A career in medical assistance is highly rewarding and in high demand across the country, with immense job growth opportunities, according to the BLS.

If you’re here, you might have decided to become a medical assistant and you might be looking for classes or training to get there.

In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about medical assistant classes, and what classes you will need to become a successful medical assistant.

We will also uncover what to avoid, such as how to avoid the highly expensive programs, student debt, and how you can complete your education faster.

Lastly, we will also reveal the #1 Thing That Employers Want from medical assistants and how you can achieve that through your classes or training program.

So let’s dive in.

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Medical Assistant Classes- AVOID THESE COMMON MISTAKES!

1. Unaccredited Classes

The most common problem seen among local or online medical assistant training programs or classes is that most of them are not accredited. This can raise red flags in the eyes of the employers.

Medical assistants are known to be the backbone of the healthcare industry, and as one, you are going to be working with healthcare professionals such as physicians and nurses that come from the best schools.

Similar standards will also be expected from you since your roles and responsibilities also entail patient care, and employers want candidates who know what they are doing.

So if you decide to complete your training from local centers or random unknown classes, that might result in raising questions in the eyes of employers and you might face some difficulties in landing a job.

2. No University Certificate

Apart from being unaccredited or illegitimate, another problem is that most local or online medical assistant classes or training programs do not provide a university certificate.

When hiring medical assistants, employers also look for candidates that hold some form of university certificate that implies their medical assistant training is legitimate.

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The Blueprint for the Ideal Medical Assistant Training Programs or Classes

When looking for medical assistant classes, you need to look for programs that check the following points that make it an ideal training program.

Here are a few of them-

  • It should be Affordable-

Most full-time degree or diploma programs cost around $8,000 to $20,000, which makes them unaffordable for regular students. They, therefore, need to rely on student debts, which might take years to pay off.

Choosing an affordable program should be your top priority, so you don’t have to rely on any financial aid to complete your education.

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  • It should be Online-

Opting for online programs gives you the freedom to learn anywhere, even from the comfort of your own home.

Another advantage that online programs offer is that you may be given the choice to set your own hours, and for individuals who are working or have other obligations, this is an important aspect to look for.

  • It should be In-Depth-

Medical assistant classes that provide extensive knowledge and an expanded skill set are necessary for you to become a valued medical assistant.

Look for training programs that provide a deep understanding of the concepts involved in medical assistance, as this will also help you adapt to a variety of work settings.

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  • It should be Self Paced-

Self-paced programs are the most recommended if you are looking to learn all about medical assisting in addition to having other family or work obligations.

Such programs allow you to learn at your own pace, meaning that you get to decide how many hours you can set aside each day for your medical assistant training.

  • It should Prepare You to Get Certified as a CCMA-

Another important thing to look for while choosing a medical assistant training program or school is if it offers any form of assistance in your certification exam preparation.

After you complete your training, you will need to sit and clear your certification exams to become a certified medical assistant, and many online programs prepare you for them.

Ideally, the best medical assistant classes take care of all the above-mentioned points and should be taken into consideration when choosing a program.

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Is It Difficult to Find Such Classes or Programs?

After reading the above blueprint, you may think finding the right medical assistant training program that fulfills all of the above-mentioned criteria is very difficult.

We’re here to tell you that it’s not.


Preppy has one of the most recommended ideal training programs for medical assistant training, which fulfills ALL of the blueprint criteria, and more!

Let’s see how-

  • Accredited Courses-

Preppy offers a Certified Medical Assistant Training Program that is in partnership with an Accredited University that is recognized nationally.

  • University Certificate-

After you complete your course through Preppy’s accredited program, you receive a Certificate of Completion from the Accredited University.

This can be highly beneficial for your resume, and something you can proudly hang on your wall, in addition to building credibility with employers.

  • Highly Affordable-

Preppy offers one of the cheapest medical assistant programs out there, so you don’t have to resort to taking on the burden of any student loans or financial aid.

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  • 100% Online & Self-Paced Classes-

One of the major advantages that Preppy offers is that all classes are 100% online and self-paced.

This makes the classes highly accessible, and you can access them instantly from anywhere and at any time.

  • Prepares You for National Certification Exams-

In addition to providing in-depth training, wherein you get to learn all the aspects of medical assistance such as medical terms, anatomy, medical billing, and more;

Preppy also prepares you for national certification exams from the NHA after you complete your training.

  • Complete Your Training in As Little As 4 Months-

Another big advantage that Preppy provides is the freedom to complete your training much faster, in as little as 4 months.

This will also help you get certified faster, which means you will be able to set foot in the workforce and start earning much quicker.

  • Externship Opportunities-

Along with online classes and certification exam preparation, Preppy also provides externship opportunities once you complete your course.

This will help you gain practical experience and put your gained knowledge and skills to use in a real-world setting before you can enter the workforce.

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  • Free Laptop-

Once you enroll in Preppy’s program, you’ll also get a free laptop that is yours to keep, even after you finish the program.

  • 24×7 Support-

Preppy also provides you with a Student Coordinator and 24×7 support, once you enroll in their program.

So even if you happen to find time on weekends or at 3 AM, you can find any type of support you might need.

So, click here if you want to join Preppy and take the biggest step to becoming a Medical Assistant!

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1. What classes are required to become a medical assistant?

To become a medical assistant, you typically need to take classes that cover the knowledge and skills required in both clinical and administrative areas. These classes commonly include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, medical office procedures, medical law and ethics, pharmacology, clinical procedures, medical coding and billing, and a medical assisting externship.

2. How long are medical assistant classes?

The duration of medical assistant classes can vary depending on the program and the type of credential you are pursuing. Typically, certificate/diploma programs can be completed in around 9 to 12 months, while associate degree programs may take around 1.5 to 2 years to finish.

The length of the program will depend on factors such as the curriculum, the number of credit hours required, and whether the program is full-time or part-time.

3. Where can I take medical assistant classes?

You can take medical assistant classes at a variety of educational institutions, including community colleges, technical schools, and some universities.

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