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When you register for free with, you can get an exclusive 10% off tuition towards your degree at GGU. When combined with their 30% Undergraduate School Grant, that's a 40% discount in total! More information below.

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How Could I Get This Discount?

Simple. Just register for free with In sixty seconds, you could receive credits towards your degree at Golden Gate by taking our free courses. In addition, you could then be able to get the 10% discount when you enroll and be eligible for an additional 30% Undergraduate School Grant...Saving you even more money. It's that easy.

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Ways to Save Towards GGU

At our mission is to make college more affordable...for everyone. Any discounts, scholarships, grants or pathways for credit will be posted here to help you save as much money as possible.

1 30% Undergraduate School Grant

New undergraduate students carrying at least six units per term will receive a 30% tuition grant.

2 10% Tuition Discount students could save an additional 10% off tuition at Golden Gate University. Every penny counts.

3 College Credits...Tuition-Free

By taking free courses at there are 44 units of available credit that could be applied to GGU. Saving even more money and time.

Calculating Potential Savings
+ $23,760 - Undergraduate School Grant ($462 credit hour discounted from $660)
$5,544 - 10% Tuition Discount ($462 credit hour tuition * .10)
$7,484 - Credit from Courses ($415.80 credit hour tuition * 18 Units)


Sample savings when enrolling at Golden Gate

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Save Towards Your Degree

Save Towards Your Degree has worked with Golden Gate to accept our free courses for credit toward your degree, as well as additional 40% tuition discounts when you enroll (10% + 30% Undergraduate Grant)

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How Is This Possible for Free?'s mission is to make college more affordable. Universities appreciate the first steps students take toward their degree with us, and are willing to provide discounts, scholarships, or grants as a result. We already help people get their freshman year of college tuition-free...but we don't stop there.

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What Happens When I Complete the Courses?

What Happens When I Complete the Courses?

The more courses you complete, the more units you can potentially earn. Get started by creating your free account. Once you pass a course, you'll then be able to produce a certified transcript that could be taken and accepted at GGU. courses are accepted directly at participating universities and are recommended for credit at over 1400 universities nationwide. Learn More.

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About Golden Gate University

Since it's inception in 1901, GGU has been helping adults achieve their professional goals. A non-profit institution, it's one of California's oldest private universities with over 70,000 alumni. Golden Gate continues to be a pioneer of adult education in business and management, accounting, taxation, and law. The instructional emphasis is focused on immersive learning taught by professionals practicing in the field.

The main campus is located in Northern California in San Francisco along with additional campuses in Seattle and Silicon Valley. Most courses and degrees are offered entirely online and thus conducive to the lifestyles and scheduling demands of busy adults.

Why We Like Golden Gate

Golden Gate University’s sole purpose is to educate adults — like you — who are balancing the complex demands of life. GGU offers fully online undergraduate and graduate programs in accounting, law, taxation, business and related areas.

#1 Ranking for Adult Learners in the US– Washington Monthly ranked GGU #1 for adult learners

Flexible Courses – 80% of students are part-time

Fully Accredited by the WASC

Great Degree Options – With 60+ degree and certificate options, they teach the in-demand skills that employers are looking for.

About Golden Gate University

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Really Free?

    Yep! It’s free to take as many courses as you want. Our goal is to make college more affordable and approachable for the millions of people that want to go to school. We’ve made sure it’s accessible to everyone regardless of their financial situation. Enroll in as many as you’d like.

  • Are There Prerequisities or Things I Need To Learn Before Enrolling?

    No! All of our college-level courses are introductory and meant for beginners without backgrounds in the particular subjects. You don’t need to prepare, or take anything before.  As long as you have your GED/High School Diploma, you can just register, choose the courses you want, and begin learning.

  • Are There Any 3rd-Party Fees?

    It’s completely free to take all of the courses, the textbooks, and generate a transcript. However, when you take a final exam, a 3rd-party online proctoring service, RPNow, needs to monitor you to make sure there’s no cheating. It’s standard practice for all online testing at the college-level. We’ve negotiated the fee on your behalf, and they will only charge you a small fee of $9. though doesnt charge you anything for taking as many courses as you’d like…no fees or tuition, ever, period.

  • Are There Schedules or Set Class Times for Courses?

    Nope! No class schedules, and no fixed times. Our courses are available anytime, and completely self-paced. We understand how busy adults are, and we’ve created our system to accomodate anyone’s schedule. Our system always keeps track of your progress…grab a sandwich, go see a movie, etc. When you come back online, you’ll pick up right where you left off.

  • Does This Guarantee I’ll Be Accepted at an Eventual University?

    No, no one can guarantee your acceptance other than the actual university where you’re applying. They always have the final decision. Each university has different guidelines and requirements on how they admit students into their school. This can include GPA, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities you’ve participated in, etc. At many universities, transfer students have higher rates of acceptance vs freshman enrolling out of high school. That means earning units at a community college or through can potentially increase your odds of getting into the school you want. Ask the eventual university where you’re applying to find out what things they take into consideration.

  • Does “grant credit”?

    Remember that is not a university and does not and cannot “grant credit” – the option to grant credit always belongs to the college or university and will further depend on whether a course fits into your degree program. Our goal at is to help you receive credit at a university by taking our free college-level courses. We want to save students time and money to get their degree. To do that, we work with a number of participating accredited universities who’ve agreed to recognize our courses directly, and our courses have also earned a recommendation for credit from the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) who’s recommendations are considered by over 1400 universities and colleges nationwide in their network.

  • What If I’m an International Student Outside of the United States?

    Sorry, we’re not yet able to accept international students living outside of the United States.  Currently, is available to U.S. citizens (living in or outside of the U.S.), or international students living within the United States.

    We’re working on it, and we’ll update the site soon when things have changed.

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