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With a bachelor of science in Christian ministry, you’ll be prepared for a career working in leadership or administrative positions for churches, organizing or participating in missions, or providing pre- and post-martial counseling. You’ll study theology, engage in interactive Bible studies, and learn more about church leadership. Schools may specialize in a specific denomination, or may be non-denominational.

What is a Degree in Christian Ministry?

A bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry provides excellent preparation for students who want to find careers in the church. By taking courses in theology, Bible studies, church leadership, and couples counseling, students become prepared for careers in a variety of roles. They may work as youth ministers, in church administrative positions, for ministry organizations, or as marital counselors. Students may need to find a school that specializes in their denomination for careers in the church.

A bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry also offers a sound educational basis for individuals who want to pursue a master’s degree in divinity and work as a church pastor for a Baptist, Evangelical, Presbyterian, or non-denominational church, among others. Students learn how to interpret the Bible, share its meaning with others as an educator and spiritual leader, guide individuals and communities in living a Christian lifestyle, and counsel individuals on choosing the right path for their marriages.

Recommended Schools

What Courses Would I Take For a Major in Christian Ministry?

  • History of the Old Testament
  • History of the New Testament
  • Ministry Management and Administration
  • Systematic Theology
  • Principles of Counseling
  • Biblical Perspectives of Worship
  • Ministry Communications
  • Life of the Ministry Leader

What Jobs Can You Get with a Degree in Christian Ministry?

In recent years, there has been more demand for Christian ministry professionals than supply, so graduates of Christian ministry degree programs should be able to find multiple opportunities for employment after graduation. Positions for pastors and ministers tend to be more available than those for administrators or marriage counselors, so students who are struggling to find positions with only a bachelor’s degree may have more success if they continue on to earn master of divinity degrees.

How Long does it take?

A bachelors in Christian Ministry will have a typical length of 4 years in a full time schedule. That said, there are many ways to speed up the timeframe by either taking more units via online coursework, community college, or taking free classes at that could transfer to universities in the US.

Online Christian Ministry Degree

Online Christian ministry programs are offered by many universities and are generally more affordable compared to other degree programs. Online Christian ministry is a popular choice for adult students who have already started their career but still have passion to serve the church and the community. Earning bachelor degree in Christian ministry requires completing around 120 credit hours which normally takes around 4 years for full time students. Alternatively, you may choose to earn associate degree which is shorter and more affordable but does not offer the same opportunities as a bachelor degree. If you already have college degree in a field related to Christian ministry, then you may choose to study a master’s degree which requires completing around 35 credit hours.

What Can You Do With a Christian Ministry Degree?

Do you think that people should follow more actively the religious teachings? Do you want to spread the bible teachings to help people improve their lives? If you are a good speaker for Christianity, then you should consider studying Christian ministry to have solid knowledge of what you call for. You will have the opportunity to leave your impact on the world by spreading the words of Christ.

What does a Christian ministry student learn?

Studying Christian ministry focuses on the development of communication skills and deep knowledge of the Christian teachings. The following lists shows the courses commonly taught in Christian ministry degree programs:

  1. Church history and world religions: knowing the development of the current Christian religious teachings.
  2. Philosophy: studying philosophy is essential for discussing the foundations of religion with people. It builds the basis for organized and logic discussions.
  3. Theology: studying the nature of God and religious beliefs. In Christian theology, God is conceived as Father and Son.
  4. Evangelism and ministry teaching methods: delivering attractive, effective and persuasive speech is the most important skill for people working in ministry
  5. Old and New Testament: this refers to the two holy books for Christian people that make the two parts of the bible. The Old Testament is the message from God to Jewish people while the New Testament is the message to people later than this.
  6. Gospels: these are the four different most common versions of the Bible which are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Now I have the Christian ministry degree…where can I work after graduating?

Christian ministry is a special type of academic degree. It may be not financially rewarding compared to other degrees but it is more related to making your impact on the world and lives of people. There are several career options available for Christian ministry:

  1. Church administrator who is responsible for day-to-day needs and operations of the church.
  2. Counselor or youth counselor: this person is responsible for giving knowledgeable advice to people based on the Christian teachings. Counselors should have patience, tolerance and communication skills to deal with different personalities and situations.
  3. Member of the clergy who are responsible for leading the rituals, advocating for religious beliefs, teaching and supporting people with their difficulties.
  4. Ministerial Educators: they are responsible to teach the bible teachings, ministry and Christian beliefs to people in more structured and detailed way compared to the members of the clergy.
  5. Missionary: if you enjoy travelling and want to promote Christianity, then you should consider joining missionary.
  6. Pastor: the main role of pastors is to lead worship services and deliver worship sermons and messages. This may require several hours of reading per week.
  7. Religious activities director: this person is responsible for administration of various activities held by the Church during holidays, camps or other activities.
  8. Teacher: You may consider becoming a teacher of Christianity for children in schools or universities. This gives you the advantage of teaching them early in their life making Christian teachings part of their life.

Should I choose a Christian ministry degree?

If you have passion for Christianity and want to promote Christian teachings to people, then Christian ministry would be the fitting choice for you. Studying Christian ministry will help you develop certain skills that are closely related to this field.

  1. Leadership: graduates of Christian ministry are well prepared to lead their community towards a religious life.
  2. Communication skills: the main role of Christian ministry is to promote and advocate for Christian teachings. Graduates develop their abilities to have logic and well-structured discussions.
  3. Public speaking: pastors commonly need to lead worship services and speak to groups of people clearly and with confidence.
  4. High standards for morals: integrity, righteous, helpful and desire to do good.
  5. Patience and tolerance to diverse people: if you consider promoting Christian teachings to people, then you should be ready to deal with diverse people.

Recommended Schools

Best Jobs for Christian Ministry Degrees

With a bachelor’s degree in Christian ministry, you can find work in a variety of church positions or for mission organizations. You may work as a church counselor, administrator, or youth minister, or you can travel the world on missions to educate and care for others. You can also decide to earn a master’s of divinity later and become a pastor or minister for a denominational or non-denominational church.

How to save time and money

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Enroll in a Dual-Degree Program

If you’re planning to earn a master of divinity to become a pastor or minister, you may want to find a college that offers a dual-degree program. A dual-degree program allows students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s degrees concurrently, and usually requires only five years of coursework rather than the six required if the degrees are earned separately. This means you can find work in your desired position more quickly, and save money by taking fewer years of school.

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