This is the best time to be talking about software development companies, especially in the education sector. The internet made the idea of online education a possibility, advancements pushed it forward and the pandemic made it mainstream.

More and more companies are riding this wave and offering educational products and services, leading to a rise in the demand for education software.

But if you’re someone looking to venture into providing online education, no matter how great an offering you have, the most important decision you will need to make is the choice of software.

To assist you with making this single most important decision, we have put together the best software development companies around.

Let’s start with the top five education software you could benefit from.

Top Pick

As one of the leading software development companies, Intetics offers services in the design of software products serving industries such as Education, Healthcare, Logistics, Finance, custom ERP, CRM, Intelligent Automation, and others.

Its custom software application development is built using technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, SMAC, GIS/UAV/LBS, blockchain, and RPA.

Not just its technologies, Intetics sets itself apart from its competitors with its proprietary Technical Debt Reduction Platform (TETRA) for quality assessment, Predictive Software Engineering framework, Remote In-Sourcing, and Offshore Dedicated Team.

With a strong portfolio in both team and technology and certified business processes, Intetics continues to deliver higher quality and purposeful software products to its clients. Its service solutions include

Custom Software Development

Intetics aims to solve business needs through functional and high-quality software products. Its software solutions are built on its Predictive Software Engineering development framework.

This ensures a smooth journey throughout the entire process of software development and timely analysis and solutions to the problems that arise.

Remote In-Sourcing

At Intetics, the path to great software development and servicing clients is clear – technology but also teams. The company has the advantage of a team of experts experienced in software and data processing.

Clients get access to a pool of global talent with industry experience in delivering products, and experts and teams that are easy to integrate into their in-house staff. This not only ensures speedy software delivery to the market but also scalability and agility in the software development teams.

Quality Assessment

Quality is important at Intetics and its Software Product Quality Assessment & Technical Debt Reduction Platform – TETRA delivers just that. TETRA is a platform with tools and techniques that enable the quality assessment of its clients’ products and systems.

The quality assessment framework is based on and measured for compliance against industry benchmarks, with a detailed audit of client products, measuring efficiency and technical debts. For further quality assessment, Intetics helps implement measures and processes that improve time to market and proficiency at the process level.


Intetics offers to lead businesses and companies in digital transformation, with offerings based on Cloud, IoT, AI/ML, Blockchain, Chatbot, Geospatial technologies, UAV/drones, Low Code, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and others.

Its technology-embedded solutions are aimed at offering a competitive edge with innovative products and services, and optimized results.


Another company leading businesses with its innovative digital solutions and expert teams is Binariks. Not only does it help clients across the globe with impactful technological solutions but also provides consultancy.

All of its products and services offerings are based on the most up-to-date technologies and an innovative approach to management. With complete dedication to servicing its clients in achieving their goals, Binariks relies heavily on a lean organization approach, agile methodology, and a diverse range of engagement models.

Besides close attention to its technological innovation, the company also carries a strong attitude toward its software engineering experts, who are equipped with the most up-to-date skills and have years of industry experience. They are also skilled at providing great customer service and having a strong commitment to deliverables and deadlines.

To further help discover what Binariks has to offer, a review of its service offerings is presented below

Platform Development

The company offers a range of platform development solutions which include software product development as well as web development with complete backend solutions as well as technologies that are robust, reliable, and fully prepared for future business needs and scalability.

Similarly, for web development solutions, Binariks offers engineers and developers who are trained in various programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, promising to deliver platforms and products that exceed client expectations.

Mobile Development

Education is one of the core industries the company serves and Binariks covers all kinds of educational software applications, throughout their entire lifecycle.

Its teams are skilled in developing applications that are multifunctional as well as scalable, offering to develop native and cross-platform educational mobile apps, on hybrid (Android & iOS) as well as React Native tech stacks.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is as critical as it can be in the area of software development and the skilled designers at Binarks are trained to develop a diverse set of interfaces – interfaces that are user-friendly, appealing, and aimed at improving user experience.

The company enjoys extensive expertise in developing UX/UI for education apps that are based on industry practices and carefully tested for improved user experience.

Internet of Things

Binariks employs IoT to make advances in serving its client’s needs, enabling the creation of multifunctional networks for improved connectivity with hardware and IoT-embedded software. It utilizes this experience to serve its clients for their application needs in the field of education easing the exchange of information between learners and trainers and device connectivity.

Cloud Solution

Part of its digital services is its cloud solutions such as cloud migration, backed by expert developers and a range of tech stacks. Binariks is a certified GCP partner and AWS partner (providing technology solutions from the AWS stack).

The company extends the most reliable and up-to-date technological solutions for meeting growing business needs, including learning-based apps. These cloud-based applications offer secure, agile, and cost-effective solutions to deliver a seamless educational experience.

BigData and Analytics

Binariks also offers assistance to its clients with the ever-increasing data and information load of their businesses, real-time or predictive analysis, and visualization. The analytical properties are integrated into existing applications.

Quality Assurance

Quality is always a concern, everywhere and Binariks understands it. It offers extensive testing services, delivered by its skilled testing professionals who are equipped with a stack of QA software, delivering results that are of the highest standards.

This is no different when it comes to educational software. Not only this, its quality specialists help clients with their current QA practices, assist in designing a new testing strategy, and approach it with both manual and automation testing technologies.

Merix Studio

For Merix Studio, it’s all about making ideas a digital reality and this is what it puts all of its resources to. It offers custom web applications and cross-platform mobile apps to clients around the world.

This is based on its two most important building blocks, technology and talent. With its technology, the company aims to provide products based on scalable backend and frontend solutions that are also functional on Android as well as iOS platforms.

The second most important ingredient for the company, in its process of software development, is its group of experts and their values, which impact and improve every part of the process and the project lifecycle – from design and project management to quality assurance.

Merix Studio has serviced clients from a range of industries with a focus on the fintech and gambling industries as well as marketplace and SaaS platforms. Its services include

Web App Development

Merix Studio understands industry needs and client demands and covers everything under its web development services – from frontend development, and backend development to AI /Ml, Big data, and IoT.

It also offers SaaS, enterprise, and cloud-based solutions, further evolving its service offerings and providing a range of integration solutions.

Similarly, its mobile app development offerings are just as diverse, including cross-platform app development, Native app development, React Native development, and flutter development. These are further enhanced by custom UX/UI designs.

Product Design

Functionality is important but so is design which is an important part of the solutions provided by Merix Studio, for Web as well as Mobile Apps. The company offers product design workshops along with scoping sessions to integrate clients’ and user needs as much into the development process as possible.

It uses usability testing as a way to improve its design efforts but these are always coupled with newer approaches such as UX audits and Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi prototyping.

Project Management and Consultation

Software solutions are taken one step ahead when combined with consultation services at Merix Studio. Its consultation services include advising about digital transformation, tech stack recommendations, and performing software audits.

While these are not the first things that come to clients’ minds when thinking about software products they serve as the backbone of the entire process. Project management sits at the heart of it.

The company offers project managers who are experienced in understanding needs and offering custom solutions, and project planning including budgets and deadlines, and combines it with agile methodology, Backlog Management (JIRA), and Scrum, delivering timely and efficiently.


As mentioned, the company believes in covering its clients across the entire life cycle of software development, this means also providing for infrastructure design and development, infrastructure and server integrations, monitoring and logging, automation, and everything else that is integral to the development process and the constantly changing needs.

QA and Support

Lastly, with its quality assurance and tech support services, the company ensures its software development processes proceed without any glitches.

It provides agile testing and manual functional testing, along with testing of the software products on different browsers as well as different devices. There is also Automated Testing using Selenium Webdriver, Protractor, and WebdriverIO. Its engineers trained in the process of quality assurance as well as customer service put clients at ease.


Another software solution provider featured on our list is iTechArt offering software development solutions that are custom as well as scalable.

The company acts as a one-stop place to get all kinds of solutions needed to innovate and serve your customers in the most ambitious ways. With its team of dedicated engineers and software professionals, iTechArt serves VC-backed start-ups and growing tech companies.

The company’s success is built on the industry expertise that it offers to its clients – developers, and professionals who have the most up-to-date skill set and strong industry experience, along with the ability to smoothly integrate with the client’s staff for a better understanding of their needs and offer solutions.

These solutions consist of:

Mobile and Web Software Solutions

When it comes to software solutions, iTech covers all the essentials, offering both frontend as well as backend development services. The developers work alongside the UI/UX teams to turn visions into reality. They ensure that the software produced is intuitive, robust, and visually attractive.

For the backend solutions, the company is well equipped to deal with on-premise, cloud-based, as well as serverless web application development and offers data processing capabilities. Additionally, its products are secure and scalable. Similarly, for mobile application development, iTech offers products that are centered on user needs, covering native, hybrid, as well as cross-platform apps.

UI/UX design

UI/UX forms an important part of a software product and iTech understands it. Its design services are intended to be engaging with increased retention as well as offer meaningful experiences to the users.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is an important aspect of digital services and iTech offers experts who are not only trained to understand bugs and other system issues but also offer helpful and functional solutions without compromising the product quality.

Its quality assessment services are extensive and cover every stage of the development cycle making use of test automation and offering tech support for software, mobile apps as well as games.

Cloud Development

Challenges are rising but so are the expertise and skills at iTech. The company’s engineers understand concerns as well as digitalization demands such as headless architecture, cloud migration, and microservices architecture.

They make use of the latest technologies to deliver the results. The company’s cloud development services consist of Salesforce, SaaS, DevOps, and SharePoint/Office 365.

Integration and Refinement Services

iTech also offers to build and implement integration solutions that are customized, centered around critical business needs as well as responsive to customer demands.

There are also modernization and refinement services offered as an extension of its digital solutions, helping clients to improve their legacy applications by upgrading them, and offering viable alternatives for increasing product/system efficiency and resiliency.


With the need for digitalization and software services on the rise, another emerging tech company is Fingent.

It offers the development of strategic as well as cost-effective software solutions, aimed at tackling some of the most challenging problems the clients face. The company does that based on the industry expertise of its management and professionals as well as its deep knowledge base from serving clients across many industries.

Some of the technologies that Fingent uses to stay atop the software development game consist of Cloud Native for scalability and software and Artificial Intelligence. Let’s look at the company’s solutions and related features in greater detail

Custom Software

Custom software solutions are the most sought after and Fingent is leading from the front. It offers innovative as well as cost-friendly solutions to help deliver business transformations.

Enterprise applications are one of the most important pieces of software for optimizing business processes and the company offers solutions for Inventory and work order management, HR, ERP, CRM, Accounting, and eCommerce.

Web Applications

For solutions in the area of web applications, Fingent delivers solutions in the true sense – from design to prototype and then development and implementation.

It ensures quality service delivery at every stage. Some of the technologies it offers are AI/ML, IoT, Augmented reality, and Virtual reality.

Product Development

Its software solutions, including web application development, are not offered in isolation. The company provides services and support covering the entire life cycle, starting from consultation on product development to UI/UX design, deployment, and beyond.

Furthermore, turning an idea into a successful product needs assurance and support and this is offered through testing, legacy and application modernization, and other kinds of technical support and maintenance.

The product development services are further enhanced through deployment across platforms and devices. Fingent also specializes in SAP and cloud application development.

Application Information Consolidation

Fingent also offers technological solutions for optimizing business processes. These include technologies for application and enterprise systems integration, API integration, SAP, data migration, and business process management.

Analytics, Maintenance, and Support

Last but not least, the company also provides data management services such as organizing, analyzing, and collecting data for insights and action. Further support in the IT part of the business is rendered through timely maintenance checks for systems and applications, user support and assistance, etc.

360 Degree Cloud Technologies

360 Degree Cloud has a long, storied journey with Salesforce.

It’s a  decade-old boutique Salesforce Consulting and Product firm with over 3000 projects globally delivered across 30+ industries.

They’re also Platinum Consulting partners and ISV partners with Salesforce.

360’s geographical footprint currently spans 6 global offices – 1 in the US(Laguna Beach, CA), 4 in India(Faridabad, Noida, Pune, Jaipur), and a 6th office that we just launched in Kolkata.

Large Cohort of Salesforce Experts

They started as a Saas company from a lean team of 5 employees in 2012. It’s been an upward trajectory since then. The firm has grown in strength, stature, and capability.

Together, it’s a cohort of 600+ experts (the top 5%) with 400+ certifications between us across all Salesforce products.

AppExchange App Development and MVPs

360 Degree Cloud has also made its mark in the product space with 6 successful flagship apps and 20 cleared AppExchange Security reviews. It’s also turned into a PDO partner very recently.

The company’s success with Product Development has allowed us to branch into a highly successful sister Product Company, 360 SMS.

The company designs Salesforce Texting Software

360 SMS App,  the company’s flagship app, is counted on by Fortune companies globally for reliable multichannel communication and texting automation and has 800+ (99% 5-star rated) reviews on AppExchange.

  • Salesforce ‘embedded,’ not just integrated – The app has been Salesforce embedded for 9+ years, used by 1000+ customers globally. As solutions for the education industry go, 360 SMS is the most complete and extensible communication platform and a category leader in messaging. It is a ‘true’ no-code solution for Salesforce-native texting.
  • Scalability and Flexibility in Usage – 360 SMS understands that each educational institute and administrator is different. So unlike other tools, it doesn’t lock you in a data model. Our category-defining tools distill years of development work into minutes.
  • ‘Category-leading’ Ease-of-use – The app is a category-defining pioneer in the CRM-messaging space with well-thought-out and scalable solutions while competing vendors with loosely-clumped solutions are years behind on innovation. There’s an intuitive click for everything in the app, whereas other apps force you into ‘death by custom code.’ Instead, 360 SMS gives educational admins and counselors the tools they’ll need to create their own data model and use case with just a click.
  • A true Growth Partner – Being a true growth partner, the app also comes with a 5-star rated support team of 600+, which is really a Salesforce cohort that has 400+ certifications and expertise across all Salesforce technologies and integrations. 360 SMS provides you with white-glove support, so you can use its texting capabilities with Salesforce to achieve the best possible results.
  • Compliance by Design – The app also has the most comprehensive compliance mechanism of any solution. 360 SMS implements ‘compliance by design’ with user-defined compliance controls to meet every future compliance challenge, whereas other apps comply with messaging and data regulations through a mere paper chase.
  • Deeper Student Relationships – The app helps universities convert and enroll 4x new students, retain 2x students on ed-tech platforms, onboard students 43% faster, and communicate compliantly without technical knowledge. And with 11 channels, you get responses from mobile-savvy, email-hating students within 2 minutes. 360 SMS doesn’t just enable transactional messaging but helps institutions build deeper relationships with students during the application process.

Salesforce Consulting and Implementation

The consultants at 360 Degree Cloud are Salesforce people at heart.

They go beyond just high-touch services and work collaboratively with in-house teams to meet your requirements. And all through they keep a keen eye on the returns, capabilities, and improvements you get from your technology investment.

The project implementation teams use only the best-practiced solutions for software development, delivery, and delivery.

360 Degree Cloud’s vast, collective experience and far-reaching solutions allow it to build cost-effective development teams and arrive at realistic budgets.

Custom Development

360 Degree Cloud builds architecturally superior customizations and solutions over these cloud products that really meet your needs and can be adopted by your teams very easily. They engineer solutions for the industry.

After listening to you and assessing your needs, we make the best possible technology decisions for you in the near and long term without compromise.

The robust and forward solutions built thereafter stay with you, even as your business grows and expands its offerings.


Airkod is another important player in the market for software development that offers several ready-made solutions. With turnkey solutions, the firm enables the clients to launch their projects or MVPs. Its digital capabilities, IT experts and tech stack combined offer solutions such as

MVP Mobile App

For its mobile development, the company offers development for both Android & iOS devices using technologies such as Node.js, Angular, PHP, Javascript and others. Solutions offered by Airkod are best suited for information resources and online stores. Its product solutions in the area of mobile apps include a home page for product introduction, product catalog, product card, shopping cart, control panel and more.

Administrative Control Panel

When it comes to eLearning, the control panel at the content site is an important feature of the system and Airkod offers solutions such as access control for managers and administrators, content and blog management, push statistics, cache management, messaging, setting up of backup project etc. While these readymade solutions enhance the productivity of the clients and learners, it also offers a time reduction of 20-30% in the product development process.

Platform for Online Schools

Airkod provides platforms with a basic set of features for online schools with functionalities of user’s personal account and file storage size selection.

Landing pages

The company also offers the design and development of a universal landing page for any kind of learning content such as an online course; webinar, training material, etc. the basic course structure it offers includes lessons, with videos, images and text, with a control panel to manage the content. Messaging among students, assessment and payment options are some of the other features that it integrates.


Since its founding in 2014, Andersen has been a tech partner for companies and businesses from various industries, across the world. It offers a full set of software development services, integrating creativity and the most up to date technology in its solutions, enabling digital transformation. It brings a team of 3100+ IT professionals such as UX/UI designers, PMs, BAs, and other IT and industry experts needed to deliver the best results, anywhere in the world.

Andersen clients benefit from its extensive library of educational courses, including management and language courses. Its software services consist of

Web Development

Being a software development company, Andersen takes pride in its top class web development services, providing solutions for web apps. It is well equipped to meet any kind of business needs and challenges. With its web app solution, clients can be assured of the results they wish to achieve through it whether it’s acquiring new clients, improving operational efficiencies or improving user experience and satisfaction. For its web development services, the company offers app designing and development with integration across projects. Additionally, there are Quality Assurance services, cloud web services as well as web optimization.

Mobile Development

With a deep understanding of the latest mobile development frameworks, experts at Andersen can handle any kind of mobile application, no matter the complexity and client needs. With a great team of IT professionals, the company offers native and cross-platform app development, including BA and consultancy services. Additionally, its mobile development services come with maintenance and quality assurance services as well as any other additional support needed.

Product Development Services

As part of its Product Development services, the company works to execute even the most complex IT product for its customers, from scratch. With a deep collaboration between its clients and its IT team and a flexible and innovative approach, Andersen is able to deliver as per client needs. It offers a most comprehensive project development process and includes transparency and complete support for the software needs.

Outsourced IT Services

Andersen also offers to outsource IT services for its clients, who want to continue to focus on their main business operations and hand over the reins of IT to experienced and industry trusted professionals. Its outsourced IT services consist of DevOps to assist businesses with their operational needs, Solution Architecture to handle the most complex IT infrastructures and UI/UX design services.

UI/UX Design Services

Andersen’s UI/UX design services are provided by its in-house team who work to deliver results based on client needs, covering the ground with user-friendly solutions and intuitive navigation. These design services are provided for both mobile and web-based projects, including solutions such as graphic design and branding to aim at higher user engagement.

Solution Architecture

With Solution Architecture, the company delivers enterprise-level IT solutions that are truly scalable and flexible. A sound foundational architecture enables adaptability to the client’s corporate tech ecosystem. Its service ensures a complete digital transformation with improved communication and troubleshooting, driving value addition as well as reducing IT risks.


Brainhub is one of the tech giants when building innovative digital solutions is concerned. Ranking as one of the top JavaScript companies in Europe, the company has partnered with companies such as TC Global, Collegial, National Geographic, and Paradox Interactive in building, designing, and scaling epic software solutions for better business running and management.

Over the years, Brainhub has taken up the top space in building mobile apps, web dev, web apps, and other IT solutions. The company comprises about 83 team of experts committed to rendering excellent services and solving digital challenges. The team consists of Fullstack JavaScript Developers, Senior .NET Developers, Architects, UI/UX Designers, Product Owners, and QA Engineers.

Priding itself in ethical practices, Brainhub has been able to bag amazing credits like the Forbes Diamond Award (2022), Financial Times 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2021, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 2020 — Rising Star Award, Clutch Top Developers Poland 2021.

Using the best technological features, here are some of Brainhub’s services:

Product Development

Brainhub has been serving various existing and startup companies in every stage of their product development. The company also undergoes product prototyping, MVP, and product market fit.

Web Development

The company is filled with a team of experienced full-stack developers with an excellent creating innovative web solutions. Brainhub’s is driven by the goal to build in web apps streamlined to each customer’s design and optimize apps for more speed to drive more customers and increase user engagement.

Mobile Development

Brainhub team of experts is always working with customers’ needs to release software fast and frequently as possible. The company is one of the tops of Europe’s JavaScript experts and has experience building and maintaining mobile apps that adapt quickly to market changes. With experts in Androids, iOS, and other cross-platform apps like Ionic, React Native, and Flutter, Brainhub creates mobile apps that distinct your business from the crowd.

Desktop Development

Achieve success in desktop development services that helps clients work with all JS frameworks and libraries using Electron JS. So, clients can enjoy desktop apps using Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Apps are also compactable for use on Windows, Mac or Linus.

UI/UX Design

Brainhub provides jaw-dropping, customer-centric designs for an excellent user experience with an engaging and functional interface. No need to experience the flaws other businesses face from poor designs as Brainhubs will provide you with exceptional, jaw-dropping designs. Other services include UX audits and workshops.


Brainium is one of the leading tech platforms when it comes to offering growth-oriented solutions in industries like health, finance, etc. With its creative digital solutions and impactful technology, Brainium has provided clients across the globe with innovative approaches to business management.

The company prides itself in transforming and upgrading software solutions in businesses through their present infrastructure. The company promotes careers through their Campus Recruitment and Fresher Recruitment initiatives. Through their expertise in AI, ML, Blockchain, AR/VR, and Cloud technology, Brainium has been servicing clients in a range of industries thus gaining accolades such as Skoch MSME Awards, Top 100 SME awards, and other high-end global recognition.

Beside giving close attention to its technological aspect, Brainium is equipped with a team of engineering experts with credibility, diligence, proficiency and updated skill set with strong industry experience.

To further expand on the services of Brainium, here is a review of some of the services the companies offer.

Mobile App Development

App development is one of the specialties of Brainium. The software development company is one of the Clutch’s Top 100 App Development companies. The team are skilled and have a strong knowledge to take any project from scratch to finish. From front end to backend development and other range of integrated services. Offering UI/UX, AR/VR, AMP, Migrations and upgrades for Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter, Hybrid, and more.

Web Development

Brainium also offers software development as well as web development solutions with complete expertise tailored to fit your business needs. They also provide complete customized eCom development, and API Development.

Digital Marketing

Part of Brainium concentrates on the digital marketing service which helps to optimize websites for better Google ranking and conversions. The team also provides strong brand recognition, and improves engagement. Backed by experts, the team specializes in SEO, SMM, PPC, Content Marketing and PP Marketing.

Remote In-Sourcing

Brainium has a team of experts that can function fully in your company. These teams will work exclusively for your company and a part of your company. The team of developers also helps to hasten and smoothen the entire development process.

Upgrades and Supports

Lastly, there’s the service that helps you migrate or upgrade any of your current apps or website without experiencing any downtime. The team also provided IT support fixing bugs, resolving coding issues and other maintenance checks.


A leading custom software development provider, Chetu was founded in the year 2000 by a single founder. Today, it has grown into a company of 2,800 experts serving businesses and enterprises of size and every level. The company has presence in 16 locations around the world. Its services are backed by some of the leading industry experts bringing the insights, value and experience into creating applications and other services that are provided by the company.

Its developers have the experience of meeting client needs across multiple channels and a range of modes such as desktop, tablet and mobile. The company has emerged as a full-service company serving across industries, managing multiple roles and handling challenges along the entire supply chain, with solutions such as

Custom eLearning Software

When it comes to eLearning software, the company specialises in customised Moodle development, ready to meet the needs of different kinds of educational institutes such as primary schools, colleges and higher-level institutes, as well as trade schools and even enterprises of all sizes. Its Moodle solutions come with themes, API integrations, plug-ins and anything else that meets educational needs. Developers engaged in e-learning software development are well trained and experienced in student information systems, LMS, content authoring and web-based training.

Learning Management Systems

LMS solutions provided at Chetu are scalable with an understanding of learning needs. Its solutions come with communication interfaces, custom gamified environments and custom plugins and extensions enabling the setting up of learning goals, managing student learning, and tracking results. This, it ensures using responsive design features, HTML5 publishing, native support, geolocation /localization support, integrations to third-party APIs and more.

Content Authoring Services

To meet the eLearning needs, Chetu offers tailored content authoring software solutions that enable the generation of content, branding as well as content hosting, publishing and sharing. Additionally, its custom solutions include both web and mobile applications that facilitate operations, automate tasks and provide access to the learning content and other information.

Student Information System (SIS)

An important component of LMS, Chetu builds and integrates SISs enabling interoperability as well as bilateral communication. Custom SIS development provides functions such as course registration, attendance tracking, scheduling, communications, academic grade results, transcripts, and more. Software solutions are conformed with the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) and Aviation Industry computer-based training Committee (AICC) which facilitate the publishing of content across platforms such as on-site, mobile, web, and cloud-based ones.

Web-Based Training Software

This software solution by Chetu caters for businesses but also academic institutions and any other organisations that provide learning opportunities for improved job performance, growth, etc. Its customised solutions are perfect for cost-effective training needs that are also flexible. This training software can be easily integrated into LMS, LCMS, as well as e-commerce tools, allowing for courses and modules for employees and B2B sales management. The functions also allow for webinars, session recording, screen sharing, presentations and more. The dashboards are user friendly and offer real-time reports. This software additionally comes with payment support for all currencies.

Futuristic approach

At Chetu, the culture is to keep up with the evolving needs and upcoming trends in e-learning which is why the company offers gamification in 2D and 3D, allowing for a more engaging and fun-filled learning experience. There are also augmented reality and virtual reality capabilities to improve user retention.


CodeRiders is a software development company that sets itself apart with a comprehensive approach to servicing its client’s IT needs. With its stack of technology and a team with expertise in IT skills as well as project management, the company works in a collaborative approach with businesses, by having them interact with developers and the rest of the team directly, adding transparency and improving customer satisfaction throughout the entire process. To ensure transparency, customers are handed over documentation at the end of the projects while their privacy is ensured through routine NDAs.

Some of the things that remain the focus at CodeRiders are the prioritization of Quality, including regular quality reviews, and on-time delivery. The company continuously engages in recruiting the best talent to meet client needs, with its current team made up of the best developers who have years of industry experience. Its full scale of services are

Web Development and Design

CodeRiders offer web design and development, including custom web pages. This includes front end and back end development along with architecture technics. It assists its clients in developing responsive UI/UX which are designed after extensive research for their functionality and purpose, thus ensuring the most relevant software solution.

Mobile App Development

Being at the forefront of what it does, CodeRiders also offer mobile app development – Ionic/Cordova/Flutter/React Native technologies and cross-platform app development, for both Android and iOS. This ensures its software solutions are not only secure but also scalable depending on the business needs as well as adaptable to the host environment.

Custom Software Development

With the technological capabilities at CodeRiders, the company provides custom software development for businesses and enterprises that have unique needs or face a distinctive set of challenges. Client projects are welcomed at any stage of their development cycle.

Software Outsourcing and IT Consulting

It can get difficult for companies to focus on their business goals and at the same time deal with the ongoing IT challenges. Teams at CodeRiders can handle these functions like a pro. With the outsourced IT and consultancy services at CodeRiders, clients can get rid of the high costs of developing IT teams and maintaining IT operations. Its consulting services include understanding market segmentation, completing competitive analysis to redesign the architecture and presenting a development plan.

Flexible Payments Options

In addition to the software services, CodeRiders also offers multiple payment options which are flexible in their arrangement. Clients can choose from four engagement models – Fixed Price, Time & Material, Team Augmentation, and Hybrid model.

Maintenance and Support

It goes without saying but at CodeRiders, clients can be assured of complete support through the entire development process and even after the process has ended, to take care of bugs or any other kind of technical troubles. Its support and maintenance services come with testing services, quality assurance, project management and more.


Like other software development companies, CodeStore Technologies offers a range of IT and web development solutions to businesses looking for specialised services to meet their software needs. What puts this company on our list is its team of experts, app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, and quality analysts which are equipped with the latest technologies, enabling the company to produce customized mobile & web solutions. With clients from across the world including Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, UAE, Japan, and other European countries, CodeStore offers software solutions such as

Development and Transformation

CodeStore enjoys the experience as well as reputation in its development services, which include everything that a growing enterprise could need such as software, web and app development. Its mobile app development includes Android, and iOS as well as cross-platform development. Its efforts to help companies advance in their IT infrastructure building further include services and products for digital transformation. These consist of data engineering, Ai-enabled data and analytics, data visualisation and everything that helps build a stronger company.

Product Consulting

CodeStore realizes that for companies starting on their digital journey, an idea of a digital product or service can be just as difficult as having an actual piece of software which is why it offers elaborate product consulting services. These consist of helping clients initiate their software journey by helping develop an actual product idea which has a workable scope, and in-depth business analysis.

Product Design

Of course, software and app development services are not complete without design services and CodeStore has that covered for its clients. From the prototype to the final products, the company offers all the design solutions that are needed in the development journey such as wireframing, UI/UX design and Visual design.

Maintenance and Support

CodeStore also offers both pre- and post-launch support and maintenance for any kind of IT product. It runs extensive software testing and Quality Assurance which not only makes for a seamless software experience but also a trusting client relationship.


Dashbouquet is a software development agency, established in 2014. They believe in serving startups and assisting them in achieving growth, from conception to production. They’ve assisted startups in various industries including fintech, edtech, healthcare, and adtech. Today the team of over 70 trained and experienced professionals, charges at least $50 an hour.

Dashbouquent runs an entire development cycle, beginning from prototyping, and designing, to development and deployment, followed by final testing and market launch, and ending at production support. Their services include:

Crypto Wallets Development

Dashbouquet will build for you a secured cryptocurrency wallet app. The app will safeguard your privacy and coins against all unauthorized and fraudulent access and transactions. The firm is well-versed with all operational business needs for providing an efficient and compliant with regulations crypto wallet development service.

Educational Platforms

Educational platforms help integrate learners, facilitators, and parents with resources, information, and tools to enhance and support the delivery and management of education. At Dashbouquet, they aim to create specialized educational platforms for eLearning right from the scratch or improve their existing models to fit your needs and requirements.

Healthcare Apps and Fitness Apps

With a transparent workflow, and fast software development service, Dashbouquet promises to deliver its first results within 6 weeks. They aim at minimum paperwork and communication that is transparent yet prompt between the client and the development team. Hence, whatever fitness or health goals you wish to achieve modern technologies in the form of this app help you meet them, making it feasible for your customers to stay fit and healthy while tracking their health and fitness journey.

Marketing Software

Marketing software is a tool that will help you execute campaigns successfully. They will help you reach untapped markets and boost conversions from leads to sales. The seasoned marketing team at Dashbouquet is ready to create for you customized products from scratch, and they can even integrate customized software into your existing platform.

Day One

Day One technology uses AI to provide mobility solutions to businesses from various industries, such as EdTech, FinTech, FoodTech, and TravelTech. Since 2016, the app development firm has helped enterprises make their dream come true. With around 200 experienced professionals, has assisted businesses to go digital in a cost-effective yet sustainable and innovative manner.

From ideation to development, design, optimization, and strategizing Day One technology has your back. Some business solutions that Day One provides include

Mobile Application Development

Day One believes in providing mobile applications that are powerful, AI-backed, and performance-driven for all types and sizes of enterprises. Nowadays, mobile applications are crucial for any business – with Day One’s top-notch mobile application development service, get great quality apps developed for any and all categories and businesses. Day On can help design your mobile applications across all platforms, be it iOS, or Android. They can also design cross-platform applications in Iconic, React Native, and even Flutter.

Web Application Development

Achieve excellence with innovative web solutions from Day One, for all websites, from small businesses to large enterprises. As one of the top web application development agencies, Day One Technology makes it easier for businesses to connect and engage with their customers, using modern and upgraded web applications, rather than old-school desktops. Day One will develop scalable web applications that are customer-focused while setting you apart from the competition.

UI/UX Design Services

Engage with your customers with customer-focused designs, that provide an excellent user experience with an engaging user interface. Every day hundreds of innovative ideas go in vain due to lofty designs. That is why Day One is here to fill in the gap, and make your dream come true. With over 50 projects delivered globally, and over a hundred experts on board, Day One technology will put their more than 8 years of experience to help you shape your ideas via visual storytelling.


DianApps is a software app development company that has several awards to its credit and is accredited. The company provides creative, revolutionary, and strategic IT solutions that serve the best regardless of the most challenging business difficulties while providing a long-term edge over rivals. They cover services from mobile app development to website development, building outstanding UI/UX designs, AR/VR, digital marketing, and many more services.

With a proud team of 220+ skilled developers, DianApp has successfully delivered over 500 projects for 200+ satisfied clients in the roundabout of 50+ countries, including top brands like UberEats & Khatabook. Their product is used in over 120 countries across the globe with remote offices in the USA, UAE, & Australia.

DianApp is driven by the aim to satisfy customers and provide solutions that put clients ahead of the competition in today’s digital age. Some of the software development services they offer include:

Mobile App Development Service

If you are looking for a company that gives secure, practical, and completely customized solutions, DianApps is what you need. The company produces apps that meet and exceed clients’ expectations and brings benefits to their business. The teams are professionals in producing mobile apps in React Native, Android, iOS, and flutter development services.

Digital Marketing

Dianapp understands the importance of digital marketing in this era. For this reason, DianApps concentrates on helping clients optimize their websites for more awareness and visibility. They also provide solutions for easy ranking and customer conversion for strong band recognitions and improved engagement. The company also offers SMM, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, etc.

 Website Development Services

DianApps offer web development services and custom web page building for eCom development and API dev. Their services also cover both front-end and back-end developments. Clients are certain to acquire their desired goal, whether it’s aimed at attracting new clients or improving the overall business operational process.

Wearable Technology Service

DianApp distinguishes itself by creating a reliable source of unique wearable technology services.  Their team of experts in producing bespoke solutions for Android and iOS in multiple industries.

AR-VR Development Service

DianApps offers clients with in-house development services to help transform their dreams into reality. Clients can also access 3D application development for augmented reality, virtual reality, desktop, web, and mobile platforms. The company provides clients with source code for ownership and transparency in every process.

UI-UX Designing Services

DianApps believes in crafting designs that put clients in the top of the game and ahead of their competition. Their agile staff will deliver quick results for clients in various industries, whether education, healthcare, eCommerce, and business. The designs are user-centric, aesthetic, and easy to understand, making surfing the internet more enjoyable.


With years of experience serving in the healthcare, marketing, and education industries, Digitalya is another company offering high-quality software products and solutions. It positions itself as a company that is human-centered both in its approach toward its clients and also its employees.

It takes immense pride in its team of tech experts that empowers and strengthens each other in the pursuit of delivery service that is complete, surpassing quality and matching needs. The human connections it develops in the process are a future investment in understanding the eLearning market, constantly developing and upgrading its tech stack and bringing the most innovative and unique learning solutions.

The solutions Digitalya offers to a wide range of clients are

Web Application

One of the core services that Digitalya offers is web application development. Its web development solutions promise to come with superior UI/UX along with being fully responsive designs. The company specializes in creating apps which are optimized for all devices as well as developing scrum-based software products. This ensures that the product functionalities stay updated as per the needs.

MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development

As a development company, Digitalya ensures that it offers a comprehensive solution through its MVP development services. This begins with an analysis of the client’s business needs and then having dedicated teams take the idea all through its development and product launch. For this, the company takes a collaborative approach to understanding its client’s business objective and ensures an agile software development process through constant feedback. Its MVP process starts with a design sprint, involves customised development and takes it all the way through the launch of MVP.


The company also offers workshops keeping in mind the need in the eLearning industry for better designed and developed software. The workshops it offers are

Product Validation

This is basically a design sprint workshop that the company offers, about how to design, prototype and validate a business idea. The best part about the workshop is that it is suitable for businesses of all sizes – from start-ups to large corporate organisations. The workshop introduces idea mapping, decision making, user interviews, prototyping, testing and other development concepts.

Product Strategy

Another important workshop in the world of software development, PRoduct strategy focuses on improvements and innovations for new product development as well as in the existing ones. Digitalya offers knowledge as well as training about launching successful products. It offers educational content, blogs, eBooks as well as user cases of how digital products can be used. The company also provides software architects that analyse product usability from a user perspective.


Digitizal is a software development and digital marketing agency that aims to provide long-term results to its customers. Their clientele is spread across various industries including; advertisement, banking, finance and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical, and media. Established in 2015, Digitizal has offices in Pakistan and the UAE. Their services include:

Digital Marketing

With over 450 happy clients and 230,000+ completed projects, Digitizal believes in providing effective digital marketing solutions to its customers. With constant evolution in the world of digital marketing, Digitizal is always at par with new trends. Their digital marketing services include mobile marketing, email marketing, Google marketing services, pay-per-click, and search engine optimization.

Website & Application Development

Website development is crucial, especially for small and new businesses. With a fast-loading, entertaining UI/UX experience, you can touch new highs, generate leads, and increase conversions. Digitizal comes to the rescue with business and eCommerce website development and UI/UX design services. Similarly, mobile applications can help you reach out to a larger audience. With applications across all major OS platforms, you can rule the market. Digitizal can help you develop premium and customized android, hybrid, and iOS applications.

Software Development

With an experienced team of over 200 software engineers, Digitizal creates impactful and easy-to-use software. They offer software development services such as ERP solutions, custom software, custom tailor-made, billing software, POS software, SaaS software.

Creative Design

The content must be high quality and consistent for a perfect and successful creative design. Digitizal offers the following creative design services; advertising, logo designing, corporate identity, campaign design, print media design, and social media post design.

Social Media Marketing

Being one of the leading social media marketing agencies, Digitizal focuses on impactful business growth. They can help you in enhancing the presence of your social media. Digitizal offers all sorts of social media marketing services, including marketing for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok.


Founded in 2006, Enbisys has maintained its position as one of the most renowned integral solution providers. With its headquarter in Tomsk, Russia, the company has taken its stance in providing high-demand services to its client all over the world.

Boosted by a strong team of data scientists, analysts, and engineers who are willing to step out of their shells to produce innovative ideas, Enbysis is your one-stop company for business success. The company has key team members in academic work, like Mathematics, Algorithms, and Ontologies, and has been able to create its own machine learning R&D department since 2016.

The company has worked with industries such as Retail, EdTech, Healthcare, Oil&Gas, who testified of their proactive communications, fast delivery, and outstanding solutions. Here are a few of their services.

Machine Learning

Enbisys aims to transform your ideas in AI technology into the next generation, thus helping your business match up with the values of your customers. Having worked with various industries such as Retail, EdTech, Healthcare, Oil&Gas, Enbysis is packed with talents to materialize your ideas as a startup, medium or large company.

The AI team will validate your ideas and provide you with the needed data for each project. Through a strict process and hypotheses to test each product, Enbisys will help you minimize costs and maximize business value.

Quality Assurance

Enbisys understands the relevance of building a smooth QA process. For this reason, they assign specific QA engineers to help focus on clients’ business and expectations. Their team of experts possesses all the skills required for a smooth business sail by providing the relevant domain knowledge for your business. First, they manually test your business before carrying out automated tests to ensure your business objectives are achieved.

Project Management

A project manager will keep you in the loop with the status reports, planning sessions, and regular meetings of your company.

Enbisys pays close attention to project management and ensures each project is successful. By integrating a project manager into your system, the company helps to shape a specific project by the goals and resources of your business. Our team will also help you plan, execute and complete your project.

UX/UI Design

Enbisys believes in delivering the best user experience by carefully focusing on optimizing products for usability and performance. The designs come with helpful, interactive interfaces that aim to impress and motivate users with an amazing experience while prioritizing business KPIs.

Custom Software Development

To create top-notch software solutions, Enbisys collaborates with companies to provide bespoke software products that meet the company’s objectives. They also collaborate with companies through every stage of the development cycle and ensure softwares is developed in a timely fashion. So, whether you are creating uber-like apps, marketplace, productivity apps or apps for IoT, Enbisys is at your service.


As one tech giant in the software industry, Entrision is known for producing high-quality web and mobile software solutions. Founded in Milwaukee, the company prides itself with the most unique and excellent team with an always-ready attitude to meet clients’ needs- beyond their expectations.

Entrision has top software development expertise in the education industry, having built applications for universities, colleges, and private education organizations. Having partnered with both existing and startups, big and small organizations, you are certain to get applications built for the efficient growth and management of your business.

Entrision has not just set a standard with its products and services but also in its keen interest in the overall success of any project. Here are some of the services the company offers

Mobile App Development

For years, Entrision has been building mobile apps that complement any business in-house team. Being at the edge of things, Entrision offers mobile app solutions for both Android and iOS.

The company produces mobile apps that cut across all platforms, including finances, retail, ecomm, and many more. Aside from being stacked with experts who are dedicated to developing unique mobile apps suitable for your business, the company also understands the importance of communication. It is no wonder clients rave about the fluid, productive communication throughout the project process.

Web App Development

From a napkin sketch of an app idea to scalable enterprise software, Entrision will bring all your web app dreams to life. The company believes in building exceptional software, which speaks in its large partnership with several businesses. The company works with several clients in the education industry, producing software solutions that complement student’s learning curves.

Whether you desire an app that’s streamlined to budgeting and scheduling processes or teaching virtual courses, Entrision has you covered. The company also helps to expand businesses’ e-learning offerings and build platforms to train volunteers and employees.

Custom Software Development

Great software can transform a business, which is why Entrision works with some of the best technologies in producing customized software development solutions. Each member of the team is an integral part of the process, especially our Client Delivery Manager, who ensures the clients’ needs are being met for a time, budget, and final product. They collaborate with companies through all phases of the project, from concepts to designing and building. Their seasoned US-based team are experts in PHP, .Net, Java,  Magneto, CMS solutions, and more.


Geniusee develops products and services and provides consultancy and support for various clients and partners. Among them, there are both dynamic small to medium businesses in FinTech, Edtech, AgroTech, etc, and startups from YCombinator & TechStars on Series A to D funding rounds. They are working with businesses from the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Ukraine.

Full-cycle development

Their core expertise is full-cycle web and mobile development services. As proof – partnership with dynamic businesses in FinTech, EdTech, etc, and startups from YCombinator & TechStars. Geniusee is a certified AWS consulting partner and strongly emphasizes product safety following ISO best practices.

Discovery phase and MVP

As a reinforcement of the fact that they are interested in mutual benefits and scaling the customer’s product, which is why their cooperation has been successful for many years, and their customers have become the main ambassadors of the brand.

Dedicated team

Their specialists are ready to provide the necessary support 24/7. The Geniusee company provides recruiting services, administrative support, and resources for the realization of the project. Basically, an outsourcing company plays an essential role in the organization of the work.

Geniusee design office

A unique option for clients, making development incredibly smooth because they can create everything from scratch. User-friendly, unique, and ready for development designs of software systems such as web portals, and mobile applications that delight users. A great design is a cost-effective investment and it substantially reduces the risks of mistakes and overpays.

Gera – IT

Gera-IT is a digital studio that was established in 2006. They mainly support businesses to become more cost-effective and profitable eventually by developing efficient apps for them. They have successfully served clients across various industries including healthcare, telehealth, edtech, fintech, and business automation.

Satisfied clients have testified that Gera-IT works fast, communicates proactively, and develops features way beyond imagination. Gera-IT believes in establishing long-term relationships through customer satisfaction. Their list of clients includes Emirates, AdaptivMD, Solna, Reading Wise, Call MD, and Storyful. Some of the solutions offered by Gera-IT include:

Web Application Development

Gera-IT provides web development services that can help you create a new web application or fix an existing web application. The service includes the concept, design, architecture, development, and maintenance of web applications. Gera-IT can help you create a web application, a marketplace, a SaaS platform, public or private APIs, eCommerce solutions, IoT platforms, business process automation, web services and so much more.

Mobile Application Development

With cutting-edge proven technologies, mobile applications from Gera-IT help in boosting businesses. The applications include eCommerce apps, uber-like apps, marketplaces, business apps, apps for IoT, and productivity apps. Gera-IT also helps businesses create customized apps, with new features, and designs. The mobile apps are developed using Ruby, Android, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, and other frameworks.

UX/UI Design

Gera-IT supports clients develop great designs that inspire, impress, motivate, and generate emotions for an amazing experience. The designs are clear and easy to use, hence generating faster results. The services include user research, ideation, designing, prototyping, and user testing and feedback.

Business Analysis

Gera-IT has a special proposition for startups, with their years of experience, they support startups by turning their idea into working solutions. Their packages start from $10,000 with deliveries within 10 weeks. The service includes an extended discovery phase with proof of concept, MVP, and a dedicated team to help startups pursue their projects more seriously.

Building Prototypes

Building prototypes or the discovery phase at Gera-IT helps bridge the gap between an idea and the web or application solution. The service includes planning, research, and brainstorming, defining work scope, creating an interaction design, rendering a visual design, and preparing for development by creating a development plan. They offer 4 plans starting from as low as $3.88.


Hipster Inc. is a digital agency based in Singapore established in 2016. They mainly support small businesses, startups, and global corporations with digital advancements through the creation of websites, apps and software solutions. They have happy clients across various industries such as education, fashion and retail, DEFI, health tech, and travel among many more.

Hipster believes in offering smart solutions backed by technology. Some of the solutions they offer include:

Web App Development

Apart from being a powerful tool for marketing, a web app is your first impression as a potential customer. Hipster’s recipe for a successful web app includes high-quality design, top-notch security and a fast-loading speed and a responsive interface for all kinds of screens and devices.

Mobile App Development

Realize your innovative idea, and transform it into a top-notch mobile application. Hipster offers a design-first UI/UX service, cross-platform mobile app options, a scalable yet secure technical architecture, and agile project management to launch your app or MVP efficiently to the market.

UI / UX Design

Hipster believes in crafting products that improve user experience. They design with agility while delivering quick results and carefully considered aesthetically pleasing UI/UX designs. These designs are user-centric and are with a functional and helpful interface, bringing an experience to life.

Software Development

Creating software that is customized for your business objectives is Hipster’s motto. From inception to launch and maintenance, they have your back. For quick launches, they also have ready-made products including learning management systems, virtual streaming platforms, hybrid event management platforms, and feedback apps.


Hireplicity is another software development company that has been working in the industry, delivering innovative and unique edtech solutions since 2009. It also offers comprehensive software solutions – from idea generation to launch and also post-launch, ensuring success at each step. It ensures this level of service and solution delivery due to the team of IT professionals it brings as well as the management and collaborative approach it takes in the entire process.

Its services are varied but all of them are extremely crucial, especially in the eLearning industry. Its learning software and systems come with

Data & Systems Integration

One of the most important aspects of the eLearning industry is for the educators to adapt to the technology needs and integrate with the increasing number of systems. With systems developed by Hireplicity, the education institutes, and schools find it easy to integrate their platforms with education companies such as Clever, Oneroster, Illuminate Education, and Powerschools.

Dashboards & Reporting

LMS built by Hireplicity offers dashboards and reporting tools which ensure ease in tracking the educational progress of the students. Advanced data and reporting features help ensure intervention or decision making at the right time and place

Assessment Systems and Proctoring

The software systems designed and developed at Hireplicity are done keeping in mind the most crucial aspects of education and learning. The features it offers assist teachers in monitoring and assessing students, their projects and their progress with real-time feedback functionalities and close student-teacher interaction.

Databases & Integration

Hireplicity also offers to build, maintain and update databases, providing educators and teachers to secure assessment items. In the education business, this means schools can improve efficiency and the quality of their learning and assessment material.

Parent and Student Portal

LMS system by Hireplicity comes with increased parent engagement in the entire learning journey of a student. The company offers secure and performant software, to help keep track of a student’s learning progress.

FERPA, COPPA, & Data Security

Student data and privacy are the most important things when it comes to providing educational services in the industry. The company ensures both of these through the implementation of FERPA and COPPA compliant software, ensuring peace of mind to both students as well as their parents about their important information.

Imaginary Cloud

Imaginary Cloud assists clients worldwide by using modern digital solutions and skilled personnel. It not only provides robust technological solutions but also provides consulting. A creative management strategy and cutting-edge technology form the foundation of our goods and services. To ensure that its client’s needs are addressed, Imaginary Cloud adopts an agile approach.

We’re also interested in technological innovation, but we also value the up-to-date talents of its software engineering specialists. In 12 years, we’ve designed, built, launched, and scaled 300+ web & mobile apps.

Imaginary Cloud counts with five-star ratings, a 99% recommendation rate, an average 2-year commitment, and a multi-awarded company.

The service options of Imaginary Cloud are listed here to assist you in exploring what it has to offer.

Web development

Our unique web development techniques and talented developers and designers provide web development to ensure a distinctive web experience and a smooth user experience. Our solutions and technology are durable, dependable, and ready for future business demands and growth. Imaginary Cloud offers web development solutions developed using programming languages, frameworks, and libraries, and developers trained in all three. Our skilled personnel provides a structure, roadmap, and deadlines, and using our Product Design Process (PDP) reduces rework and creates realistic timetables. We deliver projects efficiently and effectively using innovative methods and exceeding clients’ expectations.

Mobile Development

Our team of developers and designers builds user-centric, award-winning mobile apps. The educational software solutions developed by the company cover the entire lifespan, from design to deployment. Imaginary Cloud supports all types of educational software applications. We’ll examine your app’s main idea from a technological, platform, and device standpoint. Our apps are adaptable and scalable, including native and cross-platform mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as hybrid (Android and iOS) and React Native platforms, working with Swift, Java, Objective-C, React, and Flutter experts.

UI/UX Design

At Imaginary Cloud, an elite team of UI/UX designers can create an astounding diversity of interfaces that are simple to use, visually appealing, and boost the product’s efficacy, efficiency, and interest. To ensure user satisfaction, we develop apps that comply with industry standards and undergo thorough testing. Following our Product Design Process creates realistic schedules and prevents redesigning costs. Our PDP multidisciplinary team and user-centric approach solve UX and UI design difficulties

Data Science

Imaginary Cloud also assists its clients with their organizations’ ever-increasing data and information load, real-time or predictive analysis, and visualization. Existing applications incorporate analytical features.


Immence is a software company that caters to start-ups specifically with the goal of assisting them in their technological capabilities. Its end-to-end software solutions are highly flexible and scalable, making them perfect for start-ups as they very quickly expand, evolving in their tech needs. The company chooses to invest in expertise, technologies and architectures which make it the most suitable for seeing even the most complex software projects. It does that by offering services such as

Web Design and Development

Understanding the need for faster growth and digital transformation, Immence offers web development, a complete solution including web design, web application, portal development and any other web-based enterprise solutions. Its solutions include responsive design, API development and integrations, backend and frontend development, SEO services, hosting and deployment, payment gateways, web security, scraping and automation, and more. Additionally, its web development services come with quality assurance and maintenance services.

Mobile App Development

Along with web-based application and enterprise solutions, Immence understands the need for a mobile-based presence and offers services for mobile application development to facilitate clients with business and performance improvement goals. It offers mobile and tablet-based iOS application design and development, android application, security and publishing.

ERP Consulting and Support

ERP systems are another aspect of digital transformation and part of the full-cycle solution to business needs being offered at Immence going from consulting, administration, and installation, to upgrading, migration and maintenance. The company ensures ERP consulting in SAP landscape transformation, system conversion, and new implementations. Also offered are Application Management Services (AMS) outsourcing model with support based on service level agreements (SLAs).

Corporate Branding

Immence provides for comprehensive and complete corporate branding and identity solutions. These services include content writing, logo, letterhead and business card design, leaflet and brochure design, and any other marketing material. Clients also benefit from advertisement design and other social media marketing in a bid to expand their online presence.


Incora is one of the top software development companies when dealing with software products and digitization. The company has a wide array of sophisticated techies in UI/UX, web & mobile development, QA, R&D, etc.

The company offers services tailored to meet the needs of businesses in industries such as e-commerce, technology, retail, finance, etc. Stacked with fully acquainted experts in the field, Incora leverages the most modern technologies and tools. Its high-end software solutions are designed to provide digital solutions streamlined to each customer’s challenge.

Incora is known for providing innovative solutions with wide functionalities that meet and exceed expectations.

Let’s talk about some of the services offered by the company

Mobile Development

Incora aims to provide next-generation innovative mobile apps. The company has successfully developed apps that align with the company’s objectives and meet the audience’s expectations. The experts at Incora offer cross-platform mobile apps for business, IoT, productivity, marketplace, etc. Regardless of the concerns, your businesses face with mobile development, Incora understands and possesses the right tool to help at any stage. IT professionals offer cross-platform development. Whether it comes to improving operational capabilities, user experience, and satisfaction, or acquiring new clients, Incora will perform.

Web Development

Clients testify of the web development service, from creating, designing, developing, building, and maintaining any web app. The company is an expert in creating websites in health systems, eCommerce, marketplace web, IoT platforms, public or private APIs, business process automation, and more. From simple static web pages to complex multifunctional websites, Incora has you covered.

Quality Assurance

Incora provides quality assurance services for a smooth business without glitches. With experts trained specifically to remove bugs and other system issues, Incora works to end tech issues that deter your business flow without hindering the product’s quality. You also get automated testing and other tech support for software to help you realize your dreams.


With cutting-edge designers in Incora, you are certain of high-tech designs for your business. The company is known for designing unique functions and helpful user interfaces with agility and fast delivery. The goal is to increase engagement, retention, and user experience.


Clients are guided and covered through the entire life cycle of software development for the overall business success. The company helps businesses reduce downtime, increase operation speed, infrastructure and server integration, automation, monitoring, and everything needed for effective and efficient business processes.


As a software development firm, Inexture has made its name for its software solutions that are both customisable as well as scalable. It has emerged as a company with a comprehensive solution set for those businesses who are looking for a complete digital transformation, especially in the eLearning industry. This, the company is able to deliver because of the team of industry experts it has, consisting of professional engineers and software specialists who understand the market as well as business challenges. It further makes use of the best tech stack and management practices to provide a seamless experience in all its products and services.

The services Inexture offers are

Web and CMS Development

The company enjoys the experience of having served clients in various industries for their web development needs. It works with development languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, etc. and brings the best tech stack to deliver products and services that are unmatched in the industry including Angular, React, PHP, Typescript, Node Vue.js Python, and many more for frontend and backend development.

App Design and Development

The number of years, as well as the number of clients served, gives Inexture the edge over other companies in understanding client needs and how to best meet them. Its teams are experienced at developing Android and iOS apps, using the newest technologies, for example, Kotlin, Flutter, Native, Cross-platform, and many others.

Custom Solutions

It’s the need of the time. Businesses have unique needs and the solutions mostly lie in customised offerings. Inexture understands this and with its experienced team of developers and agents offers solutions. So far the company has offered clients custom software development services in healthcare, e-commerce, real estate, food and transportation, travel and tourism, and many other industries.

Latest Tech Stack

Another aspect that Inexture takes pride is in bringing technologies that not only are the most up to date but also allow it to deliver software solutions which can meet the most challenging tasks. More specifically, the company offers support and assistance in Python, Java Spring boot, Java, Liferay, Microsoft Dynamics, Elastic search, Artificial Intelligence, ML, and more.


Innowise is a software development agency with years of fostering IT ideas for growing clients’ businesses. The company believes in helping both existing and start-up organizations bring their business to life in a transparent and flexible way.

With a team dedicated and willing to work, Innowise has built a long-term relationships with clients globally. With seasoned staff in creating outstanding educational software solutions, the company has created e-learning products that transform the way students learn and how educational institutions teaches.

Innowise prides itself as one of the first to create an ecosystem that facilitates the medical education process and makes it more efficient. Their VOKA Pathology 3D is the world’s first complete catalog of medically accurate 3D models of human anatomy and pathologies based on CT/MRI DICOM data. It helps educators to visualize the anatomy of pathologies during both on-site and distance learning classes.

With an introduction to e-learning as well as other high-tech products, let’s talk more of the company’s service.

IT Consulting & Support

It is often challenging for businesses to focus on a goal and other challenges at the same time. Fortunately, Innowise has a team dedicated to helping businesses solve any IT challenges.

Clients have access to IT consulting and other supporting systems to help leverage the best business operations. Businesses also get a clear understanding of the market segmentation and other business analysis as well as redesign.

To ensure maximum protection, the company backs all ideas by a Non-Disclosure Agreement and GDPR compliance.

UI/UX Solutions

Innowise develops software solutions with users in mind. The company gives a great deal of attention to UX/UI design to ensure a seamless user experience.

The user experience design comes with an attractive and engaging interface, interactive lessons, and gamification components, making classes and studies more enjoyable.

Mobile Application Development

Innowise believes that a game-based learning solution that is immersive and engaging is the best way for a student to study difficult subjects. The company provides mobile apps that help the education and publishing industry embrace the power of mobile to benefit their businesses.

Their mobile app developers have expertise in building both native and cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, Flutter, and React Native.

Their service also includes creating software apps, from textbooks to test materials, to help students get better results.

Web Application Development

With Innowise, you can access innovative websites for any business, from small to medium and large enterprises.

The company uses the most modern and upgraded services to create compelling and engaging websites for clients. Their products are customer-centric and will set you apart from the rest.


Inoxoft, an international custom software development company providing top-notch solutions for clients all around the world. For eight years in a row, they remain a trusted partner in web and mobile development as well as Discovery Phase, Quality Assurance, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning services. With their development agency, clients receive full support and security throughout the development process. This software development company has realized diverse educational solutions for the USA, Netherlands, UK, Norway, Canada, and more countries across the globe.

Discovery Phase

Inoxoft offers a Discovery phase to learn your end-users, market, and risks to increase chances of product success. They conduct requirements refining, determine project scope and provide the best time-money ratio for the development of educational software. Implementation of customized e-learning solutions at Inoxoft starts with exploring business needs, and understanding the client’s vision over the product to ensure both sides are on the same page.

App Development

E-learning app development at Inoxoft is done in compliance with intellectual property, certification approval legal processes, and necessary security rules. Inoxoft can empower teachers and students with software, which makes the learning process simpler, time- and cost-effective. LMS solutions are part of the company’s education software development. With education software development services from Inoxoft, businesses and educational institutions transform learning into an enjoyable online experience

IT Solutions and Software

Inoxoft provides a comprehensive set of digital solutions to enterprises of all sizes due to the most advanced technologies it uses. It covers software, web ad app development along with a complete design solution. Its development and design services begin with expert consulting for companies called the discovery phase. Its design services cover UI/UX design for all kinds of software products the company develops.

Data and Digital Transformation

Data is an essential input for any business these days and when an enterprise looks to adopt a digital strategy, data is the first place they start. Inoxoft offers data services which consist of data collection, structuring, and natural data processing to analysis including predictive and pricing analytics. The company also provides advanced data processing using Ai and Machine Learning. These of its solutions allow for greater automation and more intelligent processing of data through data engineering, deep learning, cognitive computing, ML model development, and more.


With its client-centric culture and philosophy around everything it does, Intelvision has quickly made a reputation for itself in the software development industry. Its vision to serve client needs is built around a very strong team of experts, mostly senior level IT specialists and developers. From the technologies it employs to the design principles as well as the entire development process, everything is about creating engaging, innovative and intuitive digital products. The company serves clients in Canada, the US, Australia, the UK, Israel, the UAE, EU countries, and more.

The company’s software products and solutions have met the needs of primary schools, high schools, universities, trade schools, and other education providers and successfully exceeded expectations. These consist of

Custom eLearning Software

Specialising in custom software development, Intelvision never fails to meet its client’s learning needs. Its software development experts work hard in designing custom learning solutions aimed at improving learner success, more engagement and retention, and improved results. Its learning solutions include gamified learning platforms, quiz apps, and online communication software.

Learning Management Systems

Of course, being in the learning industry, its LMS solutions are based on the most advanced features and functionalities such as communication interfaces, gamified environments which can be customised, and extensions that enable the setting up of a learning environment consisting of management of student learning, setting goals and tracking results.

Learning Content & Educational Platforms

Without a doubt, Intelvision excels at creating educational platforms that target the most practical learner needs such as accessibility, self-paced learning, engagement and others. It has been developing some of the most relevant educational content, understanding the learner needs of developing new skills, finding new opportunities and overall professional advancement.

Variable Learning Formats

Learning management systems and educational platforms by Intelvision come with features such as offline availability, inclusive languages, localisation and others. They also come with a range of learning formats such as blended, adaptive, face-to-face, etc. These features have been added to its products keeping in mind learner needs and experiences. Intelvision is continuously involved in user research, user experience audits to get to the heart of learning needs.

IT Craft

IT Craft is a software development firm that focuses on delivering top-notch mobile and website applications since 2001. They have a vast clientele from various industries such as healthcare, fintech, logistics, eCommerce, eLearning, Sport and Gaming, and Fantasy. With an experienced team of more than 350 professionals, they aim to deliver seamless and up-to-date business solutions to keep your operations up and running. IT Craft offers many solutions, some of which are:

Web Development

IT Craft provides a large set of customized web development services. From flexibility to timeliness and experience, IT Craft has it all covered. Whether you’re looking for an eCommerce website, a customized business website, or just looking to upgrade your old boring website, IT Craft can do it all.

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications are a whole new market, that helps you captivate and reach an even larger market. No matter which platform you target or what sort of apps, IT Craft will help you create a mobile application that has a great UI/UX experience. This way you can up your operations while tapping an even larger audience.

MVP Development

It doesn’t matter how great your startup idea is if it doesn’t reach the market. With IT Craft’s MVP development, you as a startup can maintain your development pace, deliver your promises consistently, and stay up to date with constant changes. With IT Craft you can change your dreams of running a successful startup into reality.


DevOps consulting services by IT Craft will help businesses of any size and structure, speed up operations, reduce downtime, and scale smart. IT Craft can help you address all your business needs effectively and efficiently, and put you on the path to success.

Automatic Testing

Automated testing helps simulate functions of software under scenarios that are predefined. For unhinged business operations, regular and flawless updates are of utmost importance. With automated testing, this is a dream that comes true, so that you can regularly update codes, and deliver your customers timely without increasing business costs.

Project Rescue

Software projects that are developed poorly are very common, even for large enterprises and startups. If you think that your software project is headed in the wrong direction, don’t worry, with IT Craft’s project rescue services you can get them back on track. That too without wasting resources such as time, money, and effort.


Established in 2015, KeenEthics is an ethical mobile and website development service that is spread across the US and Europe. Today, they have an experienced team of over 80 professionals, who have helped the firm satisfy over 20 clients from various industries including education, nonprofit, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, real estate, retail, and banking and finance.

They include various software development services including:

Web Development

Web development is way beyond creating websites for eCommerce. From advanced healthcare systems to learning management systems, it covers them all. KeenEthics has you covered, from a simple single page of static to a complex website. You can touch new heights of success with web development, and let KeenEthics help you realize your dreams.

Mobile Development

With an extensive experience in mobile app development, KeenEthics can help you utilize this channel to meet your business objectives. High-quality mobile apps can boost customer experiences and eventually business growth. KeenEthics loves to ensure that its products are loved by the users, and are of constant use to people.

Progressive Web Apps – PWA

PWA is a website that is designed to function as a mobile application. This means that you can access the website right off your home screen, similar to an app. You can navigate the website like an application, receive notifications, and also get excellent quality visual content, plus they’re extremely fast and convenient.

Minimum Viable Product – MVP

Not all ideas are realizable, that’s where an MVP drops in, with an MVP you can assess whether or not your idea will be able to earn money and recognition. In case, your idea is common, then the MVP will assess whether you’ll be able to stand out from the competition or not. KeenEthics aims to build a long-term partnership based upon trust, as an MVP developer.

Internet of Things – IoT

IoT has revolutionized the daily activities of both, individuals and businesses. Like using a biometric entry in place of attendance registers, or resource tracking systems instead of manual tracking. From hardware to software IoT has taken over. IoT professionals at KeenEthics ensure that components are effective, secure, and reliable.

Konstant Infosolutions

Since 2003 Konstant Infosolutions has been in the industry, serving clients with some of the best software solutions in the industry from the conventional web and app development to IoT solutions, AR/VR and wearables. It credits its excellent service and unique vision to its team of developers, engineers, designers, and analysts that are some of the best in the industry. The company has been setting standards not just for its products and services but is also known for its ethical practices. With a strong portfolio of clients and products, the company offers

Custom Software Development

As an emerging software solution provider, Konstant provides customised web development solutions, working with some of the best technologies. Through its comprehensive services and project management teams, it collaborates with companies through all stages of their software development cycle. Its teams are experts in providing web development in PHP, .Net and Java (frameworks such as Angular, React and Node). Its Magneto and WordPress eCommerce and CMS solutions are counted among some of the best.

Mobile App Development

Konstant has years of experience building and maintaining mobile apps, for Android, iOS as well as cross platforms for enterprises as well as startups. The cross platforms app development consists of React Native, Ionic and Flutter. Its app development services come with deep strategy consulting, prototyping and UI/UX design solutions.

Other digital Solutions

There is so much more to Konstant than being a simple website and app development provider. It is an emerging, innovative IT provider offering technological solutions such as NFT development, development of embedded software or wearable apps, IoT as well as solutions for cloud migration, cloud security, cloud configuration and cloud server.


What makes Logidots our favorite and different from other software development companies in the industry is that it specialises in offering services and solutions for startups. Founders in early-stage startups have ambitious goals and unique IT needs and it’s a different software development game that Logidots understands and strives to serve. Startups need products and solutions that are agile to meet their expansion and rapidly growing needs. Thus far Logidots has experience building and scaling many such products, making it the perfect choice. The range of services and solutions it offers are

Product Development

The company carries skills as well as talent that enable it to turn ideas into full-scale products for startups. It has been serving clients in the eLearning industry as well as healthcare, logistics and eCommerce since 2016, creating all sorts of products including apps for communication with IoT devices as well as APIs and SDKs. Its product development services are comprehensive, starting with idea development and wireframing all the way to product launch as well as after launch maintenance and improvement.

Digital Transformation

Because digital transformation is a company-wide project and not restricted to a single product or problem, it needs a unique approach especially when it comes to startups which are constantly evolving. Logidots offers a digital partnership where through a long-term relationship it helps develop IT infrastructure for enterprises from scratch, from consultation to development and deployment.

eLearning App Development

Logidots closely follows up with the increase in industry-wide demand for eLearning app development and makes sure it doesn’t disappoint. Not only does it offers a huge range of technology when it comes to development such as React Native. Flutter, Redis, MongoDB, Laravel, etc., it also offers quite some innovative features keeping in mind the present day trainer as well as learner needs. Its apps come with options for streamable videos, gamification of learning content, learner analytics and collaboration enabling chat and discussion features.

Milo Creative

Formed in 2002 by Paul Agent and Patros Lafazanidis, Milo Creative has always beat clients’ minds when it comes to building innovative web solutions. The award-winning company is stacked with dedicated and experienced software professionals who are passionate about designing and developing software that makes people’s lives better. Milo Creative collaborates with businesses, startups, and non-profit organizations that want to change the world. Whether it be cutting-edge digital services, educational games, gamification systems, or smart healthcare apps.

For effective delivery, the team collaborates closely with the client’s teams and their target audience, using app analytics and user feedback to improve the software output.

They offer UX designers and cross-platform app solutions, like user experience design, visual design, and branding, to app development and release. Here are some digital products Milo Creative offers.

Digital Product Design & Development

Milo Creative team of experts possesses skills that help to turn ideas into full-scale products for startups. The company has been serving clients in healthcare, logistics, and eCommerce.

The company is an expert in building high-quality digital products for IoT devices as well SDKs and APIs. Milo Creative will help clients develop outstanding IT solutions from start to finish. After the product launch, they also offer product maintenance and improvement.

User Experience Design & UX Prototyping

Milo pays keen attention to designs and is known for producing clear-cut design that inspires and motivates users. To bridge the gap between clients’ demand and web solutions, they perform ideation, research, designing, prototyping, user testing, and feedback.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

The company’s IT craft will pave the ways to bring your business dream to reality through professional auditing. As an MVP developer, Milo Creative has been able to build trust with clients by helping to maintain a growth pace, meet up with promises and stay updated with any constant change. They will also inform you whether you can stay ahead of your competitor or not.

Web Application Development

Milo is driven by the passion for providing powerful web applications that are performance-driven and tailored for any type and size of the company. You’re certain to get high-quality web apps to help define your business across all platforms, whether Android or iOS. In other words, you will get customer-centric web solutions focused on setting you apart from your competitors.

Mobile Application Development

When it comes to mobile application solutions, Milo creative offers all the essentials. Milo Creative has a deep understanding of all the latest mobile app frameworks to give clients a constructive solution of both native and cross platforms. The team of IT professionals will work with you from concept to the launch of your mobile apps and provide any additional support needed.

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is a Texas based software development company that has reached clients all over the world. Established in 2009, Mutual Mobile offers a variety of digital services to various businesses such as Edtech, e-commerce, retail, finance, technology, etc.

The company has mastered the art of providing tailored products for business solutions. Inspired by innovation and the desire to change the dev world, Mutual Mobile is among one of the world’s first dev companies to launch an app in the Apple Store.

With a strong portfolio in apps, Mutual Mobile also partners with companies in product design, developing emerging technology, strategy and providing support to its clients for the smooth running of their business. Their services include:

Product Design

The goal of a successful design is to help the audience communicate their message. Mutual Mobile has mastered the art of materialising imaginations. From researching to planning out, creating and test running your designs to ensure it impresses your target audience.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions is one of the services Mutual Mobile offers to give companies customised solutions for business growth. Mutual Mobile partners with AWS stack to build blended learning products for educational brands like Pearson. You can use cloud migration service to help move your business process to the cloud and save on server costs.

Custom Software Development

Mutual Mobile has curated exceptional ways to enable business design, create and maintain their software product. The company also develops bespoke software through detailing business’ objective and developing custom software in a timely fashion to make for a smarter business process.

Web Development

Part of the digital services is its web development which makes clients testify of their touch of award winning web experiences. You can be sure of getting the most exciting web apps from the team that meets all your web needs.

Personalised Support

Mutual Mobile can only be supportive to students and help increase their learning curve. They offer to help build blended learning products which helps students increase their literacy two grades at a time.

Mobile App Development

Over the years, there has been a great increase of mobile users, which has opened the door for most businesses. The high-tech team at Mutual Mobile are professionals in creating tip notch apps across various OS. The company offers services in mobile apps including the entire lifecycle. With a main focus in UX/UI design and performance for digital function.


Rushkar is an IT startup founded in 2016, in India, with operations spread across the globe. They’ve successfully served a large number of businesses across various industries including healthcare, transportation, media, logistics, oil & gas, and education.

Their services include:

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development is an approach that includes multi-disciplinary functions, like customer relationship management, business intelligence, order fulfillment and operations, online payment process, and accounting, among many others.

Website Design & Development

Web designing and development describes the process of creating a website. It involves two major operations, designing, and developing a website. The web design assesses how will the website look and feel. On the other hand, website development determines the functionality of the website.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development entails processes involved in creating an application to run on your smartphone. Native platforms for mobile app development include Android for Android devices including Google and Samsung and iOS for Apple devices.

Cloud Service Consulting

Being a cloud service consultant, Rushkar can help you with cloud advisory, migration, data and analytics, DevOps, business compliance and security, and cloud operations and optimization. These services ensure the seamless and efficient operation of clouds while maximizing performance.

IoT using Raspberry Pi

The internet of things or IoT refers to hardware and software devices to ease operations. IoT development using raspberry pi is a low-cost solution, developers can build anything using it, from drones to skateboards.


A software company with expertise in digital products and 5 years of industry experience, Rocketech works to be a partner in ideas and growth for its clients. With a team with skills, dedication and willingness to tackle the most complex IT needs, the company works with a unique model of client interaction which involves collaborating with the clients to bring their thoughts, ideas and processes to life in a flexible and transparent way. Its model of cooperation when working with its clients aims to foster long term relationships and a greater understanding of client needs.

With the best tools and the most up to date technological features, Rocketech offers services such as

Web & Mobile Development

Rocketech is engaged in web and mobile development, serving small businesses, start-ups as well as large enterprises. The company works with languages such as Java, JavaScript, Go, PHP, Swift, etc., along with more than 100 frameworks to make sure it is well equipped to bring the best solutions to meet client needs. The company’s tech stack consists of the best frontend (Angular, React, Redux, React Hooks, MobX, Vue.js) and backend technologies (Python, Django, Spring Boot, PHP, Node.js, Koa 2, etc).

Consulting & Management

It’s not just development that the company offers, but also consulting services as part of its software solutions. Clients are brought on board and engaged in a partnership when working on respective projects. The goal at Rocketech is to deliver more than just software solutions; it’s to deliver value through shared experiences and ensure return on investments for our clients.

Cloud / DevOps

Rocketech solutions are integrated with cloud storage, from development, and testing to deployment, understanding full well the needs of businesses looking for digital transformation. The cloud providers it works with consist of AWS, SES, DigitalOcean and Hetzner Cloud Provider.

Digital Product Design

Digital solutions offered by Rocketech include product design as well. The company specializes in custom UX/UI, developing brand identity, and illustrations, and covering everything else that adds to the visuals of the product.


With Saritasa’s mission to build bridges between clients and their tech needs, it has earned a spot on our list. Understanding that businesses need to focus on their core products and goals and also sometimes lack understanding and clear direction for a digital transformation, the company takes a business-centric approach. With this approach, Saritasa goes from advising and consulting businesses on building their IT vision to helping build technological capabilities through innovative solutions. This it does on the back of its team of experts with years of industry experience which help deliver to the clients and help meet their challenges. Its solutions and services consist of:

Web and Mobile Development

Saritasa offers custom web development solutions which begin with consulting at no extra cost for its clients. Its website development includes offering system workflow – a fully loaded solution consisting of design, frontend & backend, database, as well as server scale all customised for individual client needs. Similarly, for mobile development as well, the company developers are experts at designing and developing customised iOS, Android as well as cross-platform apps.

AR/VR Development

A very unique service that Saritasa offers is 3D application development for all the different platforms such as web, mobile, desktop, virtual reality and augmented reality. The clients are assured of in-house development of their software or app and are in for a collaborative journey as their ideas are being turned into reality. Moreover, the clients are handed over the source code as well adding transparency and ownership to the entire process.

Database Development

Databases are increasingly becoming important with the crease in data being generated everywhere along with being mined for value addition and innovation. Saritasa provides solutions for building as well as maintaining customised and optimised database systems which can be easily scaled as per client needs.


Saritasa also offers DevOps services for IT infrastructure, cloud solutions as well as system security. With some of the best engineers and developers, the company offers to build, manage and maintain some of the most complex IT systems.


SilkWeb is another such company that is involved in providing eLearning solutions, learning management systems and other professional development services since 2006. Its clientele has mostly included tribal schools and colleges which it serves through the Bureau of Indian Education and State college systems and is an 8(a) program participant. Since its beginning, the company has been Native American and women-owned as well as operated, serving clients with products and services that are research-driven and innovative. It has a team of experts in design and technical consultancy which means that its solutions are designed and developed in-house.

To this day the company has served organisations of almost any size, ranging from 300 to 50,000+ learners. Its services consist of

eLearning Content

SilkWeb provides eLearning course design, in a comprehensive way. The company manages the development process from the very first step to the last, bringing together a team of writers, subject matter experts, designers as well as developers to produce solutions which are engaging and help improve retention rate as well as job performance. Its course production design covers developing course content, writing scripts, audio production as well as LMS integration. In addition to these, its courses are aimed at being culturally inclusive as well as responsive.

LMS Administration

In addition to offering LMS, this software development company also offers LMS management and administration services and these include LMS integration, White-Glove content migration and LMS courseware. But it does not end here. It offers support services as well which are crucial to its administration support such as user registration and user training, LTI platform branding as well as other kinds of content support. There is also dedicated virtual support available. The clients have the option to design their LMS package with the services that best suit the needs of their organisation as well as their learners.

Workforce Academy

Another crucial service that SilkWeb offers is developing unique and custom training solutions for employee training and skill development. This training material is aimed at providing employees with relevant industry knowledge and skill as well as advancement in their respective careers. The company has served clients in almost every industry by now including manufacturing, distribution, US government, legal services, pharmaceuticals and more. It offers content in Cybersecurity, CMMC, Compliance, and Leadership.


SimbirSoft is an IT outsourcing firm that was established in 2001. Today they have a vast team of over 1400 experienced professionals and have served various industries including banking & finance, medicine, education, retail, and foodtech. Over the years SimbirSoft has helped realize dreams of startups to large enterprises, with a clientele of over 700 happy customers.

SimbirSoft has received excellent ratings and rewards from GoodFirms, TopDevelopers, Global Outsourcing 100, and CNews. Some of the services that they provide include:

IT Outsourcing

SimbirSoft believes in connecting commands quickly, while guaranteeing results. Under the supervision of their full-time specialists, they can help you solve all problems across all complexities, from strengthening your team to helping you develop your project. They will become a part of your team and industry, and acquaint themselves with all processes and trends.

Mobile App Development

SimbirSoft has been developing apps since 2008 and has successfully developed over 260 mobile IT products alongside solutions that are out-of-the-box for different market segments. SimbirSoft will help you at any stage of app development, from analysis to testing and support, and anywhere in between.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Quality assurance will help boost your confidence about the quality of your product, and ensure that it aligns with your objectives and the expectations of your audience. SimbirSoft has helped over 400 systems ensure quality, in over 10 years, to ensure that clients meet their business objectives.

Product Rescue

If your IT product is malfunctioning, during the development stage, or post the launch, SimbirSoft will have your back. They will restore your system and prepare your product for immediate release just as you like it. With extensive experience in saving IT systems over the past decade, SimbirSoft can easily rescue you, and save your product as well.


Skyracle is an IT consulting, software development, and marketing agency, that commenced operations in 2013. With a team of just over 50 experienced professionals, they have served various industries such as education and eLearning, retail and eCommerce, banking and finance, real estate, and media and entertainment.

Skyracle believes in delivering to businesses of all sizes and structures. Their solutions include:

Digital Consulting & Strategy

The digital marketing industry has been evolving constantly and will keep on doing so. In this case, it’s exceptionally challenging for a business to keep up, especially if you’re a small business. So, with Skyracle’s experienced digital marketing team of over 8 years, up your digital marketing services. From organic SEO strategies to ethical methods, Skyracle has you covered.

Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is typically crucial for all sizes of businesses, this will help you stand apart from the competition while developing customer loyalty. You can benefit from Skyracle’s experience of catering to a wide range of businesses. From an attractive and outstanding logo to add value to your business, to a professional business brand, Skyracle will design you a tailor-made brand strategy.

IT Consulting and Strategy

IT consulting helps businesses formulate IT strategies regarding hardware, software, cloud technologies, and policies. This helps them assess the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of IT-related resources. With Skyracle, you can reduce costs while increasing the efficiency of your business.

eCommerce Development

Skyracle will deliver you eCommerce development solutions that tick all boxes, such as fabulous UI/UX designs, and SEO optimization, to help you tap a larger market through search engines. With customized websites that work perfectly on all browsers and devices, you can up your SEO game, and rank on top on Google. Also, don’t worry about cloud servers because Skyracle guarantees 99.99% uptime, so you can cater to customers at any time.

Spiral Scout

Spiral Scout is a San Francisco-based software development firm that has offices across Europe. Established in 2010, Spiral Scout offers a large variety of digital products for all sizes and types of businesses, in industries such as eCommerce and retail, EdTech, and technology.

Spiral Scout has mastered the art of providing tailor-made solutions for business problems. Before trying anything out, make sure you ask for your free quote, so you’re fully acquainted with Spiral Scout. Their services include:

Product Strategy

A product strategy will help you define your business’s vision for the products you offer. Spiral Scout can help you do so by defining where your products will go, how will they get there, and why will they stand successful. This strategy will narrow down your focus to the target audience, rather than trying to please everyone.

Product Design

A successful product design is to understand your audience. And Spiral scout has mastered that art. They will help bring your imagination to reality. From researching whether there is a market even in the first place to creating, planning, and testing your product for the market and especially the audience you intend to target.

Full-Stack Development

Rather than juggling between the front and back-end developers, a full-stack developer will help you with both domains. At Spiral Scout, full-stack development will help you get into the depth of the computer system application, by perfecting your user interface, and design while making it work seamlessly and keeping it free from bugs.

Digital Marketing

Spiral Scout is a one-stop solution for businesses from ideation to launch, they’re there for you. So once you have your product or application ready, you will need to avail marketing services to reach your audience. In this era marketing is digital marketing, where you connect with your customers online through various sites and applications. Digital marketing is inclusive of all, email, social media, web, text, as well as multimedia messaging.

StarTele Logic

StarTele Logic is one of the leading software development firms. They believe in offering software and application development solutions that are innovative and secure. Encrypted with multiple layers of security, bid farewell to the fear of hacking, and unanticipated security risks. StarTele Logic believes in enabling a digital transformation for all enterprises through their seamless software and application development solutions.

StarTele Logic offers numerous software development solutions. Some of those are:

Unified Communications as a Service – UCaaS

In this modern world where businesses are going online and remote, UCaaS from StarTele Logic makes it easier for businesses to do so. This will give you an excellent opportunity to expand connectivity across your organization. If you’re looking to shift remote, and want undisrupted communication solutions, this is your place to go.

Session Border Controller – SBC

SBC can be both a hardware device or even a software application that looks over how phone calls are initiated. It secures VoIP or voice over internet protocol networks to control signaling. Apart from phone calls, it’s also involved in setting up and tearing down other interactive media communications. So, if you’re looking for better and controlled communication, SBC is a must have.

Hosted Contact Centre

A hosted contact center must be flawless, this is because it’s a bridge between you and your customers. It will transform your old-school contact center into an updated online contact center, with all your crucial data online and secured. This will speed up operations, upgrade your business and help you run it in an efficient way. StarTele Logic can help you build a hosted contact center tailored to your demands, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, they have you covered.

Unified Communications

Unified communications deliver and combine various communication channels of the enterprise. These channels include voice, video, messaging, and content sharing. Services include control, management, and integration of various communication channels. StarTele Logic believes in making communication easy for firms of all sizes, structures, and industries.

Carrier Billing As A Service

Carrier billing is an online payment system, that works based on a mobile carrier. This means you easily make purchases without a debit or credit card, using your mobile phone bill. As StarTele Logic believes in automated and easy payment solutions, you can easily offer customers more payment options to cater to a larger audience.


TatvaSoft is a leading software development firm established in 2001. They have successfully served across various industries including health, eCommerce, education, and travel. Their clientele consists of names like KFC Ferrero Rocher, AngloAmerican, and Brightstar. Today they employ over 1000 trained and experienced professionals and offer various software and IT Solutions, such as

Software Development Services

TatvaSoft offers custom-made software development services, that are tailored to meet your complex yet unique business objectives while providing you with a competitive edge. With over 1800 successful projects and over 18 years of experience, TatvaSoft offers bespoke software development services.

Mobile Application development

Mobile users have drastically increased over the past decade. This has opened new doors for businesses. The highly experienced team at TatvaSoft can help you create high-quality and top-notch apps, across various platforms, to be inclusive of all. They mainly focus on UI/UX design, security, and performance while keeping up with best practices.

Web Development Services

TatvaSoft aims to transform your ideas into next-gen innovative web apps while enduring your requirements, and offering top-notch web development solutions. At the same time, TatvaSoft will keep up with changing dynamics, trends, and demands to meet your and the market’s expectations. Expertise combined with user-friendly applications results in better customer experience, and boosted agility of the business.

Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services

Enhance your business with seamless applications and websites, which is only possible through implementing excellent testing and QA methods and tools. The innovative yet forward approach at TatvaSoft has enabled them to minimize bugs, reduce cycle time, and mitigate errors. The resourceful yet dedicated team of engineers provides reliable, robust, and scalable QA and testing software solutions.

eCommerce Development Services

One of the fastest-growing industries is eCommerce, hence collaborating with the industry is a priority for businesses. TatvaSoft has made it their goal to establish online stores that are advanced and smart. With assistance from their skillful and resourceful eCommerce developer team, they aim to develop and online eCommerce platforms that are scalable and ready for the future.


Technostacks is a leading mobile app development company in USA, UK & India. They are one of the key players when it comes to creating digital products that provide readily available solutions. Since its inception, the company has served various industries, ranging from healthcare, banking, education, automobile, and agriculture.

The company has staff equipped to build versatile digital solutions for startups and large enterprises. Having partnered with various industries, Technostack has maintained a long relationship with clients through satisfactory services.

With creating products carved to the business needs using scalable SaaS and IoT software solutions for startups and enterprises across the world. Some of the solutions Technostacks offers are:

Internet of Things

IoT services enable safer, more efficient, and creative solutions, which has revolutionized the daily activities of individuals and businesses alike. Tecknostacks will produce software solutions that use biometric entry and resource tracking devices for seamless business running.

Web & Mobile Solutions

With Technostacks, clients are certain to be stunned with entertaining, fast-loading web and mobile solutions that will bring them to a new plane and increase conversion rates. With a fast, talented team of experts, Technostacks will help your business with all manner of applications across various operating systems (OS). The team has built a record in crafting beautiful mobile and web apps, and designing technology-driven solutions, whether for a premium or customized services for hybrid, Android, and iOS applications.

Enterprise & SMEs

Technostacks is filled with seasoned developers and designers to help businesses of any size and structure. Clients can now be certain to get highly consistent, safe, navigable, and engaging applications. This makes it easy for enterprises, companies, and SMEs to drive their businesses in the best way possible.

Cloud & DevOps

Tech stack is the benchmark and centralized platform for testing, deployment as well as production. It is obvious that DevOps automation has turned cloud-centric. And with the centralized nature of cloud computing, Technostacks is sure to offer cloud computing & DevOps services to help speed up operation and reduce downtime for effective business processes.


Technostacks bridge the gaps between the virtual and real worlds by delivering AR/VR solutions. Our AR/VR teams have expertise in gaming, education, PR, advertising, real estate, retail, and manufacturing domains. So, you are certain to get the best when it comes to 3D application development for various platforms like desktop, mobile, web, augmented, and virtual reality.

Artificial Intelligence

For years, Technostack has been delivering complex yet beautiful solutions for our clients to solve software problems. The company produces AI softwares for your web and mobile apps that cuts across all platforms, including retail, finance, eCom, and many more. These advancements make it easy for clients to enhance their businesses and optimize revenue streams.


Techsaga is an international software development company, operating in the UK, the US and the UAE since 2012. The company has a strong team of designers, creators, developers and strategists at the centre of all it does and over time has built a strong name for itself with its unique product offerings. What makes this company an interesting one and gets a spot on our list is that it combines management with IT consulting helping companies to move towards a digital revolution. Its software and digital solutions are

Digital Transformation

As a solution provider in the IT industry, Techsaga has all kinds of expertise in offering solutions for digital transformation. It offers strategy consulting along with DevOps to help set up workflow systems that work best for individual clients and their business needs. As part of services to develop and enhance IT infrastructures, the company also offers IoT solutions, smart automation and blockchain solutions for data and information exchange within organisations.

Web and App Development

Techsaga also offers custom website design and development as well as the development of applications. Through specialised IT teams, it also makes sure to offer services to continuously update and maintain applications improving operations and increasing efficiency.

Branding and Marketing

There are also services and solutions that Techsaga offers to enterprises for assisting them as they foray into another digital field. The company offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions for young and established businesses in almost every industry. Its solutions include brand management, influential marketing and online reputation management, with a single goal of improving ROI.

Other IT Services

Last but not least, complementing its specialised services, Techsaga has a range of IT support services such as managed IT outsourcing, IT support services tailored for startups, incubation services and more.


TekRevol is a digital transformation company that focuses on producing high-quality digital solutions since its inception. With fully functional offices in the United States and Dubai, TekRevol prides itself in creating mobile app and game development,  custom software development, technology consultancy, and more to ensure clients enjoy a full swing in business growth.

TekRevol believes in leveraging technology to create amazing digital solutions that will transform the world and businesses beyond imagination. With a team of experts in technology, marketing and digitization, the company has been coming down with dynamic technology and solutions which are able to lift businesses in any industry or sector.

TekRevol has also started investing in emerging technologies like NFTs, Metaverse, Blockchain, and extended reality and aims to double down on flooring the associated talent for similar clients in the future. TecRevol offers lots of solutions, some of which are:

Custom Software Development

TekRevol is one of those companies known for producing top-notch software solutions to take your business to your desired plane. Recognized across the industry, TekRevol has built some incredible custom softwares that helped businesses deliver their short or long-term goals.

Stacked with assorted teams, the company can handle any form of custom software development from startups to large-size businesses. You can empower your business and lead with automation through web development in PHP, Java, and .Net.

Web Development

The company’s web dev team partners with clients with the freedom to grow and scale at their desired pace. The team works with JavaScript, Swift, PHP, and other frameworks to ensure that clients get the best when it comes to web development.  You will also get access to the best of frontend and backend technologies such as (Angular, React Native, React Hooks, Python, Spring Boots, and more.

Wearable App Development

TekRevol keeps upping their game when it comes to wearable techs. Fueled with the desire for innovation, clients can get access to stunning wearable devices like smart glasses, smart watches, light emitting glasses, VR/AR headsets, and more for effective studies and business folks.

Using various high-tech software, the TekRevol team of experts has been able to pull a range of wearable devices for Android or iOS, perfect for all users and purposes. Whether you are looking for Android Wear App devices or devices suitable for health monitors to fitness trackers, TekRevol will deliver.

Game Development

TekRevol provides some of the best game development services you can ask for. The company has a history of creating engaging games with user revenue generation options. Using the most cutting-edge platform, you are sure to get your favorite games, for business or education, in no time. From PhoneGap, Cocos2D-X, HTML, isometric, 2D, or 3D, the company got your back.

If you’re a business looking for an eLearning software, this could be a good starting place to learn some basics of what’s being offered out there. But our evaluation is in no way exhaustive.

There is so much more that you need to consider when making the decision. It’s always best to reach out and discuss what would work for the product or service you want to offer to your users and the results you desire to achieve from your enterprise.

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