3 Better Ways (Instead of Scholarships) to Pay Less for College

We’ve all heard the advice:

“If you want to afford college, you need to get scholarships!”

But, are scholarships REALLY the best way to lowering the cost of college in 2021??

Are there BETTER ways to pay less for a degree?

Here at, our mission is to make college more affordable for everyone…

…thousands of students utilize our free college savings tool every month so they could help lower the cost of a degree by up to 30%.

So, we’re always on the lookout to help everyone save.

Here’s what we found:

Scholarships: Still the Best Option?

The sad truth: Nope. They’re likely not worth your time.

I know what you’re thinking, “Wait??? I was told there are billions of dollars in scholarships I can get!”

Unfortunately, that’s only a half-truth.  Here’s why:

Not Made for Busy Adults

Yes, there are billions of scholarships out there.  However, most are only applicable for 18 year olds coming out of high school, specific geographic areas, etc…not for busy adults going back to school.

For example, many scholarships are for College Athletes who are going to play in competitive college sports. That just doesn’t apply for us working adults.

Not Worth the Investment of Time

There’s no guarantee you’ll win the scholarship.

You could spend months and months of time applying to every scholarship on the planet…and never receive a penny!

We even hired a professional mathematician to calculate the exact probability of scholarship awards you’d likely receive based on the amount of time invested (See the details and mathematical equations here)

What did we find?? Assuming your time is worth only $12/hr…your likely return on investment applying to a scholarship is…

Ready?  -$41.12  Negative!

It just doesn’t make sense for busy adults.

So what does make sense…what are better options?

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Better Ways to Save on Your Degree

#1: Tuition Discounts

This amazing secret is designed to instantly lower the cost of your degree anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the school.


Yep, no scholarship applications needed.  Just instant savings right off the top that could equate to a huge chunk of money. Awesome!

Universities work with certain partner organizations (like to provide these discounts and help lower the expense of college.

It’s a little known secret, and available at tons of colleges across the country: big, small, public, private, etc.

How Do I Find These Discounts??

Easy. Take 2 minutes and try our free tool it will instantly find colleges that match your needs and create your SmartPlan.  We’ve gone out and organized many discounts at universities across the country you could be eligible for. See what schools are possible for you>>


#2: CLEP Exams

Rather than taking certain courses at college, you could instead take an $87 CLEP exam to satisfy the requirement.  Pass the test, satisfy the course, and avoid paying full tuition.  There are over 33 different exams to choose from.

I love this option, but there’s *one thing* to remember…as long as the university accepts CLEP.

So, Where Can I Find Schools Accepting CLEP?

Right here at  Register for free, and create your instant Smartplan to find which college match your needs and could accept CLEP! Check it out >


#3: Free Courses for Credit

Most people don’t realize they can take courses online that could receive credit towards their degree when they enroll at college.

  1. Lowering the price of college,
  2. Preparing you to be successful, and
  3. Helping you potentially finish more quickly.

That’s why we created…to help make college more affordable and accessible.

Take as many college-level courses as you’d like…online, from anywhere, at your own pace, for FREE.

We’ve worked out relationships where participating universities across the country could give you credit for the courses you’ve finished.

Start taking as many free courses as you’d like>>.  Learn about criminal justice, psychology, marketing, computer programming, business and much more.


What You Should Do Next

While the mighty scholarship isn’t what it used to be in terms of college saving for adults…that’s OK.  As we’ve shown above, new (and better) options have emerged to take it’s place.

Figure out what’s possible for you Take 2 minutes and try our free College Savings tool it will instantly find colleges that could match your needs, and identify secret perks. We call it SmartPlan. You’ll get access to all of the above, and more.

And help you get the affordable degree you need to make your life better…for you and your family.

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