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We’ve all heard the healthcare industry is absolutely booming right now. In fact, it’s the fastest-growing industry in the entire country.

If you have ever wanted to be a part of this evolving industry, a career in as a EKG Technician might be best for you.

When you become a certified EKG technician, you become part of an industry that provides numerous career opportunities and potential job security!

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, EKG technicians earn a very competitive salary. In addition, their work is exciting and rewarding. That’s the kind of career most people dream about!

If you’ve been looking for a career that is exciting and rewarding, this may be the one for you!

But, you’ll want to make yourself the absolute best candidate for the job.

You’ll want to become certified as an EKG technician to do this. But not any old certification will do. To stand out from other people vying for the same job, you must get the very best training.

Below, we’ve created a list of our favorite and best schools for EKG technicians.  Read more about what we look for and our methodology below…but without further ado:

Here’s the list of Best Schools and Classes:

Top Pick

Key Highlights

  • 100% Online
  • Fastest Completion
  • Accredited University
  • Lowest Price
  • No Textbooks or Fees
  • Free Laptop Included!
Check Out Preppy's EKG Program

If you’re looking to start a career as an EKG technician, you won’t find a better certification program offered than the one through Preppy.

This innovative educational platform is partnered with the very reputable Auburn University to offer students top-notch certification preparation.

Even more important than the excellent program…it can be completed within a 3-month timeframe!

No student debt like chasing after a 4-year degree!

What do we love specifically about Preppy?

What’s not to love, really?

It’s faster and more affordable, and you can learn completely online and at your own pace.

In fact, you can complete the EKG Technician program in as little as 2 months and be ready for the major certification for EKG Technicians, the CET – Certified EKG Technician from The National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

It’s also possible that it could prepare you for others as well like ECG Technician certification from the American Certification Agency (ACA),  CCT – Certified Cardiographic Technician from Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), and many more.

You may not know this, but many EKG technician certification programs available these days are from unaccredited institutions and generally lack any real reputation.

When you get your training through Preppy, your instruction will be provided by Auburn University, a world-class institution known for offering top-notch programs. This will likely look fantastic on your resume and help you gain attention from prospective employers!

You might think we’re biased, but that’s only because, over the years, we’ve seen so many (too many!) subpar certification programs.

We’re happy to see Preppy now available to everyone!

Preppy’s program is 100% online and self-paced. This is great for adult students who have work and family responsibilities.

As an added bonus, all textbooks and learning materials are included, which means you’ll never have to worry about hidden tuition costs.

We must say, this is practically unheard of in the industry! Most other programs slip in hidden fees and also require you to drive to a physical location each week. That’s just not feasible for most adult students.

But when you receive your training through Preppy, you learn when is most convenient for you. Want to study in your pajamas on the sofa? No problem. You can study anywhere and anytime you like.

Check Out Preppy’s EKG Technician Program >>

Loyola Marymount University

Mishigaki at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Key Highlights

  • Online Course
  • Accredited School
  • Thorough Curriculum
  • Not the Most Affordable Option
  • Longer Program Length

Loyola Marymount University offers undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs at its 3 campuses in California, as well as through its online learning platform.

The university’s EKG Technician course is designed to exceed the standards set for students to become certified as CETS.

We like the fact that the curriculum is thorough and online, as it allows students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. And the university is also accredited, which is always a good thing.

We do have a couple of concerns, though.

To start, the tuition is in the mid-high price range, and thus, not the most affordable option on this list.

We also couldn’t find any payment plan options, so the full price would need to be paid upfront.  The duration of their EKG program is longer compared to some others as well.  From our estimate, the program could take 9-12 months. If you’re hoping to complete a course in the shortest amount of time possible, this may not be the best school for you.

Career Step

Key Highlights

  • Online Classes
  • Externship Included
  • Student Support
  • Not Accredited
  • For-Profit School
  • Higher Tuition Fee

Career Step is a for-profit vocational school providing career training courses and corporate upskilling to adult learners.

They do have an EKG Technician program that offers students training to get them ready for certification.

The curriculum takes students through healthcare and cardiovascular foundations, and EKG testing training, and finally prepares them to take the certification exam.

We like the fact that Career Step’s program is offered entirely online. This makes it very easy for busy, working adults to study.

They also offer an externship in addition to their training program for the certification exam, and student support

With that said, we do see some potential problems.

For instance, the school is not an accredited university…it’s a for-profit company. Many adults find that as a problem given the recent issues in the media concerning for-profit schools.

That also means potential students won’t receive a university certificate for their resumes. Finally, the price tag is higher than some of the other options on this list that are accredited.

Midlands Technical College

Key Highlights

  • Thorough Curriculum
  • Accredited
  • Student Support
  • Hybrid Learning (Not 100% Online)
  • Higher Tuition Fee
  • Longer Program Length

Midlands Technical College is a two-year professional college started in 1974. Now part of the South Carolina Technical College System, MTC offers associate degree, diploma, and certificate programs of study.

We’ll say right out of the gate that the curriculum is solid and the staff is supportive. We also really like the fact the school is accredited.

We do have some concerns, however. For starters, the curriculum is not 100% online. Students are expected to have 32 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of clinical training.

When other schools on this list offer the same training but entirely online, we do find that to be a smarter option for busy, working adults.

Cost is also an issue. While it’s not the most expensive option on this list, it is also not the most affordable one either. The timeframe may also be an issue for those students who are hoping to complete certification in as little time as possible.

Wake Tech

Key Highlights

  • Fully Online
  • Learning Materials Included
  • High Tuition
  • Longer Time to Completion
  • Solid Support
  • Financial Support

Wake Tech is the largest community college in North Carolina. With seven campuses state-wide, it has a multitude of community sites and a comprehensive array of online learning options,

The college offers a variety of degree programs, from healthcare to public safety, and hospitality, including skill-based programs.

Wake Tech also provides comprehensive non-degree programs for graduates, undergraduates, and professionals. One of which is the EKG Technicians program.

This EKG Tech program solely focuses on skill-based learning through a systematic course structure preparing students for the Certified EKG Technician program through the National Health Career Association.

The coursework is designed to provide extensive knowledge of the heart’s anatomy and physiology, covering needed cardiac terminology, electrical conduction systems, and how it impacts the way the heart functions.

On the other hand, the hands-on experience equips students with knowledge about cardiac cycles and helps them prepare patients, place leads, and run EKG strips.

There seems to be a lot going for this program but there are still a few things that we do not like about the program. The program is not fully online.

Learning materials are also not included in the program cost. These few factors can make the entire learning experience inconvenient for the students.

What Makes a Good School for EKG Technicians?

Thanks to the massive growth in the healthcare industry, demand for EKG technicians is booming. Because of this, many schools have begun to create certification programs to attract prospective students. The thing is, most of these programs aren’t very good, both in terms of structure and curriculum.

So you might be wondering what makes a good EKG technician certification program and why we chose the programs we did.

All we did was make sure the programs included the following criteria (at least one of them):

100% Online Learning

Online learning has become increasingly popular with adult students over the last decade, and it’s easy to see why.

When you have work and family responsibilities, it’s simply unrealistic to move to an out-of-state school. It’s barely feasible to drive to a local community college a few nights a week!

Online learning contributes to a healthy work/life balance. Not only is there no need to move to another state, which can be very disruptive to family life, but you can also continue to work your current job. And you never have to worry about missing important family events such as school plays or soccer games!

Comprehensive Certification Preparation

Finding a certification program that’s 100% online is only half the battle. It’s important to find one that offers really solid training that will prepare you to take, and pass the certification exam.

The programs we have selected fully prepare students for the major certifications, in this case, those offered by The National Healthcareer Association (NHA), the American Certification Agency (ACA), Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI), and others.

Self-Paced Coursework

We all learn at our own pace. If you think back to your old school days, you probably remember that some students picked up information quickly, while others took a bit longer to have that A-ha moment. There’s no right way, or pace, to learn.

When you receive your training from the schools we’ve selected, you can relax and learn in a way that makes sense for you. Learning at your own pace means you can understand the course material before moving on to the next subject.

Self-paced learning also means you study when and where is most convenient for you. If that means you grab an hour before the kids get up and another hour after they go to bed, that’s fine. Online learning gives you the freedom to choose.

Textbooks are Included

I already mentioned that it’s quite rare to find a program that includes the learning materials. This can drastically reduce the price of tuition. Have you seen the prices of textbooks these days? They aren’t cheap!

An Engaging Learning Experience

The more fun and engaging a course is, the easier it is for you to learn and retain the information. Learning exclusively out of a textbook is BORING.

The programs we’ve selected are taught by instructors who have a real passion for teaching and sharing their knowledge.

Robust Support

Learning in a physical classroom means if you have a question, you can simply raise your hand and have it answered. We have chosen schools that offer students great support so they can get the help and answers they need to succeed.

Real-World Experience

We have also selected programs that have collaborated with healthcare institutions to provide you with invaluable hands-on experience. This will help you stand out from other candidates come job hunting time!

The Importance of EKG Technician Training

As I mentioned up top, the healthcare industry is seeing tremendous growth right now, and it doesn’t look like that growth is going to slow anytime soon.

A majority of this growth is due to an aging baby boomer population, who are requiring more medical services. This means there is a greater demand for EKG technicians, who can help those individuals who are experiencing issues with their heart.

If you are someone who has always had a love of technology and a desire to help people, becoming an EKG technician is an idea worth considering.

EKG technicians use specialized equipment to measure the efficiency of the heart. They are also generally the ones who provide comfort to those patients who may be feeling very stressed and scared.

This combination of tech skills and people skills makes EKG technicians modern-day superheroes!

The future looks bright for these healthcare professionals. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the cardiology field are expected to grow more than 20% over the coming years.

That’s not a surprise when you consider that heart disease is the leading cause of death in this country.

The bottom line is, that when you become a certified EKG technician, you not only set yourself up for a rewarding career with job security, you create almost limitless career possibilities.

Our Methodology

I’ve just covered a lot of information and it has perhaps caused your mind, and heart, to race a little. Let’s do a brief recap:

Before I wrote this article, I sat down with my research team, and we sifted through a lot of data to arrive at the conclusions we did.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of schools that are now offering certification training programs for EKG technicians. But I can say with 100% certainty that not all of these programs were created equal.

In creating this list, we used the following criteria as a preference for schools to have the following:

  • Online programs
  • Accredited universities
  • Nonprofit vs for-profit
  • Affordable, cash-paid pricing
  • Comprehensive preparation for certification exams
  • Self-paced learning
  • Textbooks and other learning materials included in the cost
  • Instructor-led
  • Support
  • Externships to gain valuable experience

If you’re interested in a career as an EKG technician, you could become certified and begin working in as little as six months by completing training through one of these fantastic schools! What a great opportunity to work in an exciting industry helping people!

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