Best Universities & Colleges in Nebraska for 2024

These are the 21 top schools, both online and traditional, located in the state of Nebraska. Scroll through the list below and get all the information you need about each institution.

Online Colleges in Nebraska

Compare all of the best distance education colleges located in Nebraska to pursue an online bachelors degree, associates, or online masters program degree. Including cost of tuition, degrees they offer, enrollment rates, faculty, famous alumni, and more.

Recommended Schools

  • Bellevue University

    Bellevue, Nebraska

    • 9,760 Total Students
    • 31 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Bellevue University, a Private institute today began as Bellevue College in 1966. It was in a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce that met in 1965, that Bill Brooks initiated the discussion about having a college to serve the educational needs of the people in the region. There was a large population of college going individuals whose educational needs could be met through a progressive minded institute. The discussion ended in positive and a year later, the college was formed. It is based in Bellevue, Nebraska.

    Since the time the university began, it has achieved various milestones in the field of higher education. It is among some of the first accredited institutes that started offering degrees through online education. It also became the first institute to offer a Master of Business Administration degree through online platform.

    Bellevue is a place which has always invested in the development of its students in all spheres. The university partners with community colleges around the country to provide an easy transition for its students towards their undergraduate degrees. It also ensures complete immersion in innovation through four of its centers which specialize in cyber security education, human capital, project management and student engagement. These centers allow for student faculty interaction on various projects and activities, organizing creative workshops and seminars aimed at learning. The university also holds a partner program with Guangzhou College of Commerce based in China. Students from Guangzhou College visit the campus for educational as well as cultural exchange. In 2010 the university opened a war memorial, ‘Remembering Our Fallen’ which honors those who sacrificed their lives for the country. It also runs Kirkpatrick Signature Series which conduct debates, lectures and research on issues of western civilization as well as American values. Its athletics teams participate at the NAIA and the colors are Purple and Gold.

    The university offers Bachelors and Masters Degree as well as Doctoral programs, with over 70 degree program choices. Its academic programs are organized in four colleges. Its notable canters are Lozier Professional Center and the Riley Technology Center. It operates through 15 campuses across four states.

    Bellevue School Facts

    • Years Estd.1966
    • NicknameBruins
    • MottoReal Learning for Real Life
    • ColorsPurple & Gold
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous Bellevue Alumni

    • T.J. Bohn

      Professional Sports

      Major League Baseball player

    • Abbie Cornett

      Politics & Law

      Former member of the Nebraska Legislature

    • Judd H. Lyons

      Politics & Law

      United States Army Major General; also served as Adjutant General of the Nebraska National Guard and Deputy Director of the Army National Guard

    • Beau McCoy

      Politics & Law

      Current member of the Nebraska Legislature

    • Michael D. Navrkal

      Politics & Law

      Army National Guard Brigadier General

    • James R. Young

      Business & Industry

      Current president, CEO, and chairman for Union Pacific Railway

    • Shon Hopwood

      Politics & Law

      Former Jailhouse Lawyer and DC Circuit Law Clerk

  • Bryan College of Health Sciences

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    • 704 Total Students
    • 86% Acceptance Rate
    • 78% Enrollment Rate
    • 9 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 69 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    BCOHS, an institute offering healthcare education began in 1926, when the Bryan Memorial Hospital extended and started the Bryan School of Nursing. The planning for the school had started much earlier than this but it was 1922 that the real development took place. It was when William Jennings Bryan donated his home and the other land surrounding it to the cause. That along with other donations made the present day college of health sciences possible.

    It is based in Lincoln, Nebraska and operates in collaboration with the Bryan Health. The college of health sciences operates with a single aim to providing quality health care education, one that comes through some of the experts in the field and a practical exposure to make the students realise the depth and responsibility of their commitment.

    The campus life at Bryan College of Health Sciences comes as a close knit community of future health care professionals. With a small student population, interacting and learning with each other and helping each other maintain focus on the rigorous study routine. For its students to stay focused on their studies, the college provides with every possible resources. From plastinates to laboratories, students explore and learn through experiment and under the microscopic lens. There is also a simulation center, equipped with nine simulators. However, this does not mean that the students do not enjoy their time; there are multiple activities that students are also involved in. There are Movie Nights and sporting events. There are also many things to do off campus.  There are also student organisations that cover healthcare, religious, community and student interest groups.

    Academic programs at the college consist of undergraduate (Certifications, Associate and Bachelors) and graduate (Masters and doctoral) programs. There are over 11 programs offered at the college and are divided into five departments/schools.

    BCOHS School Facts

    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • Chadron State College Seal

    Chadron State College

    Chadron, Nebraska

    Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska
    • 2,993 Total Students
    • 20 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    A public higher education institute, CSC was established by the Nebraska Legislature to provide for the educational needs of the region. The college was founded in 1909 however its location was still not decided. It took another year and by 1910 its location had been settled for. With this, the preparations for opening the college started and in the year 1911 the college opened its doors for the students. The college is based in Chadron, Nebraska and is the only four year and graduating degree granting institute for higher education in western Nebraska.

    Chadron State College since the beginning has always maintained its stance on education and that is to provide high quality for low cost and it has made it possible. Surrounded by expert faculty and a caring staff, students find every opportunity to excel academically and be prepared for scholarship and leadership for their communities.

    CSC is a place which provides every opportunity and experience to its students, academic, social as well as recreational. The students find a vibrant campus life that involves more than 70 student run clubs and organizations. This serves as an opportunity where students can follow their passion outside classrooms. The campus also presents many events for students to relax and enjoy their time, these include musical concerts, plays and art exhibits. The college’s event, ‘Galaxy Series’ has always hosted popular performers. The students also find great recreational opportunities, both off campus and on campus. The students can go hiking, fishing, or even hunting around the Dawes County. As for on campus, ether are sports available; the athletic teams ‘Eagles’ take part in 13 sports programs at NCAA Division II. The official colors are Cardinal and White.

    The college provides with a variety of academic programs for the students to choose from. There are undergraduate programs, Bachelors degree programs with 52 majors as well as eight Master’s degree programs. The prominent facilities at CSC are Adelaide Miller Hall, Lindeken-Carillon Clock Tower, Burkhiser Technology Complex, Reta E. King Library, Edwin and Avis Nelson Physical Activity Center, Vernon and Madge Fortune Chicoine Atrium and many more.

    CSC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1911
    • NicknameEagles
    • MottoBuilding Futures Every Day
    • ColorsCardinal and White
    • LocationNebraska
    • AthleticsNCAA Division II – Rocky Mountain
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous CSC Alumni

    • Jerry D. Mahlman

      Science & Medicine

      American meteorologist and global warming expert

    • Garrett Gilkey

      Professional Sports

      National Football League player

    • Togiola Tulafono

      Politics & Law

      56th and former Governor of American Samoa

    • Lolo Letalu Matalasi Moliga

      Politics & Law

      Current and 57th Governor of American Samoa

    • Jim Anderson

      Politics & Law

      Republican member of the Wyoming Senate; also former member of the Wyoming House of Representatives, from 1997 to 2000

    • Don Beebe

      Professional Sports

      National Football League player

    • Steve McClain

      Professional Sports

      Head basketball coach for the University of Wyoming from 1998 to 2007

  • Clarkson College

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Clarkson College in Omaha, Nebraska
    • 1,254 Total Students
    • 52% Acceptance Rate
    • 74% Enrollment Rate
    • 13 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 83 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Clarkson is a private and non profit higher education institute that was founded in the year 1888 as a nursing school; Bishop Clarkson Memorial School of Nursing at the Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital (established 1869). It progressed from being a two year nursing school to a three year nursing school and eventually having a four year bachelors program by 1981. By 1988 its program had gained national accreditation.

    Clarkson College was the first training school for nursing education in the state of Nebraska, where it’s based in Omaha. Being a pioneer in nursing education in Nebraska, the college has continued on its mission to bringing better health care service providers to the communities, local and global by bringing improved education and stressing on ethical practices.

    At Clarkson students are provided with academic as well as extracurricular opportunities. There are eight student led organisations and clubs that include academic organisations but also Student Government Association (SGA) and student ambassador opportunities. Through these, the students not only pursue academics outside of classroom but also voice their concerns and organise themselves for activities while their studies. There is also the Student Activities Council (SAC) which brings events and entertainment for the students on campus. Additional student services at the campus involve a simulation lab which is aimed at promoting technical and practical training; there is also counselling and mentoring services for improving student expeirence and writing services for assisting students in their endeavours. The Career Service department also facilitates students with internships and career choices.

    The academic programs offered at the college are undergraduate, graduate and post graduate degree programs in nine healthcare fields. Programs are also offered online by the college. With its Academic Travel Abroad (ATA) the students are provided with global experience around the world. The college has formed educational partnerships and provides programs for professional development and Basic Life Support (BLS) programs.

    Clarkson School Facts

    • Years Estd.1888
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationEpiscopal Church Reformed

  • College of Saint Mary

    Omaha, Nebraska

    College of Saint Mary in Omaha, Nebraska
    • 1,001 Total Students
    • 61% Acceptance Rate
    • 40% Enrollment Rate
    • 8 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 314 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    CSM, a Catholic higher education institute for women, was founded in the year 1923 by Mother Mary Leo Gallagher, member of Sisters of Mercy. The vision for the college however began with the founder of the Sisters of Mercy, Catherine McAuley, who envisioned and believed in the provision of education for women for effective society building. Initially, the institute prepared teachers for church service however by 1955 it began its journey as a college.

    Based in Omaha, Nebraska, the college aims to become a modern day educational institute but also stays connected with its Catholic tradition. Its mission is to prepare its students for academic excellence, bright careers and leadership for their communities.

    For the students, College of Saint Mary has a diverse range of activities and programs with which each student finds their potential and works to explore it both inside and outside classrooms. Students begin with orientation, being introduced around the campus, and build many relationships throughout. They get involved in student led club and groups offering arts, professional, special interests and more. Students take part in organising as well as enjoying activities and events organised through Campus Activities Board; some past ones include improv-group Mission Improvable, grocery bingo, magic performances and more. Further leadership opportunities are provided through Leadership Leap and Leadership Launch, where in former students guide the new students on campus and the latter prepares new students for leadership positions on campus organisations. Religious life is considered equally important for growth of students. There are Chapel services, Bible studies, participating in Liturgical ministries, etc and working for the community through volunteering or working with local community service groups and projects. CSM also has athletic participation much like others; its teams take part in NAIA.

    The academic offerings consist of the following programs: an Associate program, 28 Bachelors degree programs and seven Masters Degree programs. It also offers an online Doctoral program. Its notable facilities are Our Lady of Mercy Chapel, Walsh Hall, Lozier Tower, Madonna Hall, Hillmer Art Gallery, Hixon-Lied commons, and few more.

    CSM School Facts

    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationRoman Catholic

    Famous CSM Alumni

    • Tera Schaecher

      Business & Industry

      Senior Vice President of Consumer Real Estate Services at Bank of the West

    • Christine Hill

      Business & Industry

      President at AOI Corporation

    • Sue Kopfle

      Education & Advocacy

      Chief Human Resource Officer at University of Missouri Health Care

  • Concordia University-Nebraska Seal

    Concordia University-Nebraska

    Seward, Nebraska

    Concordia University-Nebraska in Seward, Nebraska
    • 2,457 Total Students
    • 78% Acceptance Rate
    • 32% Enrollment Rate
    • 14 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,380 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Concordia is a Private coeducational university that began in the year 1894 as Evangelische Lutherische Schullehrer Seminar. Initially it offered three year curriculum to the students and it wasn’t until 1940 that it started awarding Bachelors degree and late in the same decade, the college became a four year accredited institute. It further expanded its academic base as it added graduate programs by the year 1968.

    It became part of the Concordia University System by 1995 and in 1998 gained university status, becoming Concordia University Nebraska. Based in Seward, Nebraska, the institute has been aimed at bringing excellence for its students, nurturing them through intellect and education to take up on leadership and service of their communities.

    Life at Concordia for the students is both fun and engaging. The main activity center for the students at the campus is the Janzow Campus Center which offers games, lounge, coffee, ATM and many other facilities. There are also more than 25 student led organisations serving as platforms where students meet and work towards skill development and learning. The Student Activities Council also works actively in bringing events and activities and provides opportunities for leadership position. Student Activity Fair is held at the start of the year where for a week where student organisations meet with the student body and discuss their agendas. Community engagement is considered serious work and so there is Habitat for Humanity group on campus. There are youth ministry and mission groups which are involved with local community churches offering Christian centered activities and raising awareness among the public. Spiritual life is also practiced through prayer and workshop on campus. Recreation is offered through fitness center, intramurals and athletics at NAIA. The campus colors are Navy and White and mascot is Bulldogs.

    Academic programs at Concordia consist of undergraduate programs with 47 majors, 32 minors, 10 concentration, 22 pre professional programs and more. There are also 30 Masters degree programs offered through campus, online or both. Its notable facilities are Thom Leadership Education Center, Brommer Hall, Link Library, Osten Observatory Walz Human Performance Complex, Weller Hall and others.

    Concordia School Facts

    • Years Estd.1894
    • MascotBulldogs
    • ColorsNavy and White
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationLutheran Church - Missouri Synod

  • Creighton University Seal

    Creighton University

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska
    • 8,435 Total Students
    • 70% Acceptance Rate
    • 16% Enrollment Rate
    • 11 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 9,747 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Creighton is a Private research university that started small as Creighton College and was established in 1878. The college was the vision of Mary Lucretia Creighto, wife of Edward Creighton, a prominent businessman. Known for her philanthropic work, she dedicated a substantial amount of funds for the development of a school in the memory of her husband. It was Bishop James O’Connor who then carried out Mary’s vision to fruition.

    Based in Omaha, Nebraska, it was in 1892 that the college progressed as a university. The institute is based in Catholic and Jesuit traditions and aims to touch the lives of its students in a unique way, preparing them for professional success, inspiration for their communities and humble servants of God.

    The campus life at Creighton University is fun filled growing community of learners and among the many opportunities for development; the most prominent are the student organisations. There are more than 200 on campus, from academic, cultural and religious to political and campus government bodies. There are programs specifically dedicated to bringing out the leader in each student through participation in The Magis Ambassadors, Emerging Leaders Programs, workshops and several others. There is also extensive Greek Life on campus and opportunities for creative expression as well, through Skutt Student Center Art Program, which brings an entertaining night including carnival, games, music and much more. There are many other student entertainment events being planned and held throughout the year as well. There is also Skutt Student Center which serves as the hub for student social interaction at the campus. Creighton has its athletic teams, ‘Bluejays’ participating at the NCAA Division I; the mascot is ‘Billy the Bluejay’ and the colors are Blue and White.

    The academic programs consist of 26 undergraduate programs with 18 minors, 18 Master’s degree programs including online and six doctorate programs. Its notable departments and buildings are Heider College of Business, Lied Education Center for the Arts, Anna Tyler Waite Center for Leadership Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women, John P. Schlegel, S.J., Center for Service and Justice, St. John’s Church and few more.

    Creighton School Facts

    • Years Estd.1878
    • NicknameBluejays
    • MascotBilly the Bluejay
    • MottoWilling to Lead
    • ColorsBlue and White
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationRoman Catholic

    Famous Creighton Alumni

    • Mike Boyle

      Politics & Law

      Former mayor of Omaha, Nebraska

    • Michael McCormack

      Politics & Law

      Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court

    • James Keogh

      Politics & Law

      Executive editor of Time magazine; also head of the White House speechwriting staff under Richard M. Nixon

    • Don Keough

      Business & Industry

      Former president and CEO of Coca-Cola

    • John P. Wareham

      Business & Industry

      Former CEO of Beckman Coulter

    • J. Joseph Ricketts

      Business & Industry

      Founder and former chairman of TD Ameritrade and owner of the Chicago Cubs

    • Mary Alice Williams

      Entertainment & Arts

      Former co-anchor of the show Weekend Today

    • Mike Johanns

      Politics & Law

      Former Secretary of Agriculture of the United States and former governor of Nebraska; also the current United States Senator

  • Grace University Seal

    Grace University

    Omaha, Nebraska

    Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska
    • 471 Total Students
    • 59% Acceptance Rate
    • 55% Enrollment Rate
    • 12 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 220 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Grace University (GU) is a Christian private university providing high educational religious studies that is located in Omaha, Nebraska. It was established in 1943 under the name of Grace Bible Institute as interdenominational Bible institute offering higher education in theological and biblical centered studies. It was inaugurated by the efforts of 10 leaders and ministers. In the beginning, the students were assigned for 30 minutes jobs everyday instead of being charged for tuition fees. This system continued till 1948, when an amount of 50$ tuition fees was assigned for each student. Grace University was founded temporarily in the location of the currently established Presbyterian Theological Seminary. A year later in 1944, it purchased its current campus and permanent location “Stuntz Hall” in Omaha for 25,000 $. In 1976, its name was changed to be Grace College of the Bible. The St. Catherine’s Hospital Center for Continuing Care was purchased by GU in 1977 that led to doubling the campus area to exceed 2.5 acres.

    After academic expansion in 1995, the university’s name was finally changed to its current name. When GU was established, it consisted of three colleges for undergraduate studies, graduate studies and professional and educational studies. However, in 2013, GU was reconstructed again by the board of trustees to include only two colleges instead of three after merging the second and third colleges to be the College of Professional and Graduate Studies. The university offers 9 undergraduate programs, 3 graduate programs and 3 professional certificates. Additionally, GU offers some of its programs through an online system since 2016.

    Grace University mission is to offer special academic programs that are biblical centered and supported by the liberal arts and sciences especially humanities.

    GU School Facts

    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationInterdenominational

  • Midland University Seal

    Midland University

    Fremont, Nebraska

    • 1,646 Total Students
    • 61% Acceptance Rate
    • 28% Enrollment Rate
    • 15 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,745 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Midland University is a private higher education institute affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. It was established in 1962 as a result of the merge between Luther Academy and Midland College under the name of Midland Lutheran College. Luther academy was established in 1883 under the name of with its original building dedicated on the 400th anniversary of Martin Luther’s birth. On the other hand, Midland College was established in 1887 the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Midland College initially operated in Atchison, Kansas before moving in 1919 to the current location of Midland University. In 2010, the college allowed students of Dana College, which closed at the same year, to transfer their credits with the recognition of honors, grants or scholarships. In the same year, the name of the institute was changed from Midland Lutheran College to Midland University along with the change of its official colors to Navy blue and orange instead of black and orange. In 2011, the university introduced a program that guaranteed graduation of the students participating in the program within 4 years of enrollment. In 2012, the university was placed “on notice” by the Higher Learning Commission which was attributed to concerns regarding the financial status of the university and its future plans. The concerns were resolved two years later and the “on notice” status was removed.

    Midland Campus is located in Fremont, Nebraska covering 33 acres offering several distinctive buildings as Hopkins Arena, Watchorn Football Complex, Benton Hall, Lund Hall, Atchison Hall, Anderson Complex, Musbach Art Center, Fremont Hall, Clemmons Hall, Kimmel Theatre, Luther Library, Warrior Bookstore and Sinai Lutheran Church. The university athletic teams, who are nicknamed Warriors, compete in the Great Plains Athletic Conference as members of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

    The university offers undergraduate programs in more than 30 majors granting bachelor degree. It also offers three master’s degree programs and an online degree program. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    Midland School Facts

    • Years Estd.1883
    • MascotWarriors
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationEvangelical Lutheran Church

    Famous Midland Alumni

    • Jim Buchanan

      Professional Sports

      former professional baseball player

    • Jon Lynn Christensen

      Politics & Law

      former member of the United States House of Representatives

    • Gwen Howard

      Politics & Law

      former member of the Nebraska Legislature

    • Toni Jeričević

      Entertainment & Arts

      Croatian actor and TV host

    • Paul Norris

      Entertainment & Arts

      American comic book artist who is known for the creation of aquaman

  • Nebraska Christian College

    Papillion, Nebraska

    • 130 Total Students
    • 8 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Nebraska Christian College is a 4-year religious college offering bible based undergraduate programs. The college was established in 1944 by 15 people who met in Wymore, Nebraska. It then operated as an expansion to the existing Norfolk Junior College. The college relocated in 2006 to its newly established Omaha Campus. Ten years later, the college merged with Hope International University which led to increasing the number of offered programs including several online programs.

    The college states that its mission is to prepare leaders for church related institutes including the schools, camps and nursing schools. The college library is named Loren T. and Melva M. Swedburg library in honor of its former dean who joined the college in 1953. The college has basketball and soccer teams for men and women competing as members of the National Christian College Athletic Association. Its official mascot is called Sentinels. Several annual events are organized on campus including the Welcome Week, Ministry Leadership Simulcast, Student Leadership Summit in addition to the Rural Church Regional Conferences.

    The college offers 6 ministry focused undergraduate programs, 3 non-ministry programs offered through partnership with Hope University and 6 master’s online degree programs. The college offers 8 grant and scholarship programs that provide financial support to the students. The college is affiliated with the Christian churches and churches of Christ.

    NC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1945
    • MascotParsons
    • MottoCreating Church Leaders
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationChristian Churches and Churches of Christ

  • Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health

    Omaha, Nebraska

    • 1,000 Total Students
    • 34% Acceptance Rate
    • 54% Enrollment Rate
    • 12 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 178 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health is a coeducational non-profit private higher education institute. The college was established in 1891 under the name of “the School of Nursing” with the aim of improving care and comfort provided to the patients. The first class started on college consisted of 6 female students who graduated 2 years later. The school received the first nursing accreditation in 1956. The board of trustees decided in 1985 to convert the school into a degree-awarding institute with the possibility to expand its programs. In 1988, the school name was changed to its current name. The college awarded the first baccalaureate degree in 1989. Six years later, the college was listed by United Methodist Church Senate. In 2001, the college started a fund raising campaign to establish Josie Harper Campus which was inaugurated three years later. Another fund raising campaign was initiated in 2007 for establishment of student housing. The college started its first graduate program in 2008. Nebraska is currently administered by a board of directors consisting of 18 members.

    The college has an urban hospital based campus that consists of 5 main buildings including the north and south towers. The campus also includes the Riley Leinart Center which covers 26,000 sq. ft. and the Clark Center which was opened in 2006 covering 75,000 sq. ft.

    The college offers 10 bachelor degree programs, 9 master’s degree programs, 6 doctoral degree programs, 6 associate degree programs in addition to 17 certificate programs. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The college offers several study abroad programs offered to the students. Nebraska College received several awards in 2017 including The Community Engagement Classification from the Carnegie Foundation and the Platinum status from the WELCOA Well Workplace Awards.

    Nebraska Methodist School Facts

    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationUnited Methodist

  • Nebraska Wesleyan University Seal

    Nebraska Wesleyan University

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska
    • 2,049 Total Students
    • 79% Acceptance Rate
    • 33% Enrollment Rate
    • 11 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,689 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Nebraska Wesleyan University (NWU) is a Methodist private higher education institute located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The university was established in 1887 after receiving its charter as a coeducational institute consisting of a college, a music conservatory, a kindergarten, a primary school and an academy. Construction on the college campus started in the same year. Classes were held in its main building in the following year even before the building was completed. The first class graduated from the institute in 1890 and included 4 female students. In 1931, the academy section was terminated followed by terminating the primary school 10 years later and the kindergarten in the following year. Meanwhile, the college started offering master’s degree programs in 1937.

    The university states that its mission is to develop students personally and academically by providing liberal arts education following Christian values. The university main campus is located in Lincoln which offers several distinctive buildings including Olin Hall of Science, Rachel Ann Lucas Hall, Roy G. Story Student Center, Harold G. Chaffee Practice Field, Elder Theatre Center, Cochrane-Woods Library, Burt Hall, George A. Knight Field House, Abel Stadium and Future Duane W. Acklie Hall of Science. The university offers 19 housing options to the students. Additionally, the university operates a branch campus in Omaha. The university athletic teams compete since 2016 in NCAA as members of the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. The official colors of the university are black and gold. It had three former mascots before the current one which is called Prairie Wolves.

    The university offers undergraduate programs in 60 majors and 48 minors in addition to 16 pre-professional programs. There are 6 undergraduate programs offered in schedules suitable for adult working students. The university also has 5 master’s programs and 5 non-degree certificate programs. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

    NWU School Facts

    • Years Estd.1887
    • MascotPrairie Wolves
    • ColorsBlack & Gold
    • LocationNebraska
    • AthleticsNCAA – IIAC
    • Religious AffiliationUnited Methodist

    Famous NWU Alumni

    • Ralph G. Brooks

      Politics & Law

      former governor of Nebraska

    • John M. Gerrard

      Politics & Law

      Nebraska State Supreme Court Justice

    • Emily Kinney

      Entertainment & Arts

      television and theater actress best known for her role in The Walking Dead

    • Marian Heiss Price

      Politics & Law

      Nebraska State Senator

    • Coleen Seng

      Politics & Law

      former mayor of Lincoln

  • Peru State College Seal

    Peru State College

    Peru, Nebraska

    Peru State College in Peru, Nebraska
    • 2,506 Total Students
    • 21 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    Peru State College is a public liberal arts college located in Peru, Nebraska. It was established by the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1865 making it the oldest higher education institute in Nebraska. The college was initially named Mount Vernon School after its surrounding community. The college received its charter in the following year under the name of Peru Seminary and College. The name was changed again in 1867 to Nebraska State Normal School with the start of its first classes. The college was renamed Nebraska State Teachers College then Peru State Teachers College in 1921 and 1949, respectively. During the World War II, the college hosted a training program for the US Navy V-12 officer.  The college finally received its current name in 1963. Peru State became part of the Nebraska State College System since its establishment in 1978. The Nebraska State College System discussed in 1998 plans to close the college or move it to another location. It was then decided to relocate the college to Nebraska City; however, the decision was later cancelled because it was costly and it was decided to invest in renovating the college campus. In 2008, the college demolished one of the campus buildings, the A.D. Majors building.

    The college states that its mission is to support life-long learning through promoting the value of discovery and knowledge. Peru State campus is an important part of the small city covering 104 acres. Important buildings on campus include the T.J. Majors Building and the Al Wheeler Activity Center. The college publishes a student newspaper under the name of Peru State Times. The college athletic teams, who are nicknamed the Bobcats, are members of the NAIA Division I competing in the Heart of America Athletic Conference.

    The college is divided into 3 schools offering 12 bachelor degree programs, 2 master’s degree programs and 17 pre-professional.

    Peru State School Facts

    • Years Estd.1865
    • NicknameBobcats
    • MascotBob the Bobcat
    • Motto"Campus of a thousand oaks"
    • ColorsAzure Blue, White
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous Peru State Alumni

    • Clair Armstrong Callan

      Politics & Law

      U.S. Congressman for Nebraska

    • Edison Pettit

      Science & Medicine

      astronomer, namesake of two craters, Pettit on the Moon and Pettit on Mars

    • Orville Ralston

      Politics & Law

      World War I flying ace

    • Danny Shouse

      Professional Sports

      professional basketball player

    • Melvin O. McLaughlin

      Politics & Law

      U.S. Congressman for Nebraska

  • Union College- Nebraska Seal

    Union College- Nebraska

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    Union College- Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska
    • 903 Total Students
    • 56% Acceptance Rate
    • 22% Enrollment Rate
    • 10 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,361 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    Union is a private and a four year higher education institute that began in 1891 after the church leaders had agreed on the site of their place of educational institute. In the early 20th century, the college faced difficulties but survived after a donation was made by the mayor. During the 1970s the college expanded considerably adding physical facilities to its campus.

    The college is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. With its Christian based values and roots, Union College is committed to producing individuals who are intrinsically motivated to learn, discover and lead lives of meaning and service.

    At the campus of Union, students are surrounded by a range of activities which are fun, engaging as well as inspire them for achievement. The Associated Student Body is the student representation on campus working to improve campus life as well as record student grievances and issues. Moreover, there are 20 student run clubs and organisations that serve as learning units outside the classroom and provide the chance to meet people. Various student activities on campus consist of academic but spiritual ones as well. Being a Christian centered college religious and spiritual life makes an important part of campus life.  Students are required to complete a certain amount of services each semester and the campus ministry also offers many opportunities beyond service attendance. Students get to worship in groups, attend chapel and can choose the local church they want to serve in. It also holds ‘Project Impact’ where students work for community building throughout Lincoln. Students also get to be involved in global activities by choosing to serve internationally. Athletic participation is also part of campus; its teams are called ‘Warriors’ and the campus colors are Red and Black.

    The academic programs consist of Associate and Bachelors degree programs with more than 50 majors and minors and a Master of Physician Assistant Studies program. Its notable facilities are Everett Dick Administration Building, George Stone School, Joshua C. Turner Arboretum, Ella Johnson Crandall Memorial Library, Don Love Building and few more.

    Union School Facts

    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationSeventh Day Adventist

    Famous Union Alumni

    • Sandra Pierantozzi

      Politics & Law

      Former Vice President of Palau

    • Wayne Hooper

      Entertainment & Arts

      Gospel music composer

    • Rukebai K. Inabo

      Politics & Law

      Senator of Palau

    • Milton E. Kern

      Education & Advocacy


    • Chester Wickwire

      Social Advocacy & Service

      Chaplain, civil rights and peace activist

  • University of Nebraska at Kearney Seal

    University of Nebraska at Kearney

    Kearney, Nebraska

    • 6,747 Total Students
    • 85% Acceptance Rate
    • 44% Enrollment Rate
    • 14 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 2,511 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    UNK is a public higher education institute that is part of the University of Nebraska system. The present day university marks its beginnings in 1903 when the land for a teacher training school was allotted by the Nebraska Legislature. The Nebraska State Normal School at Kearney held its first classes in year 1905. By 1963 the school had turned into a state college.

    It was in 1989 that the legislature approved for the state college to be moved under the university system. Thus, in 1991 it officially was renamed as University of Nebraska at Kearney. Based in Kearney, Nebraska the institute focuses on student success through academic and intellectual development.

    As for the campus, the environment at UNK is one that promotes learning and growth through various extracurricular activities. More than 200 student organisations run on campus serving as great opportunity to make friends as well as learn outside classrooms. In addition to this, the Fraternity and Sorority life on campus also encourages students to excel at academics. The campus also has its Student Government which regulates the campus activities and maintains a healthy environment on the campus. For improving diversity at the campus, the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) and Multicultural Center works to bring programs and activities. There is Nebraskan Student Union serving as the main hub of campus activity and a place for student mobility, providing games, food, dining, and space for holding meetings and gatherings.  For organising student events and entertainment on campus, the Loper Programming and Activities Council serve its purpose. Events held yearly include Blue and Gold Day, Fame Talent Show, Lip-Sync competition and others. The students also take part in athletics competing at NCAA Division II. The teams are called ‘Lopers’, the mascot is ‘Louie the Loper’ and the official colors are Royal Blue & Old Gold.

    Academic programs at the campus consist of 120 undergraduate majors, 22 pre-professional programs, and 27 graduate programs. Its notable facilities are Jennie M. Conrad Hall, Lyle E. Mantor Hall, George E. Martin Hall, Everett L. Randall Hall, H.G. Stout Hall, C.T. Ryan Library and others.

    UNK School Facts

    • Years Estd.1905 (1905)
    • NicknameLopers
    • MascotLouie the Loper
    • MottoWe Are Difference Makers
    • ColorsBlue and Gold
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous UNK Alumni

    • Mahabir Pun

      Social Advocacy & Service

      Ramon Magsaysay Award winning Nepalese Philanthropist

    • Tauese Sunia

      Politics & Law

      Former Governor of American Samoa

    • Harry Northup

      Entertainment & Arts

      Actor "Taxi Driver" and "The Silence of the Lambs," and poet, "Red Snow Fence"

    • Tervel Dlagnev

      Professional Sports

      Olympic Wrestler

    • Richard G.

      Politics & Law

      Judge, U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska

    • Tim Schlattmann

      Entertainment & Arts

      Co-Executive Producer of Dexter (TV series)

    • Randy Rasmussen

      Professional Sports

      Former New York Jets player

  • University of Nebraska at Omaha Seal

    University of Nebraska at Omaha

    Omaha, Nebraska

    University of Nebraska at Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska
    • 15,526 Total Students
    • 76% Acceptance Rate
    • 49% Enrollment Rate
    • 16 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 5,581 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    UNO is a public institute and a research university which is one of the member campuses of the University of Nebraska system. It has its roots in the private college set up by the Presbyterian Theological Seminary in year 1908. It was with time that the institute grew and by 1930 it was made into the state’s first and only municipal university.

    It joined the system in year 1989 and since then grew as a public university by leaps and bounds adding programs as well as physical facilities. It is based in Omaha, Nebraska and is based upon strong academic foundation with values of learning, intellectual development and scholarship.

    The campus life at University of Nebraska at Omaha is equally about improving and developing students in all their aspects and conducts. Student involvement begins with Student Government playing an active role in working for the campus welfare. The students take part in and run 180+ student clubs and organisations. Both of these serve as opportunities for the students to develop team building and leadership qualities. The campus also offers Fraternities and Sororities which also encourage working for personal and academic success. Further student development takes place through the civic engagement and learning to be a leader for the public by engaging in service. The students work with the local community partners, volunteer their time for the causes or take part in service events taking place at the campus such as Service Days. For Health and Wellness of the students there are many support services that are provided which include counselling for emotional, personal or academic stress, on-campus doctor visits, immunizations, and also campus recreation which adds fun to physical development. There are campus athletic teams ‘Mavericks’ competing at NCAA Division I. The campus colors are Black and Crimson and the mascot is ‘Durango’.

    Academic programs at the UNO consist of undergraduate programs with 70+ majors, 45+ Masters programs and eight Doctoral programs. Its notable facilities/departments are Charles W. Durham School of Architectural Engineering, Joslyn Hall, Redick Hall, Jacobs Hall, Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Library.

    UNO School Facts

    • Years Estd.1908
    • NicknameMavericks
    • MascotDurango
    • ColorsBlack and Crimson
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous UNO Alumni

    • Karrin Allyson

      Entertainment & Arts

      Grammy Award-winning American jazz vocalist

    • Russell C. Davis

      Social Advocacy & Service

      United States Air Force Lieutenant General

    • Roger Donlon

      Social Advocacy & Service

      Medal of Honor recipient

    • Chuck Hagel

      Politics & Law

      U.S. Senator, former U.S. Secretary of Defense

    • John L. Holland

      Science & Medicine

      Psychologist who developed The Holland Codes

    • Laurie S. Fulton

      Politics & Law

      American attorney and former United States Ambassador to Denmark

    • Penny Sackett

      Science & Medicine

      Astronomer, also Chief Scientist of Australia

    • James R. Young

      Business & Industry

      Former Chairman and President of Union Pacific Railroad

    • Greg Zuerlein

      Professional Sports

      Kicker for the Los Angeles Rams

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center Seal

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Omaha, Nebraska

    • 3,790 Total Students
    • 3 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    UNMC is a public higher education institute that provides education in the field health care and health sciences. It has its origins in a private college that was founded in the year 1880 offering education in the medical field. Within a year the college was renamed and came to be known as Omaha Medical College. In year 1902 it became part of the University of Nebraska system.

    Still a college, it wasn’t until the year 1968 that the health sciences division were decided to put under a single institute hence creating the University of Nebraska Medical Center. It is based in Omaha, Nebraska and aims to become a leading institute through innovation, excellence and research in the field of healthcare and medical.

    The campus life is mix of strict academic curriculum as well as offering extracurricular activities. There are more than 80 student clubs and organisations running on the campus and providing academic, professional as well as other interest groups. These also include the Student Associations which work for student interests and student welfare. These serve not only as learning units but such that providing opportunities for growth and working as leaders. Further development opportunities are provided through the Counselling and Student Development Center which not only offers counselling but also the Academic Success Program. For shaping the students as not only best professionals but also individuals whose values are rioted in the ideals of care is the mission, there are outreach programs which encourage students to be active in their communities. It organises and executes programs and activities such as paediatric behavioural health clinics, cancer screenings, Science Cafes and many more. The official university colors are Red and White.

    As for the academic programs at UNMC are 85+ programs including Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral, Dual degree and Certificate programs. Its prominent departments/facilities are Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health, Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases, Munroe-Meyer Institute and McGoogan Library of Medicine.

    UNMC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1880
    • NicknameUNMC
    • ColorsRed White
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

  • University of Nebraska Seal

    University of Nebraska

    Lincoln, Nebraska

    University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska
    • 25,260 Total Students
    • 76% Acceptance Rate
    • 62% Enrollment Rate
    • 21 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 9,724 Total Applicants
    • Yes Online Programs

    One of the largest and oldest universities in the state, UNL is a public research higher education institute that was founded in year 1869 when it was chartered. It was established two years after the Nebraska was made into a state. The progress was slow during the early years of the university but enrollment grew eventually.

    It also became the first institute in the west of Mississippi to establish a graduate school when it did. It is based in Lincoln, Nebraska, and is also a land grant institute. It has established itself as the comprehensive institute offering leadership, professional, intellectual, cultural, economic and personal development.

    At the campus of University of Nebraska students find a range of activities and involvement areas. Students are welcomed at the campus through their event called ‘Big Red Welcome’ which involves Freshmen Fiesta, church gathering, Mass and other such. Student life mainly begins with being part of the unions working at the campus. These unions organise events, meetings, conferences, seminars as well as regulate more than 500 student clubs. There is also the Student Affairs department looks after student needs and development activities. It presents leadership development programs, intercultural understanding and activities, and programs in collaboration with the Greek Council. It also runs the Staff Council which works actively to build bridges between the administration and the students for better performance of Student Affairs department. Learning leadership also involves Civic engagement which takes place through students participating in democratic engagement, community work and welfare, serving as civic leader. The campus also offers more than 300 service learning courses. Students also take part in athletic competitions at NCAA Division I; the teams are called ‘Cornhuskers’, the mascot is ‘Herbie Husker Lil’ Red’ and the colors are Scarlet and Cream.

    Academic programs at UNL are 200+ undergraduate programs, 70 Masters degree, 68 Doctoral and 31 Graduate Certificate programs. Its notable facilities are Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science & Management, Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, Sheldon Museum of Art, Lied Center for Performing Arts, C.Y.Thompson Library, Adele Coryell Hall Learning Commons and more.

    UNL School Facts

    • Years Estd.February 15, 1869 (1869-02-15)
    • NicknameCornhuskers
    • MascotHerbie HuskerLil' Red
    • MottoLiteris Dedicata et Omnibus Artibus (Latin)
    • Motto Eng.Dedicated to Letters and All the Arts
    • ColorsScarlet, Cream
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous UNL Alumni

    • George Beadle

      Science & Medicine

      Scientist and Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner, 1958; also 7th President of University of Chicago from 1961 to 1968

    • Willa Cather

      Entertainment & Arts

      Pulitzer Prize in 1923 for her wartime novel, 'One of Ours'

    • Edward C. Elliott

      Education & Advocacy

      Chancellor of Montana's public university system from 1916 to 1922 and also President of Purdue University from 1922 to 1945

    • Charles L. Fletcher

      Entertainment & Arts

      Architect and interior designer; also owner of Charles Fletcher Design

    • Jeff Zeleny

      Education & Advocacy

      CNN Senior White House Correspondent

    • Johnny Carson

      Entertainment & Arts

      Host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson for more than 30 years (1958, 1962–1992); also winner of 7 Emmy Awards, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 and recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors Lifetime Achievemt

    • C. Edward McVaney

      Business & Industry

      Founder of JD Edwards Corporation

    • Herbert Brownell Jr.

      Politics & Law

      62nd United States Attorney General

    • Jonathan M. Davis

      Politics & Law

      22nd Governor of Kansas

    • Mari Sandoz

      Entertainment & Arts

      Biographer, novelist, and historian; known for non-fiction works Old Jules (1935) and Crazy Horse (1942)

  • Wayne State College Seal

    Wayne State College

    Wayne, Nebraska

    Wayne State College in Wayne, Nebraska
    • 3,431 Total Students
    • 18 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • Yes Online Programs

    A public four-year educational institute, WSC was the product of the vision of James Pile, a math professor. It was in 1891 that he founded Nebraska Normal College, however, not long after in 1909 it was taken over by the state. Under the public supervision, it started as a state school and progressed into a state college.

    It was in 1963 that it was named as Wayne State College. While the custody changed hands, the mission for the college has remained one for achieving excellence, empowering its students to be leaders and embedding in them the values of service and engagement.

    At the campus of WSC students find plenty of opportunities of their interests; from benefitting from taking part in more than 90 student clubs present which range from honorary societies, Greek Organizations, arts, education, counseling to political, sports religion and many more. There is also the Student Senate which offers the biggest leadership platform for the students to work around the campus and be the student representative body. Students can also work as campus ambassadors where they get to participate and organize the orientation and Welcome Weekend. For those interested in being organizers, make the campus more fun and produce activities and events. Furthermore, for students struggling with their time at the campus, the university offers supportive services for them too. There are free counseling services provided at the campus which work with students in helping them through their personal, academic or any other kind of problems. The health of the students is valued at the campus; besides mental health, there are opportunities for maintaining physical health too. The campus has well-equipped recreation rooms. There are also athletics at NCAA Division II. The college teams are called ‘Wildcats’ and the official campus colors are Black and Gold.

    As for the academic department, it offers more than 90 academic majors and four graduate degree programs. The college also offers online education. Its notable facilities are Hahn Administration Building and the Conn Library.

    WSC School Facts

    • Years Estd.1910
    • NicknameWildcats
    • ColorsBlack and Gold
    • LocationNebraska
    • AthleticsNCAA Division II – NSIC
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous WSC Alumni

    • Thomas M. Carsey

      Politics & Law

      Professor of Political Science

    • John Neihardt

      Entertainment & Arts

      Writer and poet. Poet Laureate of Nebraska, author of Black Elk Speaks

    • Brian Wansink

      Education & Advocacy

      Cornell University professor and author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

    • Byron Chamberlain

      Professional Sports

      NFL and Pro Bowl tight end

    • Val Peterson

      Politics & Law

      U.S. political figure. Governor of Nebraska 1947–1953, Director of Federal Civil Defense Administration, Ambassador to Denmark and Finland. Wayne State College's Peterson Fine Arts Building is named after him

    • Gale McGee

      Politics & Law

      U.S. political figure. Democratic Senator from Wyoming 1959–1977. U.S. Ambassador to the Organization of American States

All Top Colleges in Nebraska

  • Doane University

    Crete, Nebraska

    Doane University in Crete, Nebraska
    • 1,057 Total Students
    • 77% Acceptance Rate
    • 23% Enrollment Rate
    • 11 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,892 Total Applicants
    • No Online Programs

    Doane is a private liberal arts institute that traces its beginnings to 1857 when the first annual meeting of General Association of Congregational Churches was held and which decided to set up higher education institutes. After a long struggle, in 1871 Crete Academy was founded but within a year, in 1872 Doane College was established in its place which grew into the present day university.

    It was in 2016 that the college was renamed as Doane University. It is based in Crete, Nebraska, with additional campuses in Lincoln, Grand Island and Omaha. With its strong dedication for bringing excellence and innovation and training leaders and responsible individuals, the university has been behind 67 Fulbright Scholars.

    Doane brings education for its students in a warm, vibrant and community like environment where its students find activities for growth and self actualisation. The campus life integrates various opportunities for the students such as the chance to serve as leaders; while there is student Congress where students work for the interests of other fellow students, supporting programs and events, there is also formal education provided for those interested in developing leadership skills, through Hansen Leadership Program which arranges speaker series, retreats, volunteer fairs, discussions and some outdoor activities as well. For further social interaction and learning other skills and taking active part in student life, there are more than 60 student led clubs and organisations, along with Greek life that serve the purpose. There is campus ministry that aims to regulate religious life on campus and offer faith based activities for student looking for it. Serving the community is also an important part of student life as students participate in trips, or building homes or being part of outreach activities. There is also athletic participation as teams ‘Tigers’ compete in NAIA. The campus colors are Orange and Black.

    Academic programs at Doane consist of 63 undergraduate programs, six Masters Degree programs, and a Doctorate of Education program. Its notable facilities are Frees Hall, Sheldon Hall, Hansen Hall, Smith Hall, Fiske Lodge, Dean Memorial Pergola and a few more.

    Doane School Facts

    • Years Estd.1872
    • NicknameTigers
    • ColorsOrange and Black
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationNot applicable

    Famous Doane Alumni

    • Weldon Kees

      Entertainment & Arts

      Poet, painter, filmmaker, and also jazz musician

    • Douglas L. Wilson

      Education & Advocacy

      Two-time recipient of the Lincoln Prize and also professor at Knox College

    • John Perry

      Education & Advocacy

      Philosopher; Professor of philosophy at Stanford University

    • Zenon C.R. Hansen

      Business & Industry

      Former chairman of the board at Doane University and also CEO of Mack Trucks, Inc

    • Bob Stitt

      Professional Sports

      University of Montana Football Head Coach

    • Henry Pratt Fairchild

      Education & Advocacy

      Sociologist and educator

    • Robert Van Pelt

      Politics & Law

      Former District Judge at United States District Court for the District of Nebraska from 1957 to 1988

    • Robert Taylor

      Professional Sports

      American actor

  • Hastings College

    Hastings, Nebraska

    Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska
    • 1,219 Total Students
    • 71% Acceptance Rate
    • 24% Enrollment Rate
    • 13 to 1 Student to Faculty Ratio
    • 1,688 Total Applicants
    • No Online Programs

    Hastings College is a private liberal arts higher education institute located in Hastings, Nebraska. The college was established in 1882 as Presbyterian college that aims at providing high quality educational and cultural standards.

    The college campus covers 120 acres with 40 buildings including Osborne Family Sports Complex, Fleharty Educational Center, the Bronco Village student apartments, the Morrison-Reeves Science Center, the Jackson Dinsdale Art Center in addition to McCormick Hall. The latter is the oldest building on campus, built in 1883 and still used till now. The official colors for the college are white and crimson. Its athletic teams who are called the Broncos are members of NAIA and compete in the Great Plains Athletic Conference.

    The college offers undergraduate degrees in more than 60 majors in addition to 14 pre-professional programs. Education focuses on developing hand-on skills that are required to join the workforce. Students may also join the January term or study abroad internships. Students’ research at the college or abroad is supported by Excelsior Scholars Program and Student Development Fund. The college has been ranked among top universities in several universities classifications. It has been named among best American Colleges by U.S. News and World Report 2010, Best College in the Midwestern Region by Princeton Review, Among America’s most interesting colleges by Kaplan/Newsweek and top liberal arts college in Nebraska by The Washington Monthly magazine. All students enrolled to the college get some sort of financial aid.

    Hastings School Facts

    • Years Estd.1882
    • NicknameBroncos
    • MottoPro Rege (For the King)
    • ColorsWhite and crimson
    • LocationNebraska
    • Religious AffiliationPresbyterian Church (USA)

    Famous Hastings Alumni

    • Bill Parcells

      Professional Sports

      former American football NFL coach known as the Big Tuna

    • Clayton Anderson

      Science & Medicine

      former NASA astronaut

    • Mary W. Gray

      Science & Medicine

      author and mathematician

    • Milan D. Bish

      Politics & Law

      former United States Ambassador Barbados, Dominica, St Lucia, Antigua, and St. Vincent

    • Yoo Chang-soon

      Politics & Law

      former South Korean Prime Minister

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