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Carver is a 4-year private university located at 3870 Cascade Rd in Atlanta, Georgia. It's a Large campus in a Suburb-based setting with 120 enrolled students and a student faculty ratio of 9 to 1. Campus housing is present on campus, and online programs are available.

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Carver Bible College Seal About Carver Bible College

A recent addition to the higher educational institutes in the country, Carver started in 1943 and was founded by Dr. Talmage and Mrs. Grace Payne. The Paynes had returned from China and began their teachings as evangelists in the region of Atlanta. Their work and efforts led to the establishment of Carver Bible Institute, an institute named after African-American scientist George Washington Carver and which was to provide for Christian centered higher education.

In 1998 the institute was renamed as Carver Bible College after the approval of its Board of Trustees. It is a historically black college which was founded upon the mission to educate individuals for Biblical training and God’s mission. To this day, it continues to be the guiding light and a transforming experience for its students.

The student life at Carver is composed of serious work, preparing students for service in the way of God. Students are encouraged to take part in Work study Programs which aims to build in its students, the seriousness towards their studies and realization of their responsibilities. Furthermore, students are prepared for active participation in global issues such as Student Missions Fellowship, which organizes short missionary trips as a form of vocational activities. As part of its summer missions activities, students have experienced Africa, Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean. Moreover, there is also Women’s Ministry which enjoins women in worship and other spiritual enhancement activities which contribute to their overall development. At Carver, students are not only restricted to work and training but also take part in athletics. It has basketball teams both men and women, called Cougars, which take part in NCAA conference.

Academic programs offered at the college consist of undergraduate programs; one Associate degree program and four Bachelor degree programs. It also offers a Certificate program. Its distinctive facilities are Talmage Payne Center, John McNeal Administrative Center, William D. Hungerpiller Academic Center, Martin Carter Gymnasium and Ben Johnson Student Center.

School Facts

  • LocationGeorgia
  • Religious AffiliationInterdenominational

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Carver Tuition and Fees Carver Tuition and Fees

We've provided you the following to learn more about this college. The tuition and demographic data on this page comes from recently published National Center for Education Statistics data while the recommendations and editorial content are based on our research.

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The yearly tuition for Carver is $9,860. However, this number and one's actual expenses can vary. Some schools have tuition that is higher based on students with residency in-state vs out of state, books, fees, and on or off campus housing will all have an effect. We provide a free calculator tool so you can see what your actual yearly costs might be.

Tuition and Fees Rankings

  • #1520 Nationally for Universities with highest tuition

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  • #1538 Nationally for Colleges with the most expensive cost of living.

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Carver Simple Tuition vs. Actual Fees: What's the Difference?

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  • Out-of-State vs. In-State

    Colleges can charge higher rates of tuition for students who are out-of-state residents and less for students who are in-state residents.
  • Books and Supplies

    Books, supplies and misc student expenses can often be overlooked. Know what those will be!
  • On Campus Housing vs. Living Off Campus

    Whether students live on-campus in designated student housing, or off-campus in a house or apartment, will change the cost of attending college. Carver Bible College is located in Atlanta which will also determine rents and cost of living. Use our free calculator to estimate your cost of living.
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Fees Avg. Cost
Books & Supplies $G,BIG
On-Campus Room/Board $IG,S0I
Off-Campus Room/Board $G0,0IS
In-State Tuition $S0,BIG
Other Fees $1G,S00

College Rankings College Rankings

Carver is a prestigious 4-year institution in Georgia. The following are the rankings for the school relative to other universities across the country.

  • #1520 Nationally for Universities with highest tuition

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  • #1538 Nationally for Colleges with the most Expensive cost of living

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  • #2119 Nationally for Largest Number of students enrolled

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Can I Get Accepted to Carver? Can I Get Accepted to Carver?

The Acceptance rate for Carver is Percent. Last year, there were applicants and percent of those who were accepted actually attended (Enrollment Rate). To apply, it's required to have the following: High school GPA, High School transcripts, SAT/ACT test scores.

Total Applicants


Acceptance Rate


Enrollment Rate

  • This university requires SAT/ACT Scores.

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  • US Military
  • Associates Degree
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • Good GPA
  • Work Experience

Carver Bible College

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Student Data & Demographics Student Data & Demographics

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Student to Faculty Ratio

9 to 1

Available Degrees Available Degrees at Carver

The following are a list of Bachelors, Certificates, Masters-Graduate degrees offered by Carver Bible College.

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