Are you interested in entering the rewarding world of healthcare, but are still deciding about spending thousands of bucks and years on schooling?

If that is the case, you can consider pursuing a career in phlebotomy.

If you’re an aspiring phlebotomist or are just interested in pursuing phlebotomy as a career, you might have heard about Online Phlebotomy Certification.

In this article, we will uncover what a phlebotomy certification is, the difference between a phlebotomy certification and a certificate, and how to get an online phlebotomy certification.

What is a Phlebotomy Certification?

A Phlebotomy Certification is like a special badge given to people who’ve learned how to safely draw blood from patients for medical purposes, like tests or transfusions. To earn this certification, individuals need to complete specific training and pass an exam to show they’re skilled at what they do.

This certification ensures that phlebotomists know how to do their job safely and correctly, which is super important in healthcare. It covers things like how to draw blood, prevent infections, and interact with patients.

Most places that hire phlebotomists require this certification because it guarantees they’re qualified to handle blood and specimens in a healthcare setting.

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What is the Difference Between Phlebotomy Certificate vs Certification?

The terms “Phlebotomy Certificate” and “Phlebotomy Certification” might sound similar, but they have different meanings.

Let us take a look at the difference between the two:

Phlebotomy Certificate:

This is like a diploma you get after finishing your phlebotomy training. It shows that you’ve completed the required courses and practical training in phlebotomy. With a certificate, you’ve documented your training, but it doesn’t always mean you’ve passed a standardized certification test.

Phlebotomy Certification:

This is a more comprehensive credential. It means you’ve not only finished the training but also passed a well-recognized certification exam. Having a Phlebotomy Certification is often more valuable in the job market because it proves you have both the knowledge and the skills needed for safe and effective blood collection procedures.

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How to Get Online Phlebotomy Certification?

Now, you might be wondering what the process of obtaining an online phlebotomy certification consists of.

Let us help you with that. Here is a step-by-step guide that will tell you exactly how to do that:

Complete Online Phlebotomy Training:

Start by enrolling in an online phlebotomy training program. These courses teach you the basics of phlebotomy, like how to draw blood safely and deal with patients.

Choosing an online training program offers a lot of advantages, such as flexibility, affordable prices, and the permission to learn at your own pace.

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Complete Externship for Clinical Experience:

Practical experience is crucial. Many online programs include a part where you work in a clinic or hospital, supervised by experts. This helps you practice real blood draws on patients and build your skills.

Apply for the NHA CPT Exam:

After your training and externship, apply for the NHA Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT) exam. Make sure you meet all the requirements, like finishing the necessary training hours.

Sit & Pass NHA CPT Exam:

The NHA CPT exam checks what you’ve learned in phlebotomy. It covers topics like the human body, how to do venipuncture, safety rules, and handling specimens. You’ll need to schedule and pass this exam to earn your certification.

When you pass the NHA CPT exam, you’ll have your Online Phlebotomy Certification. This certification shows that you’re skilled in phlebotomy and opens doors for job opportunities in places like hospitals or clinics.

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Online phlebotomy certification programs offer a convenient and flexible path to a career in healthcare. With the skills you acquire, you can become a valued phlebotomist, helping with patient care and diagnostics.

Just remember to choose a reputable program, study diligently, and practice your skills. Whether you’re changing careers, a recent graduate, or just interested in healthcare, online phlebotomy certification can be your gateway to a fulfilling future in the medical field.

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