If you aspire to become a surgical tech, you need quality education first. But since there are many options out there it could get tricky to choose the ideal surgical tech classes and courses for you.

If you choose the right kind of classes and courses and prepare well for certification, you’re well on your way to becoming a skilled and respected Surgical Technologist, making a significant contribution to the world of healthcare.

In this article, we will help you choose the ideal surgical tech courses for you, discuss the problems of an on-campus surgical tech program, and recommend a program that we have vetted for 2023. 

Let’s start –

Surgical Tech Classes & Courses

How to Choose Surgical Tech Courses?  

Surgical Technologist is a rewarding and in-demand career choice, but it requires the right education to succeed. As you embark on your journey to choose the ideal Surgical Tech courses, you’ll find a multitude of options. But to choose the ideal one, could be tricky.

The perfect program should offer flexibility, self-pacing, accreditation, certification preparation, hands-on experience, and swift completion. By making an informed choice, you set yourself on a path to success in the dynamic and rewarding field of Surgical Technology.


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Here’s what you need in your Surgical Tech Course –

100% Online

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility is essential. Look for Surgical Tech courses that offer a 100% online format, allowing you to access your lessons from anywhere, at any time, from the comfort of your home. This flexibility is a game-changer enabling you to adapt your education to your unique schedule and needs.


The ability to learn at your pace is invaluable. Self-paced courses allow you to tailor your education to your personal style. With self-paced learning, you can learn when you want, how you want, and resume from where you left off.  Also, you’re not confined by rigid schedules, ensuring you have the freedom to take lessons when it suits you best.

Training from Accredited Source

Not all courses are created equal. Ensure that the program you choose is offered by an accredited source. Accreditation from reputable bodies like CAAHEP or ABHES is a mark of quality, ensuring that you receive a high standard of education.

Prepares you for Surgical Tech Certification

Certification is a crucial milestone in your Surgical Tech career. Seek courses that prepare you for the certification exam. Graduating as a Nationally Certified Surgical Technologist (NCST) by AAH enhances your job prospects and validates your competence in the field.

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Arrange Hands-on Clinical Experience

Look for programs that offer opportunities for externships or clinical training. Hands-on clinical experience is an integral part of a Surgical Tech’s education. This practical experience is where you’ll put your knowledge to the test and gain the real-world skills needed in the operating room.


If you’re eager to start your career without delay, consider programs with 4 to 5 months duration. This duration is ideal for surgical tech courses since in 4 months you can acquire the necessary skills required to be a surgical tech. Unlike traditional programs can get you job-ready in a matter of months rather than years, helping you enter the workforce sooner.

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Recommended Online Surgical Tech Course

Surgical Tech License

We have done some research work for you and have found an ideal program for you that ticks all the boxes – Preppy.

Preppy is on a mission to simplify career certifications. Let’s explore what sets Preppy’s Surgical Tech program apart –

100% Online & Self-Paced

Learn on your terms, from anywhere, with no fixed schedules.

Prepares You for Certification

Get ready for the NCST certification exam, boosting your job prospects.

Externship Opportunity

Gain valuable clinical experience to enhance your resume.


High-quality education that won’t lead to student debt, priced at just $1599.

Finish Faster

Complete the program in 4 months, dedicating 3-4 hours a day.

University Certificate

Obtain a university certificate from Auburn University without the need to visit the campus and pay those hefty tuition costs.

Bonus – Laptop

Enroll in the $1599 plan and receive a laptop to keep. Your gateway to accessible education.  

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Problems with on-campus courses

The traditional model of on-campus education has long been the cornerstone of learning. However, as our society evolves and technology advances, we are increasingly witnessing the emergence of new methods of learning. Thus, making the traditional ones obsolete.

Let’s delve into the problems associated with on-campus courses –


One of the foremost challenges of on-campus courses is the cost barrier. The tuition costs associated with them are skyrocketing. But that’s not the only thing that burdens the students. There are expenses related to housing, transportation, textbooks, and campus amenities that just add on. These miscellaneous costs are making higher education financially out of reach for many. 

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Too Long

Next is the time factor. On-campus courses are known for their lengthy durations. Completing a degree or program can take several years, often resulting in delayed entry into the job market. The time investment can be a significant deterrent for those who seek quick career transitions or want to start earning sooner.

Hidden Costs

Apart from the obvious tuition and living expenses, on-campus courses can have hidden costs. These may include fees for campus facilities, extracurricular activities, and other incidentals. These unexpected expenses can catch students off guard, further straining their budgets.

Zero Flexibility

On-campus courses often follow rigid schedules, requiring students to attend classes at fixed times. This lack of flexibility can be problematic for individuals with work or family commitments. It may also limit opportunities for part-time work to support education. 


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In Conclusion

The on-campus courses have been a valuable educational method for centuries, it’s essential to acknowledge their limitations. To address these challenges, educational institutions and learners alike must explore alternative models, such as online education, hybrid programs, or shorter course durations.

In a rapidly changing world, adaptability and innovation in education are crucial to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners. Evolution is the only constant, and the result of that in the online education sector is Preppy. A platform for busy adults that caters to all their needs. 


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