Paralegals are known to be the underdogs of the legal industry, and if you’re here, you must be interested to know how much they make.

Let us answer that and more in this article.

According to BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the average annual salary was recorded to be $56,230 for paralegals.

Entry-Level Paralegal Salary

If you’re just starting out as a Paralegal, you can expect your salary to be lower than the median salary, which is around $53,230. Entry-level paralegals can expect to earn between $36,410 to $46,000.

However, these numbers can vary depending on the demand for paralegals in different locations.

Highest Employing Industries for Paralegals

Here are the top industries that hire paralegals with their salary figures:-

  • Legal Services-
    The highest-paying industry is legal services, with an employment rate of 258,310 jobs.
  • Federal Executive Branch-
    The second highest-paying industry is the Federal Executive Branch which has 15,480 jobs with an annual mean wage of $73,580. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as a Paralegal, you can find great opportunities in the Federal Executive Branch
  • Local Government (Excluding schools and hospitals)-
    In terms of employment, Local Government has 14,890 jobs and an annual mean wage of $57,770.
  • State Government (Excluding schools and Hospitals)-
    There has been a great deal of opportunities for paralegals, with 9240 jobs in State Government Departments as well.
  • Management of companies and enterprises-
    They have an employment rate of 0.23% and 7250 jobs.

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Highest paying industries for Paralegals

As mentioned earlier, if you’re just starting out for this role, you can expect a lower salary. However, there are some industries that pay you well, even as a beginner.

Top paying industries for Paralegals and Legal Assistants:

Paralegal Salary by State

Although the average salaries offered by law firms or organizations are usually similar, at the same time, there are variations based on ‘Job Location’. Let’s take a look at some figures:-

Top paying states for Paralegals and Legal Assistants:

State Annual mean wage
California $72,290
Washington $71,900
Massachusetts $66,820
New Jersey $65,950
Oregon $64,680
Colorado $63,850
New York $63,270
Alaska $62,970
Connecticut $62,080
Minnesota $61,790
Illinois $60,920
Pennsylvania $60,440
Maryland $60,130
Road Island $59,700
Delaware $59,450
New Hampshire $59,320
Hawaii $57,920
Michigan $56,960
Nevada $56,220
Texas $56,030
Arizona $55,560
Virginia $54,840
Utah $54,650
Vermont $54,470
Missouri $53,940
Florida $53,940
Georgia $53,300
South Dakota $52,590
Nebraska $52,150
Iowa $52,000
Wisconsin $51,100
Ohio $50,500
Montana $50,410
Main $50,350
Tennessee $50,260
North Dakota $49,550
North Carolina $49,470
Idaho $49,270
Alabama $49,160
Indiana $48,470
Louisiana $48,240
Oklahoma $48,070
New Mexico $47,810
West Virginia $47,780
Kentucky $47,180
Kansas $46,590
Wyoming $46,230
South Carolina $46,080
Mississippi $42,730

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas for Paralegals

There are some top-paying metropolitan areas for paralegals as well; let’s have a look at them below:-

  • New Orleans- Metairie- The highest-paying metropolitan area is New Orleans which has an annual wage of $51,690.
  • Charleston- The second highest paying area is Charleston which has an annual wage of $53,210.
  • Miami Fort Lauderdale-West Palm- In terms of salary, Miami also got a great track record, such as $58,180.
  • Columbia- Fourth one is Columbia which also got a great record of $47,790 annual salary.
  • Tallahassee- Tallahassee has got some deal in terms of salary, which is $47,390


Looking at the paralegal salaries reveals a promising field with ample opportunities for growth and advancement. While salaries may vary based on factors like experience, location, and specialization, the demand for skilled paralegals continues to rise, offering a rewarding career path in the legal industry.

With dedication, ongoing education, and a passion for the law, individuals can not only secure competitive salaries but also contribute meaningfully to the pursuit of justice within diverse legal settings.

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