Are you considering a career in the field of phlebotomy?

If yes, are you also on the fence about whether you should go for an in-person phlebotomy program or an online one?

If you nodded yes again, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will uncover what to look for in an online phlebotomy course, and if such a program even exists (hint: it does).

So, ready? Let’s get started.

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What to Look for in an Online Phlebotomy Course

Now, we know that picking the right phlebotomy course might sound stressful, but we’re here to help you with just that.

It is essential to pick the right training program that fits your needs and goals, to become a successful phlebotomist.

Let us take a look at some factors that you need to look for in a perfect phlebotomy program:

1. Accredited: First and foremost, make sure the online course is accredited. This means that it’s officially recognized and meets certain quality standards. Accreditation ensures that the education you receive is reputable and valuable.

2. Prepares You for the CPT Exam: A good online phlebotomy course should help you get ready for the Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) exam. This exam is an important step in becoming a certified phlebotomist, so your course should provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to pass it.

3. Helps You Get Clinical Experience: Practical experience is crucial in phlebotomy. Look for a course that offers opportunities to gain clinical experience. This means you’ll have a chance to practice your skills in a real healthcare setting, which is invaluable when it comes to building your confidence and expertise.

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Best Online Phlebotomy Course for 2024

You might be wondering if there’s an online program that meets these criteria, and the answer is yes.

Allow us to introduce you to the top-rated Phlebotomy Training Program –

Preppy’s Online Phlebotomy Training Program.

If you’re searching for the best phlebotomy training, look no further. Preppy’s program is designed to provide you with everything you need and more.

We may be a bit partial, but there are several reasons why Preppy’s training program is one of the best:

  • Accredited Classes: Preppy’s Certified Phlebotomy Training Program is in partnership with an accredited university. This means you’ll receive a high-quality education.
  • University Certification: When you complete the course, you’ll receive a certificate from the university, which looks impressive on your resume.
  • Highly Affordable: Preppy’s program is cost-effective, so you won’t have to worry about loans or financial aid.
  • 100% Online and Self-Paced Classes: With Preppy, you can take classes entirely online at your convenience. Self-paced classes allow you to learn at your own speed and on your schedule, from anywhere.
  • Prepares You for Phlebotomy Certification: Preppy not only provides the education you need for phlebotomy but also prepares you for national certification exams.
  • Faster Course Completion: Opting for Preppy means you can finish your training in as little as 2 months, getting you into the workforce more quickly.
  • Hands-On Experience: Preppy offers opportunities to put your knowledge into practice through externship opportunities after you finish the course.
  • Free Laptop: When you enroll, you’ll also receive a free laptop, which is yours to keep.
  • Help Anytime: Preppy has dedicated student coordinators available round the clock to assist you. This means you can get support when you need it, even on weekends or in the middle of the night.

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In conclusion, online phlebotomy courses offer a flexible and accessible path to kickstart or advance your career in the field of phlebotomy. With the convenience of online learning, accredited programs, and the opportunity to gain essential clinical experience, these courses are a valuable option for aspiring phlebotomists.

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