Are you interested in building a career as a dental assistant?

Dental assistant internships and externships can help you get there! But the one question that may arise in your mind is how they differ from each other, and which one is the best.

Firstly we would like to tell you that these opportunities are like stepping stones that can lead you to a rewarding career in dentistry.

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In this article, we will explore what dental assistant internships and externships are, how to get them, and which one might be the best fit for you.

So, let’s begin!

dental assistant internship

What is a Dental Assistant Internship?

A dental assistant internship is a training program that lasts for various months where you get an opportunity to work closely with experienced dental professionals.

During your internship, you’ll be helping the dentists with various tasks, such as preparing treatment rooms before treatment, sterilizing equipment, and helping patients feel comfortable.

Obtaining a Dental Assistant Internship is a great way to gain real experience in the dental field.

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What is a Dental Assistant Externship?

A dental assistant externship is a bit different. It’s shorter and usually unpaid.

During an externship, you won’t perform as many tasks as you would in an internship. You will mostly observe things and learn.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to experience several day-to-day tasks that occur in a dental office.

How to Get a Dental Assistant Internship

Getting a dental assistant internship is exciting, but at the same time, it takes some effort.

Below are the steps that will guide you to get a Dental Assistant Internship:

Education: To get a Dental Assistant Internship first make sure you complete a dental assistant training program. Many internships require this.

Resume: Create a professional resume that highlights your skills, education, and any relevant experience. Remember, your resume should have all the necessary information that will help you to get a Dental Assistant Internship.

Apply: Once you have created your resume, start looking for internship openings at dental offices or clinics. You can search online, contact dental associations, or ask your school for assistance.

Interview: Whenever you get an interview, always be ready to talk about your interest and passion for dental assisting. You can also tell them about the importance of an internship for your dental assistant career and why you want the internship.

Learn: Once you’re in, grab as much knowledge and experience as you can during your Dental Assistant Internship. This will help you to perform better in the real dental world.

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How to Get a Dental Assistant Externship

Unlike an Internship, getting a dental assistant externship is simpler.

Here’s what you should do:

Contact Dental Programs: Lots of dental schools work with nearby dental offices to let students gain practical experience. Ask your school’s career office for help with this.

Reach Out Directly: For an Externship, you can reach out to various dental offices or clinics directly, and ask if they offer externship opportunities.

Prepare: Be prepared and ready to explain why you’re interested in dentistry and how this experience will benefit you.

Observe: During your externship, focus on observing and learning from the professionals around you. This will help you gain the real experience required in Dentistry.

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Externship vs. Internship – Which is Recommended?

Now, to answer a big question: which one should you choose? Well, It highly depends on your goals and circumstances.

Internship: If you want hands-on experience, an internship is the best way to go. You will get detailed knowledge and training which can help you build a strong skill set. Plus, some internships might lead to job offers.

Externship: If you’re not sure about dentistry or have limited time, an externship can give you a taste of the field without the same level of commitment. It’s a good starting point to see if dental assisting is right for you.

Ultimately, the choice between an internship and an externship depends on your personal preferences and career goals.

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We can say that Dental assistant internships and externships are like keys that can unlock the door to a successful career in dentistry.

Whether you choose an internship for experience or an externship for observation, both options will ultimately help you gain valuable knowledge and insights into the dental field.



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