College Insider: How to Get Your Degree Without Taking SATs

Let’s be honest…

Entrance exams are awful.

They were awful when we were 17…

…and really awful as a busy adult with kids, work, and responsibilities.

But, if you’re looking to get that degree for a better career or lifestyle, isn’t it required??

Not anymore.

CEO Grant Aldrich joins us…an Education Expert appearing in Forbes, Bloomberg, Yahoo, and countless others.

He created, the #1 college savings platform, to help people save time and money and find the secret college perks out there for free.

He’s now going to tell us how the SAT is no longer necessary to get that degree and the better life we want.


Getting Your Degree Without the SAT

“Yep, everyone hates entrance exams like the SAT.” says Grant.

“It stopped people for years.  They never took the first step because of that test…

…but that’s all changed now.”


So What Changed?

“There are tons of accredited schools out there that no longer require the SAT.


Really?? That’s Amazing. Which Schools Offer This?

“All kinds of accredited and ranked colleges across the country.  Public, private, big, small, and more.”

“And, here’s the coolest part…

I’ve made this simple tool you can use to find them.  4 years of research went into creating this list, and there’s nothing else like it.”

Recommended Schools

That’s a HUGE Perk…Did Anything Else Change?

“Tons! There’s never been a better time to go to college.”

“There are modern perks that make is so easy to get a degree within your busy schedule, online from home or a coffee shop, without application fees, or paying full price for tuition.

…part of what I do is educate people on how amazing this is.  All of the hurdles to get started are effectively gone now.”


So What Do You Suggest Someone Do?

“First step, try our our free college savings tool…you’ll instantly get a ton of cool info. I call it Smartplan.” Says Grant.

“There’s 2 reasons why…

Reason #1: I’ve made it simple for you to find those great accredited colleges with all of the secret perks so you don’t have to take the SAT, or commute to some campus on your day off…”

“And Reason #2, most importantly: I’ve organized free courses and tuition discounts that could instantly lower the cost of your degree at varied schools across the country and potentially save you thousands of dollars in money and time.”

No SATs, No Applications Fees, AND Lower Tuition?

“Yep, it’s now all possible!  Take 2 mins and see what degree options are available to you.”

Thanks, Grant!


Recommended Schools