A career as an EKG Technician is promising, and you can enter the healthcare field without a degree. That’s right, to start a career as an EKG Tech, you don’t need to go to Med School and get a degree.

You do need some kind of formal training in EKG Tech, but you can complete that within a few months.

But what else do you need?

In this guide, we cover the top requirements to become an EKG technician.

Top EKG Technician Requirements

Here’s everything you need before starting your EKG Technician career. Below we have mentioned the top technical requirements, plus a few skills you’ll need.

Complete Your High School Diploma or GED

For working at any healthcare facility, the minimum requirement is having a High school diploma. That’s the case with EKG Tech as well, and to work as an EKG Tech; you’ll need to obtain your GED or high school diploma.

EKG Technician Training

As an EKG tech, you need to have an understanding of the cardiovascular system and the functioning of the ECG machine. To learn about all of that, you need to enroll in an EKG Technician School.

You can get your EKG Technician Training in three main ways, such as:-

Getting an Associate Degree

You can opt for an Associate Degree as an EKG Technician, which is offered through universities or colleges. For a career as an EKG Tech, however, it is not the most recommended option. They are few universities that offer an associate degree in EKG Tech, and the ones which do, are super expensive.

The tuition for this 2-year program can reach up to $30,000, and that might leave you with student loan debt before you start working.

Getting a Diploma/Certification Program

Another way for EKG Training can be doing a diploma/certification program from a technical school or community college. Diploma programs take 1 year to complete and can cost anywhere between$5,000 to $15,000.

Since this is a full-time program, you have to attend classes on a schedule, and you should also take into account fuel expenses, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Online Training Programs

Choosing an online training program can help you start your career faster. This is what we recommend. Here are a few reasons why you should choose an online program for EKG Tech.

  • You Can finish your training in less than 4 months.
  • The enrollment fee is less than $5,000
  • Get your training anytime, & anywhere.


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Hands-On Experience

Right after you’re done with your EKG Technician School, you can start gaining some hands-on experience through an internship and externship. Hands-on experience is always preferred by employers.

And to get certified as an EKG tech, you need to complete a minimum of 10 ECGs. Before you get permanent employment through an externship, you can complete that requirement, and you also gain some valuable clinical experience.

CET Certification

As an EKG Tech, it is recommended to get certified. As per the Industrial Outlook 2020 survey, over 87% of employers prefer hiring a Certified EKG Technician.

So how do you get certified?

For that, you have to sit for an EKG technician certification exam conducted by organizations like the NHA. One of the most popular certifications for EKG techs is the CET certification. When you clear the CET exam, you’re a Certified EKG Technician.

Proficiency with EKG Technology

As stated earlier, you need to have an in-depth understanding of the ECG machine. You need to know about the different components, and you’re also required to schedule maintenance of the machine as and when required.

Apart from that, you’re required to interpret the readings and accurately perform the test on a patient.

Physical Stamina

Physical stamina is the most underrated requirement to be an EKG Technician. From one cabin to another, you often have to report doctors and nurses about patients’ health conditions and submit other related reports.

Not just that, conducting multiple EKG tests in a day can get exhausting, and you should be physically fit to discharge your duties daily.

EKG Technician With Patient

People Skills

As an EKG tech, you’re interacting with patients who might be stressed. You’re also speaking to professional doctors and other healthcare employees. You need to have strong interpersonal skills, to not just make the patient feel comfortable but report your findings accurately to the doctor.

Healthcare facilities are usually a little stressful, especially for patients. Having a compassionate & caring nature are important traits that EKG techs are required to have.

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