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The legal industry is growing like never before, and lately, there has been a high demand for legal careers as well. A paralegal is crucial to the legal team, and the demand for them has also been on the rise recently.

You might be wondering how to become a paralegal and which programs are the best to help in the process.

Read on to find out everything you will need to know about the best Paralegal training programs you can choose to jumpstart your career.


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Getting an online certification is one of the most recommended methods of completing your paralegal training. This is due to the number of advantages an online program offers as compared to its alternatives.

Choosing an online program will allow you to learn at your own pace, and on your own time schedule, in the comfort of your house.

Plus, you will be able to complete your training in as little as 6 weeks, which will help you get certified as a paralegal much faster. Additionally, online programs are the cheapest way to complete your paralegal training, and they also help you with externships after you complete the course.

Preppy is one such online training program platform.

For busy adults, attending classes on a schedule can be difficult, as they have to put their life on hold to attend these classes. This makes it difficult to get specialized training (if you want to switch careers).

With Preppy, you can get your training for careers like Paralegal easily and on your own schedule. Here are a few advantages of choosing Preppy’s Online Paralegal Training Program.

100% Online

The major advantage that Preppy offers is that their Paralegal programs are completely online, meaning you won’t be required to travel every day to attend classes, which also saves you time.

You can simply learn while sitting in any corner of the world, thereby avoiding the long hectic college classes.

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The self-paced Paralegal program helps you learn according to your pace. Since they are no scheduled classes, you have the freedom to move through the program at your own pace.

In-Depth Paralegal Training

Preppy’s program prepares you for a career as a Paralegal. With an in-depth syllabus, you’re trained in the different laws, procedures, client interaction, and much more.

You learn about the duties that a paralegal is required to perform.

Ready for Certification!

Right after you’re done with completing your paralegal training program, you can get started with obtaining certification and becoming a Certified Paralegal,

The most common exam is conducted by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA), and once you clear that you’re a Certifed Paralegal.

With Preppy’s Program, you’re ready to ace the Certified Paralegal Exam.


Preppy also helps in arranging externship opportunities when you complete their course, wherein you will get to work with renowned firms and organizations.

You can also network with experienced professionals from this industry, which can benefit you in the long run.


Preppy courses are incredibly affordable for both students and professionals working in organizations. You can get started with the courses for as little as $1599.

Preppy also offers payment plans.

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Bonus – Free Laptop and Student Support!

If you choose Preppy to complete your online program,  you can also avail some exclusive benefits like a free laptop and career and resume support.

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How to Get a Paralegal Certificate

Getting a Paralegal certificate is easy, and here are the steps you can follow to get yours-

  • Enroll in an online training program
  • Complete your chosen training program
  • Get your certificate of completion in Paralegal studies
  • Apply for the certified paralegal exam by NALA
  • Once you clear the exam, you’re a certified paralegal! Apply for jobs and start your career.

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