You want to become a Surgical Tech but you need faster education. Some aspiring Surgical Tech students seek 6 weeks programs assuming so.

While the appeal of a quick start to the career is undeniable, it’s crucial to evaluate whether a 6-week Surgical Tech program is the right choice for you.

In this article, we’ll discuss what are the 6-week Surgical Tech programs, if these programs make sense, if are they recommended, and what we suggest.

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6-Week Surgical Tech Program

What Are The 6-Week Surgical Tech Programs?

If you’re considering a career as a Surgical Technologist, and have done some research, you might have come across 6-week programs that promise a quick entry into the field.

Mostly online, a 6-week Surgical Tech program is a condensed training option designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of surgical technology and prepare them for entry-level roles in the field. These programs are characterized by their short duration, 6 Weeks, and a focus on essential knowledge and skills.

The curriculum of these programs typically covers fundamental surgical procedures, anatomy, sterile techniques, and the use of surgical instruments. These programs are designed to provide a basic understanding of the role in the operating room.


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Why Does a 6-Week Program Make Sense?

You must also feel the same when you come across 6-week surgical tech programs, that you get a quick entry into the career. But there is more to it! 

Let’s first understand why there is a demand for a 6-week program –

You Can Start Your Career Faster

Traditional programs take years to make you job-ready. They typically require 1 or 2 years to give you a certificate of completion. Then you are required to undergo some clinical experience and prepare for certifications, which again can take some more months. 

But with these 6-week programs, you finish your education in just a few weeks. Post-completion you can undergo clinical experience and start preparing for the NCST certification. Once certified you can start your career as a Certified Surgical Tech.

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They are Affordable

Unlike traditional programs, they are relatively more budget-friendly. These programs offer affordable program fees, thus appealing to aspirants aspiring to enter the field of surgical technology. Also, you don’t need to spend on accommodation, food, parking, fuel, or transportation.


These programs are designed with convenience in mind, offering great flexibility. Since the programs are offered online, there are no strict schedules, and you can learn from the comfort of your home.  

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Are They Recommended? NO!

AST Surgical Tech

The 6-week Surgical Tech programs offer a quick entry into the surgical technology field. However, due to their limited duration, they may not provide the comprehensive education and clinical experience required for a successful and enduring career.

So, it’s crucial to assess your specific career goals and choose a program that aligns with them, keeping in mind that a more extensive educational route might be necessary for long-term success as a Surgical Tech.

Here’s why we don’t recommend these programs – 

They Don’t Prepare You for the Career

You can’t learn enough to become a Surgical Tech in just 6 weeks unless you are a quick learner. Here’s a hard fact, Surgical Tech is a serious career and there is so much to learn. It would ideally take at least 4 to 5 months to get the right education. 

Surgical Techs play a critical role in the operating room, and it’s essential to have a comprehensive understanding of surgical procedures, instruments, and sterile techniques. A 6-week program may not provide you with the depth of knowledge and skills needed for this profession.

You’re not ready to get Certified

The 6 weeks programs don’t prepare you for your certification exams. 

National certification like NCST is highly regarded and often required by employers. To be eligible for these certifications, you typically need to complete a formal, accredited surgical technology program. A 6-week program might meet the requirement, but would not help you gain the relevant skills to pass the certification exam. 

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No Clinical Experience

The 6-week Surgical Tech programs offer a rapid path to entering the surgical technology field. However, due to their limited duration, they may not provide the comprehensive education and clinical experience required for a successful and enduring career.

But to feel confident about the role, you need to acquire real-world clinical experience. So, for that, you yourself need to find the externship opportunities. This could get hectic. So, you need to choose the program that provides you with externship opportunities.

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Want a Better Program?

So, you must have been wondering if the 6-week programs are good, but are there any better? Yes, there are.

There is a program that ticks all the boxes. A program that provides all the super features like faster course completion, cheaper fees, self-paced learning, and all of that with a University Certificate.  

Introducing Preppy’s Surgical Tech Online Program

Preppy is an organization dedicated to helping busy adults get training for their dream careers. With Preppy, you can start your career as a Surgical Tech faster, cheaper, and completely online.

Here’s what you get with their Surgical Tech programs –

100% Online & Self-Paced

Preppy’s Surgical Tech program is online. It provides better accessibility and convenience to take the program from the comfort of your home.

Their program is on-demand. You can take the classes when you like.

Unlike traditional courses, there is no looming fear of lagging behind. Also, there are no such schedules meaning you can pause and resume your lessons at any point.

The programs at Preppy are self-paced meaning you can learn at your own pace. This is beneficial because you can repeat the lessons as much as you want until you grasp it fully, and move ahead only when you are confident. 

Prepares You to Be Certified

We shouldn’t tell you about certifications, you know how important and valuable they are. They offer you with formal credential and enhance your career prospects by validating your competence in the field.

Preppy has that covered for you! You’ll be prepared for the NCST certification exam conducted by the AAH. So, you are ready to take up certification exam as soon as you finish your program. 

University Certificate

With Preppy, post-completion of your Surgical Tech program, you will get a certificate of completion from the decorated, non-profit university that has been in the business for more than 150 years – Auburn University.  

We all carve for that university certificate. Isn’t it? The value, reputation, and pride a university certificate can bring to you is unimaginable. Employers typically are inclined toward candidates with university certificates mentioned in their resumes.  

The fascinating fact is, that with Preppy, you can get it even without stepping foot on the university campus and paying those hefty tuition fees.

Externship Opportunity

Most Surgical Tech programs don’t offer externship opportunities, but Preppy knows exactly what the students should get. 

They offer you an externship opportunity in a nearby facility as soon as you complete your surgical tech program. 

The externships are very useful, you get real-world experience and feel confident about the role even before you start your career. Besides that, externships do work like work experience and add value to your resume. 


The traditional Surgical Tech programs would cost you anywhere around $20,000.

But Preppy offers you their Surgical Tech program for just – $1599. At the price point, Preppy strongly competes with the 6-week programs, however, the value you get with Preppy, is significantly higher. 

Preppy’s programs are insanely affordable and are easy to your pockets, assuring you stress-free learning, and ensuring you are away from any student debt.

Finish Faster 

Unlike traditional programs, you don’t need to spend years to complete Preppy’s Surgical Tech program. You can finish in just 4 months, depending on your pace, by dedicating 3 to 4 hours out of your busy schedule.


We hope this article has provided you with a clear idea about the 6-week Surgical Tech programs. So, if you are seeking a quicker route to start your career, a 6-week program may not be the most sensible choice since it often lacks the comprehensive education and clinical experience necessary for a successful career. 

However, these programs can be beneficial only if you are already undergoing some Surgical Tech training and are looking just to earn a course completion certificate to get Certified or are in need of a refresher course. 

But even in such scenarios, Preppy stands out as an exceptional option. Since you get in-depth training, an externship opportunity, and prepares you to get certified; thus making it a better option. 

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