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E-learning is really taking off, and experts predict the global market to hit a whopping $378 billion by 2026!

ELearning had already been gaining some steam but the pandemic really pushed it forward and with the rising demand, more and more software companies are coming forward offering a range of solutions and features to cater to the needs of both the companies and the learners.

While eLearning has been successful so far, innovation has not stopped. These companies continue to upgrade their offerings, adapting to meet the challenges being faced.

For example, some providers offer extensive libraries around some fields such as management, leadership, and compliance, while others may cover some other topics.

Then some offer customised solutions for eLearning content along with consultation services to better analyze training needs and tailor-made software.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the eLearning software development companies we have found and evaluate what they have to offer.

So, let’s read on!

Top Pick

Since its founding in 2014, Andersen has been a tech partner for companies and businesses from various industries, across the world.

It offers a full set of software development services, integrating creativity and the most up to date technology in its solutions, enabling digital transformation.

It brings a team of 3100+ IT professionals such as UX/UI designers, PMs, BAs, and other IT and industry experts needed to deliver the best results, anywhere in the world.

Andersen clients benefit from its extensive library of educational courses, including management and language courses. Its software services consist of

Web Development

Being a software development company, Andersen takes pride in its top-class web development services, providing solutions for web apps. It is well-equipped to meet any kind of business needs and challenges.

With its web app solution, clients can be assured of the results they wish to achieve through it whether it’s acquiring new clients, improving operational efficiencies, or improving user experience and satisfaction.

For its web development services, the company offers app designing and development with integration across projects. Additionally, there are Quality Assurance services, cloud web services as well as web optimization.

Mobile Development

With a deep understanding of the latest mobile development frameworks, experts at Andersen can handle any kind of mobile application, no matter the complexity and client needs.

With a great team of IT professionals, the company offers native and cross-platform app development, including BA and consultancy services. Additionally, its mobile development services come with maintenance and quality assurance services as well as any other additional support needed.

Product Development Services

As part of its Product Development services, the company works to execute even the most complex IT product for its customers, from scratch.

With a deep collaboration between its clients and its IT team and a flexible and innovative approach, Andersen can deliver as per client needs. It offers a comprehensive project development process and includes transparency and complete support for the software needs.

Outsourced IT Services

Andersen also offers to outsource IT services for its clients, who want to continue to focus on their main business operations and hand over the reins of IT to experienced and industry-trusted professionals.

Its outsourced IT services consist of DevOps to assist businesses with their operational needs, Solution Architecture to handle the most complex IT infrastructures, and UI/UX design services.

UI/UX Design Services

Andersen’s UI/UX design services are provided by its in-house team who work to deliver results based on client needs, covering the ground with user-friendly solutions and intuitive navigation.

These design services are provided for both mobile and web-based projects, including solutions such as graphic design and branding to aim at higher user engagement.

Solution Architecture

With Solution Architecture, the company delivers enterprise-level IT solutions that are truly scalable and flexible. A sound foundational architecture enables adaptability to the client’s corporate tech ecosystem. Its service ensures a complete digital transformation with improved communication and troubleshooting, driving value addition as well as reducing IT risks.


A software company with expertise in digital products and 5 years of industry experience, Rocketech works to be a partner in ideas and growth for its clients.

With a team with skills, dedication, and willingness to tackle the most complex IT needs, the company works with a unique model of client interaction which involves collaborating with the clients to bring their thoughts, ideas, and processes to life flexibly and transparently. Its model of cooperation when working with its clients aims to foster long-term relationships and a greater understanding of client needs.

With the best tools and the most up-to-date technological features, Rocketech offers services such as

Web & Mobile Development

Rocketech is engaged in web and mobile development, serving small businesses, start-ups as well as large enterprises. The company works with languages such as Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Swift, etc., along with more than 100 frameworks to make sure it is well-equipped to bring the best solutions to meet client needs.

The company’s tech stack consists of the best frontend (Angular, React, Redux, React Hooks, MobX, Vue.js) and backend technologies (Python, Django, Spring Boot, PHP, Node.js, Koa 2, etc).

Consulting & Management

It’s not just development that the company offers, but also consulting services as part of its software solutions.

Clients are brought on board and engaged in a partnership when working on respective projects. The goal at Rocketech is to deliver more than just software solutions; it’s to deliver value through shared experiences and ensure return on investments for our clients.

Cloud / DevOps

Rocketech solutions are integrated with cloud storage, from development, and testing to deployment, understanding full well the needs of businesses looking for digital transformation. The cloud providers it works with consist of AWS, SES, DigitalOcean, and Hetzner Cloud Provider.

Digital Product Design

Digital solutions offered by Rocketech include product design as well. The company specializes in custom UX/UI, developing brand identity, and illustrations, and covering everything else that adds to the visuals of the product.


CodeRiders is a software development company that sets itself apart with a comprehensive approach to servicing its client’s IT needs.

With its stack of technology and a team with expertise in IT skills as well as project management, the company works in a collaborative approach with businesses, by having them interact with developers and the rest of the team directly, adding transparency and improving customer satisfaction throughout the entire process.

To ensure transparency, customers are handed over documentation at the end of the projects while their privacy is ensured through routine NDAs.

Some of the things that remain the focus at CodeRiders are the prioritization of Quality, including regular quality reviews, and on-time delivery.

The company continuously engages in recruiting the best talent to meet client needs, with its current team made up of the best developers who have years of industry experience. Its full scale of services are

Web Development and Design

CodeRiders offers web design and development, including custom web pages. This includes front-end and back-end development along with architecture techniques.

It assists its clients in developing responsive UI/UX which are designed after extensive research for their functionality and purpose, thus ensuring the most relevant software solution.

Mobile App Development

Being at the forefront of what it does, CodeRiders also offers mobile app development – Ionic/Cordova/Flutter/React Native technologies and cross-platform app development, for both Android and iOS. This ensures its software solutions are not only secure but also scalable depending on the business needs as well as adaptable to the host environment.

Custom Software Development

With the technological capabilities at CodeRiders, the company provides custom software development for businesses and enterprises that have unique needs or face a distinctive set of challenges. Client projects are welcomed at any stage of their development cycle.

Software Outsourcing and IT Consulting

It can get difficult for companies to focus on their business goals and at the same time deal with the ongoing IT challenges. Teams at CodeRiders can handle these functions like a pro. With the outsourced IT and consultancy services at CodeRiders, clients can get rid of the high costs of developing IT teams and maintaining IT operations. Its consulting services include understanding market segmentation, completing competitive analysis to redesign the architecture, and presenting a development plan.

Flexible Payments Options

In addition to the software services, CodeRiders also offers multiple payment options which are flexible in their arrangement. Clients can choose from four engagement models – Fixed Price, Time & Material, Team Augmentation, and Hybrid model.

Maintenance and Support

It goes without saying but at CodeRiders, clients can be assured of complete support through the entire development process and even after the process has ended, to take care of bugs or any other kind of technical troubles. Its support and maintenance services come with testing services, quality assurance, project management, and more.


A leading custom software development provider, Chetu was founded in the year 2000 by a single founder. Today, it has grown into a company of 2,800 experts serving businesses and enterprises of size and every level.

The company has a presence in 16 locations around the world. Its services are backed by some of the leading industry experts bringing insights, value, and experience into creating applications and other services that are provided by the company.

Its developers have experience in meeting client needs across multiple channels and a range of modes such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The company has emerged as a full-service company serving across industries, managing multiple roles and handling challenges along the entire supply chain, with solutions such as

Custom eLearning Software

When it comes to eLearning software, the company specializes in customized Moodle development, ready to meet the needs of different kinds of educational institutes such as primary schools, colleges, and higher-level institutes, as well as trade schools and even enterprises of all sizes.

Its Moodle solutions come with themes, API integrations, plug-ins, and anything else that meets educational needs. Developers engaged in e-learning software development are well-trained and experienced in student information systems, LMS, content authoring, and web-based training.

Learning Management Systems

LMS solutions provided at Chetu are scalable with an understanding of learning needs. Its solutions come with communication interfaces, custom gamified environments, and custom plugins and extensions enabling the setting up of learning goals, managing student learning, and tracking results.

This ensures using responsive design features, HTML5 publishing, native support, geolocation /localization support, integrations to third-party APIs, and more.

Content Authoring Services

To meet eLearning needs, Chetu offers tailored content authoring software solutions that enable the generation of content, branding as well as content hosting, publishing, and sharing.

Additionally, its custom solutions include both web and mobile applications that facilitate operations, automate tasks, and provide access to learning content and other information.

Student Information System (SIS)

An important component of LMS, Chetu builds and integrates SISs enabling interoperability as well as bilateral communication. Custom SIS development provides functions such as course registration, attendance tracking, scheduling, communications, academic grade results, transcripts, and more.

Software solutions conform with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aviation Industry Computer-based Training Committee (AICC) which facilitate the publishing of content across platforms such as on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based ones.

Web-Based Training Software

This software solution by Chetu caters to businesses but also academic institutions and any other organizations that provide learning opportunities for improved job performance, growth, etc. Its customized solutions are perfect for cost-effective training needs that are also flexible.

This training software can be easily integrated into LMS, LCMS, as well as e-commerce tools, allowing for courses and modules for employees and B2B sales management. The functions also allow for webinars, session recording, screen sharing, presentations, and more.

The dashboards are user-friendly and offer real-time reports. This software additionally comes with payment support for all currencies.

Futuristic approach

At Chetu, the culture is to keep up with the evolving needs and upcoming trends in e-learning which is why the company offers gamification in 2D and 3D, allowing for a more engaging and fun-filled learning experience.

There are also augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities to improve user retention.


Immense is a software company that caters to start-ups specifically to assist them in their technological capabilities.

Its end-to-end software solutions are highly flexible and scalable, making them perfect for start-ups as they very quickly expand, evolving in their tech needs.

The company chooses to invest in expertise, technologies, and architectures which make it the most suitable for seeing even the most complex software projects. It does that by offering services such as

Web Design and Development

Understanding the need for faster growth and digital transformation, Immence offers web development, a complete solution including web design, web application, portal development, and any other web-based enterprise solutions.

Its solutions include responsive design, API development and integrations, backend and frontend development, SEO services, hosting and deployment, payment gateways, web security, scraping and automation, and more. Additionally, its web development services come with quality assurance and maintenance services.

Mobile App Development

Along with web-based application and enterprise solutions, Immence understands the need for a mobile-based presence and offers services for mobile application development to facilitate clients with business and performance improvement goals.

It offers mobile and tablet-based iOS application design and development, android application, security, and publishing.

ERP Consulting and Support

ERP systems are another aspect of digital transformation and part of the full-cycle solution to business needs being offered at Immence going from consulting, administration, and installation, to upgrading, migration, and maintenance.

The company ensures ERP consulting in SAP landscape transformation, system conversion, and new implementations.

Also offered are Application Management Services (AMS) outsourcing model with support based on service level agreements (SLAs).

Corporate Branding

Immence provides comprehensive and complete corporate branding and identity solutions. These services include content writing, logo, letterhead and business card design, leaflet and brochure design, and any other marketing material.

Clients also benefit from advertisement design and other social media marketing in a bid to expand their online presence.

If you’re a business looking for eLearning software, this could be a good starting place to learn some basics of what’s being offered out there. But our evaluation is in no way exhaustive.

There is so much more that you need to consider when making the decision. It’s always best to reach out and discuss what would work for the product or service you want to offer to your users and the results you desire to achieve from your enterprise.