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Want to get a college degree but can’t make a decision between an engineering or business program? A bachelor of science in industrial engineering may be the perfect degree for you.

Industrial engineering is a unique degree program that teaches students to evaluate every aspect of a major operation—the people, tools, and machinery involved—and make recommendations on how to improve productivity.

What is a Degree in Industrial Engineering?

What are the impediments to productivity and profitability on a manufacturing assembly line? How can organizational charts be revised to improve employee morale and output?

These are the types of questions that industrial engineers seek to answer. Industrial engineers work for or consult with major corporations to improve overall productivity and—as a result—profitability. They do so by researching and analyzing existing systems and looking for areas that could be altered and improved.

Industrial engineering is one of the few multidisciplinary engineering degrees. Students take coursework in both the natural and social sciences, in advanced mathematics, and in organizational management. This enables them to advise business leaders on all aspects of their business—from the machines used in production to potential flaws in management style.

This education enables students to take on consulting and engineering roles in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and government.

Recommended Schools

What Courses Would I Take For a Major in Industrial Engineering?

  • Engineering Management
  • Deterministic Operations Research
  • Human Factors and Ergonomics in Design
  • Integrated Manufacturing Systems
  • Engineering Experiment Design
  • Simulation Modeling and Analysis
  • Production Systems Analysis
  • Embedded Computer Systems

What Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Industrial Engineering?

Unlike other engineering disciplines, an industrial engineering degree lacks a specialization, and it’s this that makes the career outlook so bright for graduates. The essence of an industrial engineering program is the ability to teach businesses how to be more productive and profitable, and that is a skill that is crucial for business of all types and in all industries.

For this reason, graduates of industrial engineering programs should be able to find work in many different roles in both the public and private sectors.

How Long does it take?

A bachelors in Industrial Engineering will have a typical length of 4 years in a full time schedule. That said, there are many ways to speed up the timeframe by either taking more units via online coursework, community college, or taking free classes at that could transfer to universities in the US.

Recommended Schools

Best Jobs for Industrial Engineering Degrees

Industrial engineers commonly work for consulting firms and may find work with employers like Deloitte, McKinsey, or Bain & Company, among others.

Others are employed by major healthcare corporations, major manufacturing companies, or shipping and distribution companies to increase productivity, identify supply chain problems, and drive these businesses to increased profitability. Some also work as consultants for government agencies and on government-funded projects.

How to save time and money

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