TBCGS). The college was established in 1948 by Reverend L.E. Englar. The college was initially hosted in the campus of Lakewood Park Bible School. The first class started in the college in the same year with 18 students. In 1960, the college sought a larger campus to accommodate the increasing number of enrolled students. Accordingly, the college moved to the facility of the Assemblies of God church in Aberdeen, South Dakota. The name of the college was also changed with the move to Hub City Bible Institute. In 1967, the institute relocated again to the building that was formerly used by the Trinity Hospital building in Jamestown. The institute was then renamed Trinity Bible Institute. The institute remained in this campus till 1972 when the college expanded again by acquiring the former campus of the University of North Dakota.

    Trinity states that its mission is to prepare the students to play their role in spreading the Christian teaching and traditions. The college has several prominent buildings including Block Memorial Chapel, Davidson Hall, Kesler Hall, Riffe Hall, Liechty Hall and Flemington Hall. The College athletic teams, who are nicknamed Lions, compete in the National Christian College Athletic Association.

    Trinity College offers bachelor degree programs in 14 different majors and 9 minors. Additionally, the college offers 4 associate and 3 master degree programs. It is accredited by The Association of Biblical Higher Education. Students enrolled in the college may get financial support by applying to federal aid. Additionally, students are offered several types of scholarships including Ashcroft National Youth and Riggs AG Scholarship.

    TBC School Facts

    • LocationNorth Dakota
    • Religious AffiliationAssemblies of God Church

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