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How To Become A Physical Therapy Aide and save time and money on your certification
January 14, 2022

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What if you could have a career helping people recover from illness or injury and regain their physical strength? And what if, instead of going to medical school for 4+ years, you could begin this new career in as little as 6 months?

Physical therapy aides support physical therapists by providing indirect patient care. From preparing patients for therapy to transporting them to where they need to be to scheduling and ordering supplies, these professionals are a critical part of the healthcare team. It’s no surprise that these professionals are in such high demand.

If you think you have what it takes to become a physical therapy aide, then keep reading to discover what this rewarding career offers.

Chapter 1:

What Do Physical Therapy Aides Do?

Physical therapy aides work under the direct supervision of physical therapists in providing indirect patient care for those that need rehabilitation or therapy.

A Physical therapy aide’s daily tasks could include preparing treatment areas for patient therapy, cleaning and setting up equipment, assisting patients moving to and from treatment areas, ordering supplies, scheduling therapy sessions and completing insurance forms.

So let’s say you are working in a hospital setting and it’s time for Mr Jackson’s therapy session. You may be dispatched up to Mr Jackson’s room to help him transfer from his bed to the wheelchair and then transfer him down to the physical therapy room. Once you’ve dropped him off, you return to what you had been doing, which is wiping down some of the equipment. Later in the day, you take inventory and order any necessary supplies.

Physical therapy is an incredibly important discipline within the healthcare industry, and physical therapy aides are invaluable members of the team. For the services they provide both to physical therapists as well as the patients, the demand for these specialists is booming!

Chapter 2:

5 Reasons to Become a Physical Therapy Aide

While there are many reasons to consider a career as a Physical Therapy Aide, here are the Top 5 Reasons:

1. No Prior Experience is Needed

The great thing is you don’t need any prior experience or degree to begin your certification program – you could start towards a career as a physical therapy aide in just 6 months.


2. Enjoy Job Security

Are you looking for a fulfilling career that also offers job security? With an aging baby boomer population, there will be more demand for physical therapy aides in the coming years. Moreover, the recent COVID crisis has given rise to medical conditions and emergencies hence the demand for therapy aides is not going away anytime soon. We’ll share some more specific data with you in just a bit.


3. Feel Good About the Work You Do

Some people have day jobs while others like to be working in a job that betters other people’s lives each day. As a physical therapy aide professional, you’ll feel great about helping people and will end each day with a smile on your face.


4. Work in a Variety of Settings

You’ll have a ton of choices of workplaces such as in a hospital setting, a private practice, nursing home, outpatient clinic and more. Plus, the other advantage is since these professionals are needed all over the country, you can live and work where you wish as well.


5. A Great Stepping-Stone

A physical therapy aide is an entry-level position and one that lets you have a firsthand look at the world of physical therapy. You may eventually decide you’d like to go back to school to move up and become an assistant, and then eventually a licensed physical therapist with their own practice. Then again, you may decide to become a nurse or a clinical administrator. You’ll interact with so many different healthcare professionals and you’ll get access to a variety of potential future career advancements. You don’t want to miss out on such an opportunity, with little investment, you can learn about many advancing career options.

Chapter 3:

How to Get a Physical Therapy Aide Certification

Whether you work in a hospital, nursing home or private practice, employers typically like to see candidates hold certification and demonstrate their abilities to land a job in the field. So a certification may be the best way to get started in this exciting new career.

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5 Things to Look for In A Physical Therapy Aide Certification Program

1. Find an online PTA program from an authorized school or accredited university

To get your career started on the right foot you’ll want to obtain certification from an authorized school or accredited college. That’s the first. In addition to gaining important skills and information, you get a certification of completion to show off and hang on your wall!

2. Look for a discount and a low monthly payment plan

These are often hard to come by…but, we can help! 🙂 We understand the need for discounts and savings especially for adult learners, who also have families to look out for. That’s why has made it its mission to help adult learners get huge discounts toward their certification!

3. Make sure an externship placement is included

Certification is a great first step, but to really set yourself apart from other candidates and to take your skills one level ahead of others, you’ll want to look for a training program that offers hands-on experience.

4. Look for an online, mentor supported course you can take at your own pace

Online and at your own pace is key! Adult learners should look for online certification programs as these allow them to study at their own pace and on their own schedule…this is huge for maintaining your family time. It’s not easy juggling study with work and family and learning should be as accessible as possible.

5. Find out if textbooks are included in the cost of the program

Textbooks can cost a fortune! Make sure to find a program that doesn’t charge extra for books.

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Chapter 4:

Physical Therapy Aide Salary Data

How much do Physical Therapy Aides make? Here is the salary and growth data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

The median annual wage for physical therapist aides was $28,450 in 2020. This figure is determined by a few things such as education, certifications, time spent in your career and location. Your salary can also be enhanced by the facility you work in. for instance, physical therapy aides working in hospitals had an annual average salary of $29,570 while an aide working in a nursing home earned $34,490.

Most physical therapy aides work full time, although part-time work is available. Some aides work nights and weekends because many physical therapists’ offices have extended hours to accommodate patients’ schedules.


Chapter 5:

Physical Therapy Aide Job Growth Projections and Forecast

How fast is the Physical Therapy Aide field growing?

According to the BLS, employment of physical therapy aides and assistants is expected to grow 27% from 2018 to 2028, which is far faster than the average for all occupations.



As we mentioned earlier, as the baby boomer generation ages, they will require more medical services and attention, and physical therapy will rank high on the list of services needed.

While job prospects are good across the board, those candidates who have obtained certification stand the best chance of landing a job. Luckily we can connect you with licensed schools or accredited universities that offer these training opportunities!

Chapter 6:

How to Find a Job as a Physical Therapy Aide

Your first step toward your career as a physical therapy aide is to complete the certification training program through an accredited university. This will give you a solid educational foundation, the skills needed and get you ready to enter the job market.

Next, you’ll want to determine what setting you’d like to work in. We also mentioned that you’ll have plenty of work environments to choose from. While it is true that a majority of aides work in hospitals and private practices, there are other facilities such as nursing homes, outpatient clinics, and occupational therapists’ offices as well that hire therapy aides. So you’ll want to spend some time thinking about where your skills and personality might fit best.

Once you are decided on your preferred work setting, the next step is to gain some critical hands-on experience before hitting the proverbial pavement. The good news is a quality certification program will include an externship so you can gain some hands-on experience!

Chapter 7:

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional questions and answers you may have about becoming a Physical Therapy Aide and getting your certification:

Q: What Does a Physical Therapy Aide Do Every Day?

A: These professionals work with physical therapists and offer indirect patient support. They essentially keep the office running smoothly so the therapist can focus on treating the patients. Daily tasks include setting up equipment and maintaining a clean and functional therapy area, handling clerical duties such as patient intake, coordinating with referring doctors’ offices and documenting patients’ responses during exercises.


Q: What is a Physical Therapy Aide Certification?

A: This certification is a valuable asset to have as it shows prospective employers that you have taken the time to learn the fundamentals. This certification will help you stand apart from the crowd and hopefully get your resume to the top of the pile!


Q: What Skills Will I Learn in Physical Therapy Aide Training?

A: You will learn and master important skills in your training. Education will focus on a working knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology as well as information regarding patient care skills, infection control, and the legal and ethical regulations that affect healthcare providers.


Q: What Are the Prerequisites for Enrollment in a Certificate Program?

A: The only requirement for enrollment in these programs is a high school diploma or equivalent.

Chapter 8:

How to Start Towards a Physical Therapy Aide Career In 3-6 Months

Even if you don’t have any prior experience or degree – you could start towards a career as a physical therapy aide in just 3-6 months! That’s one of the greatest advantages of this profession.

So here’s what we recommend you do to get started: Take this quiz to see if you qualify for an online certification program from an authorized school or accredited university.

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