If you’re looking for an entry point into the field of healthcare, you can consider a career as a medical assistant.

Medical assistants are healthcare workers who support physicians and other healthcare professionals in fulfilling their requirements, and their tasks include both clinical and administrative tasks.

Why Is Medical Assisting The Best Career For You in Healthcare?

Well, you don’t need a degree to become one, unlike any other profession in healthcare that requires a minimum of 4 years to complete a degree program.

And How Much Will You Earn as a Medical Assistant?

If you’re interested to learn how much you can make as a medical assistant living in the state of Florida, read on to find out.

Let’s also compare the salary figures of medical assistants in Florida, other states, and other professions to find out if a career in medical assisting is worth it. So how much exactly does a medical assistant in Florida make annually?

The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) reports that the average annual wage of a medical assistant in Florida is $35,480 or $17.06 per hour. 

The national average wage for medical assistants is $38,190, which, when compared to the salary offered in Florida, is a bit higher.

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Medical Assistant Salary & Job Outlook Florida

The growth opportunities for medical assistants across the country were reported to be highly favorable.

The BLS statistics stated that there will be approximately a 16% increase in the employment rates of medical assistants till the year 2031, which is significantly higher than the average 5% increase in job opportunities of other professions.

The BLS also reported that Florida is one of the highest employing states for medical assistants, with around 51,210 jobs as of March 2022.

Despite the average annual salary being lower than the national average for medical assistants in Florida, you should know that the job prospects are highly favorable, and medical assistants are in high demand in Florida.

Read on to see how the salaries offered in Florida compare to other states and other professions and how you, as a medical assistant, have the option of bagging a higher-than-average salary.

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Medical Assistant Salary in Florida (Compared to Other States)

The field of medical assisting, like any other profession, has a variation in salaries. The major influencing factor for the variations can be the job location.

Let’s see how a medical assistant’s salary compares in Florida and other states in the country.

First, let’s look at states that offer a higher salary for medical assistants than Florida:

You might be considering moving to one of the higher-paying states after looking at these figures.

It is highly recommended that you also contemplate the living costs of the state, the moving, and other daily expenses.

You should also consider the employment rate for medical assistants in that state before you make such a big decision. If you are planning to move to New York, for instance,

it is important to do your research as NYC is considered to be one of the most expensive cities to live in the world.

As mentioned earlier, Florida has also been reported to be one of the highest employing states for medical assistants, so finding a job will be far easier for you.

Plus, if you develop desired medical assistant skills, you might even be offered a higher salary living in Florida. Read on to find out how in the next section.

Now, let’s look at the figures of states that offer lower salaries for medical assistants than Florida:

  • Louisiana- $14.17 hourly or $29,470 annually
  • Alabama- $14.38 hourly or $29,920 annually
  • Kentucky- $16.06 hourly or $33,410 annually
  • Mississippi- $14.31 hourly or $29,760 annually
  • Arkansas- $14.41 hourly or $29,970 annually

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Medical Assistant Salaries in Different Cities in Florida

Medical assistant salaries also differ between each city in Florida. Let’s see how they compare to the average salary of the whole state:

  • Miami- $17.34 per hour or $40,381 per year
  • Orlando- $16.72 per hour or $38,928 per year
  • Florida City- $17.09 per hour or $39,786 per year
  • Tampa- $16.92 per hour or $39,399 per year
  • Tallahassee- $15.74 per hour or $36,655 per year
  • Jacksonville- $17.09 per hour or $39,766 per year
  • Naples- $18.17 per hour or $42,312 per year
  • St. Petersburg- $17.43 per hour or 40,592 per year

It is important to emphasize that the above data has been taken from various Job Boards, and the salaries may differ in each city.

Certified Medical Assistants In Florida (Vs Non-Certified Medical Assistants)

Do Certified Medical Assistants Earn More Than Uncertified Medical Assistants in Florida?

To answer shortly, yes, certified medical assistants can earn up to 10% more than uncertified ones. Even though the state of Florida does not require medical assistants to acquire certifications, it is highly encouraged and preferred by employers.

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Employers want candidates who are competent and can handle the medical assistant job duties with ease.

Now, you might be wondering, how do I get certified as a medical assistant?

Becoming a certified medical assistant is a fairly easy process.

First, you will need to take on medical assisting training. This can be achieved by enrolling yourself in a medical assistant program. Employers may prefer candidates who have the CCMA certification, which is issued by the NHA.

There are various options available for you to get your medical assistant training. There are options such as obtaining an associate’s degree or a diploma via community or technical colleges or online programs.

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Online programs are highly recommended as they are convenient compared to getting a degree or a diploma. These programs are affordable (Medical Assistant Programs Cost),

help you complete your training within months, and allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule.

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Annual Salary of Medical Assistants in Florida (Compared to Other Careers)

If you want to enter the highly rewarding healthcare industry without having to spend a minimum of 4 years of schooling, medical assisting is your best bet.

This field is regarded as the entry point into the field of healthcare, as even beginners tend to earn a higher-than-average salary.

Let us further look at a comparison between a medical assistant’s salary and the salaries offered by other professions.

First, let’s compare the salaries of medical assistants to those of professions that have the same medical assistant educational requirements:

  • Medical Assistants- $40,010
  • Cashiers- $29,410
  • Personal Care Helpers or Home Health Professionals- $32,770
  • Bank Tellers- $39,560
  • Medical Technicians (Emergency)- $41,120

You should also keep in mind that the increasing demand and growth in employment of medical assistants is far higher than all these professions, so pursuing a career in this field can be highly rewarding as you grow further.

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Let’s also compare the salaries of medical assistants to those of professions that require advanced degrees:

  • Medical Assistants- $40,010
  • Registered nurses- $88,530
  • Physician Assistant- $141,790
  • Medicine Physician- $223,220
  • Surgeon- $242,330

While core healthcare professionals are paid significantly higher salaries than medical assistants, you should note that medical assisting can be your headstart in the field of healthcare.

A career in medical assistance allows you to further grow as a healthcare worker, where you can evolve your job profile.

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After you gain experience, you can earn a degree to become a physician, registered nurse, or another healthcare professional.

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How Can You Increase Your Chances of Earning a Better Salary as a Medical Assistant in Florida?

If you’re still here, after looking at all the salary figures of a medical assistant in this article, you must be wondering how you can bag a higher salary than other medical assistants.

Wonder if that’s possible? Yes, it is.

Some medical assistants end up getting a higher salary than others. If you want to be one of them, all you need to do is continue to develop your skills further.

Even though you might start with a lower salary, having all of the following skills listed on your resume could help to increase your salary, and you may even shine in front of employers.

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Here’s how you can earn more as a medical assistant:

Get Your Medical Assistant Certification

Though a license or certification is often not a necessity, employers highly prefer candidates with certifications (Are Medical Assistant Licenses Required?).

As this field has started to exponentially grow, employers have started to recognize and prefer candidates who have the knowledge and skills to handle the responsibilities of a medical assistant, especially in hospitals and care clinics. (Read More: certified clinical medical assistant)

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Take an EKG/ECG Course

An electrocardiogram is a simple test used by physicians to test the electrical activity and check the heart rhythm of a patient. Though medical assistants are generally not allowed to independently run these tests without supervision, if you take a dedicated ECG/EKG course, you can help the physician or technician in the cleaning, maintenance, and recording of general readings.

Take a Phlebotomy Course

Phlebotomy, or the drawing of blood, is one of the most important tasks carried out within clinics and other healthcare settings. Taking a course in phlebotomy will allow you to function as a specialized worker and fill in for the phlebotomist whenever necessary.

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Take a Medical Billing Course

Handling the billings and payments of patients falls under the administrative side of a medical assistant’s tasks. As a medical assistant, you can take up a course in medical billing to better assist patients with their insurance claims and payments.

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Improve Your Soft Skills

Efficient communication is one of the most important traits that a medical assistant should possess since they typically act as a bridge between patients and caregivers. Patience and compassion are also important traits for a medical assistant.

Learn Spanish as a Second Language

If you live in Florida, you would already know that it is a diverse state with large populations of Hispanics and African Americans. Language can sometimes act as a barrier while communicating, and hence if you learn a popular second language, you will be able to handle this situation with ease.

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