If you’re here, you might be interested in entering the rewarding world of healthcare but might be confused about which career to choose that doesn’t make you spend thousands of bucks and years in schooling.

Well, there’s a perfect career waiting for you, allowing you to pursue it without the hassle of spending all your bank on tuition fees and years of education, sterile processing.

Sterile processing technicians are heroes who work in the background of any healthcare setting, and they are responsible for the sterilization and cleaning of any and every instrument and tool used in a clinic or a hospital.

In this article, we will discuss these unsung heroes, how to become one, choose the perfect training program for you, and more.

So, let’s get right into it.

What is a Sterile Processing Technician? And What Do They Do?

As mentioned before, sterile processing technicians are important members of the healthcare team responsible for ensuring that medical instruments, equipment, and supplies are cleaned, sterilized, and maintained to stringent standards of hygiene and safety.

These professionals play an essential role in preventing infections by following precise protocols to sterilize and prepare medical tools for use in surgeries, procedures, and patient care.

A list of their day-to-day duties includes:

Sure thing, here’s a quick rundown of a sterile processing technician’s duties:

1. Sterilization: Thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sterilize medical instruments and equipment to ensure they’re free from contaminants.

2. Inspection: Carefully inspect instruments for damage or defects, ensuring they’re in top-notch condition before use.

3. Assembly & Packaging: Skillfully assemble and package sterilized instruments into sets or trays while maintaining sterility.

4. Sterilization Techniques: Utilize various sterilization methods such as steam, gas, or chemical processes following industry standards.

5. Inventory Management: Maintain stock levels of sterile supplies, restocking as needed for medical procedures.

6. Documentation: Record sterilization and cleaning processes meticulously to comply with regulations and standards.

7. Collaboration: Work closely with medical staff, providing them with sterile instruments and supporting seamless patient care.

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What Does a Sterile Processing Technician Do?

How To Become a Sterile Processing Technician?

Now that you know what sterile processing technicians are, and what they do, let’s move on to the process of becoming one.

Even though it might seem daunting, we’re here to tell you that it’s not that difficult.

Here is how you can become a sterile processing technician:

Complete high school or obtain a GED:

Start by finishing high school or earning a General Education Development (GED) certificate. It’s the essential prerequisite for entering the sterile processing field.

Choose the right training program:

After high school, seek a program covering theoretical and hands-on sterile processing skills.

Gain practical experience:

Internships or externships offer valuable hands-on practice, often available after completing coursework in many online programs.

Get certified:

While not universally required, certifications like CRCST or CSPDT hold high employer value. CRCST is recommended for entry-level techs.

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Begin job search:

Explore positions in hospitals, clinics, labs, or healthcare settings seeking certified sterile processing technicians.

How To Choose The Perfect Sterile Processing Technician Program

This is usually the most asked question among aspiring sterile processing technicians: how do I choose the right program?

Let us help you with that.

We have made this process and decision simpler for you by listing out the factors you should be looking for while choosing a perfect sterile processing technician training program for yourself.

Let’s take a look:

1. Accreditation: Look for programs accredited by recognized bodies. Accreditation ensures the program meets industry standards and enhances your credibility in the job market.

2. Curriculum: Assess the program’s curriculum. It should cover both theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical training in sterile processing techniques.

3. Program Format: Consider the format that suits your needs—whether it’s an associate degree, diploma, or online program. Each format has its advantages, so choose based on your learning style and schedule.

Online programs are usually the most recommended due to the several advantages they offer, such as flexibility in choosing your study hours, self-paced programs that allow you to study at your own pace, cheaper tuition costs, and externship opportunities after you finish the program.

4. Hands-On Experience: Programs offering internships or externships are important. Practical experience is essential in this field, so ensure the program provides opportunities to work with equipment in a real healthcare environment.

5. Certification Preparation: A good program will prepare you for certification exams like CRCST or CSPDT. Check if the coursework aligns with these certifications.

6. Cost and Duration: Evaluate the program’s cost and duration. Ensure it fits your budget and desired timeline for completing the training.

After reading the criteria you should be looking for while picking the right training program, you might be wondering if a program that ticks all of these boxes even exists.

Well, yes it does!

Let us tell you all about:


This exceptional training doesn’t just meet the mentioned criteria; it goes beyond expectations.

Here’s how Preppy’s program stands out:

Accredited Training:

Preppy collaborates with a nationally recognized Accredited Institution to offer a Certified Sterile Processing Technician Program. This accreditation ensures that your training adheres to the golden standards and holds significant weight in the industry. Employers also prefer candidates with accredited training.

Institutional Certification:

Upon completion of Preppy’s accredited program, you receive a Certificate of Completion from the Accredited Institution. This certificate adds substantial value to your resume, demonstrating your credibility to potential employers. Plus, you’ll have something to hang in your room and office, with pride.


Worried about spending thousands on tuition? Let us help you relieve that stress. Preppy provides one of the most economical training programs for sterile processing technicians, eliminating the necessity for hefty student loans or financial aid.

100% Online & Self-Paced Learning:

Convenience is key. Preppy’s program offers entirely online and self-paced classes, granting access to course materials anytime, anywhere. It’s customized to fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Preparation for National Certification:

Preppy doesn’t just cover the basics; they equip you for national certification exams like the CRCST certification exam upon completing your training.

Completion in Just 4 Months:

Keen on entering the workforce as soon as you can? With Preppy, complete your training in only four months, jumpstarting your career and income sooner. So if you’re someone who wants to start earning right off the bat, this career and training program is your best bet.

Externship Opportunities:

Practical experience matters. Post-course completion, Preppy provides externship opportunities, enabling you to apply your knowledge and skills in real healthcare settings before entering the professional field.

Free Laptop:

Yep, you read that right. Enroll in Preppy’s program and receive a free laptop, yours to keep even after finishing the program—an added benefit to your learning journey.

Round-the-Clock Assistance:

You also don’t need to worry about getting stuck with queries or problems.

Preppy assigns you a dedicated Student Coordinator and offers 24/7 support. Whether it’s a weekend or the wee hours, assistance is just a message or call away.

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In conclusion, opting for an online sterile processing technician certificate program comes with a range of benefits.

The flexibility and convenience of online learning empower you to tailor your studies to fit your schedule and lifestyle. With access to course materials anytime, anywhere, you can learn at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and personalized learning experience.

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