Are you an aspiring healthcare professional?

Do you also wish to enter the rewarding industry of healthcare, but are hesitant about the heavy tuition fees and years you will need to spend on medical school?

If you nodded yes to any of those questions, then pursuing a career in medical assistance might be the best career choice for you.

But who are Medical Assistants?

Medical Assistants are healthcare professionals who provide clinical as well as administrative assistance to physicians and other specialized medical professionals. They are fundamental for the smooth functioning of a healthcare facility.

The everyday duties of a medical assistant include administrative and clinical tasks such as assisting patients with insurance forms & claims, recording vital signs, recording patient medical histories, scheduling appointments, and so on.

If you’re interested in this career, you’ve probably wondered –

Where Can I Work as a Medical Assistant?

In this guide, you’ll learn about where you can find work as a medical assistant, and we’ll also try to break down whether a career as a medical assistant is worth it or not.

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Places Where Medical Assistants Work

Medical Assistants generally work in a variety of healthcare settings, as well as other non-healthcare-related industries. A medical assistant’s place of work usually depends on the type of tasks they are interested in or qualified for. Common places of work include-

Working as a Medical Assistant

#1 Medical Clinics and Doctor’s Offices

Most medical assistants work alongside doctors or other healthcare professionals within their clinics or offices. The primary responsibility of medical assistants working in such a setting is to act as a liaison between the patient and the doctor.

Medical assistants usually work under specialized medical professionals. The most common of such places are-

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#2 Hospitals

The second most common workplace for a medical assistant is a hospital. Since hospitals function on a 24/7 window, medical assistants are required during different hours of the day, as per the requirements of the specific healthcare professionals they work under. A hospital gives Medical Assistants greater flexibility over their working hours.

It has been seen nationally that medical assistants favor working in a hospital as they offer higher-than-average pay and several benefits.

#3 Outpatient Care Clinics

Outpatient care clinics are usually centers involving aspects of hospitals as well as clinics. Such clinics typically provide patient care such as minor surgeries, psychiatric/psychological care, and lab tests, which do not necessarily require overnight stays.

#4 Clinical Trials or Medical Research Centers

Medical assistants can also perform clinical trials and work in medical research centers. Their roles and responsibilities would entail collecting samples, administering diagnostic tests, and preparing the samples.

Their duties might include administrative tasks such as recording & maintaining patient medical histories and other relevant patient data.

#5 Insurance Companies

If you’re interested in the administrative side of things, you can choose to work in an insurance company. In an insurance company, your tasks might include organizing and assisting with insurance claims, analyzing patient medical records, maintaining hospital admissions records, etc.

#6 Retirement Facilities or Nursing Homes

Medical assistants can further choose to work in nursing homes and retirement facilities, where they can use their medical assistant skills.

They can help patients schedule their appointments, maintain patient records, and maintain interpersonal relationships with patients. Ultimately your responsibility is to assist in providing optimum patient care.

#7 Military Services

Additionally, medical assistants can opt to work in the military, wherein they are responsible for tending to initial care for patients, assisting with health assessments & immunizations, and performing basic laboratory procedures wherever necessary.

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Other Places of Work for Medical Assistants

Here are a few other places where you might find work as a Medical Assistant. However, the job opportunities in such places are significantly lower –

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Is It Worth It to Become a Medical Assistant?

A career in medical assistance is considered highly valuable and a stepping stone if you wish to enter the healthcare field. First up, it acts as a gateway for joining the growing healthcare field.

Unlike other professions, like a Nurse or a physician, you don’t need a degree to start a career as a Medical Assistant. To know more, check out – how to become a medical assistant.

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You can complete your training in medical assisting in as little as 6 months, get certified as a certified clinical medical assistant, and start your career faster.

Not only that, it has been seen that Registered Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals start their careers as Medical Assistants. (Medical Assistant vs Nurse)

The demand for Medical Assistants is growing rapidly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the employment of Medical Assistants is expected to grow by approximately 16% in the next 10 years.

Finally, when you couple that with a median annual salary of $ 37,190, a career as a Medical Assistant sounds promising. (Read More: Certified Medical Assistant Salary

Ultimately, if you like to help people and are comfortable working with patients, you can start looking for medical assistant programs.

A career as a medical assistant can ultimately prove to be fulfilling, and the best thing is you can get started faster. (Additional Resource: Medical Assistant Job Duties)

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Certified Medical Assistant

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