4 Secret Ways To Pay Less For Your College Degree

We’ve all seen the studies.

People typically earn far more money with a college degree vs without.

We know how valuable it is.

BUT, the key thing on everyone’s mind is “How do I get the degree and save thousands of dollars??”

Dont worry, here’s how you could take your first steps today:


Secret #1- Tuition Discounts

Colleges actually have secret discounts available to instantly lower the cost of your degree anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the school.

Yep, no weekends spent applying for scholarships.

Just instant savings right off the top that could remove thousands of dollars from the price tag.

How is this possible, you ask? Universities work with certain partner organizations (like to provide these discounts and help lower the expense of college.

It’s a little known secret, and available at tons of colleges across the country: big, small, public, private, etc.

That’s Amazing…So How Do I Find These Discounts then?

Easy.  Take 2 minutes and try our free savings tool it will instantly see colleges that match your needs and discounts they offer.  We’ve gone out and organized many discounts at universities across the country you could take advantage of.


Secret #2- Avoid Schools That Require Application Fees and SATs

People can often spend $1000 or more applying to a bunch of schools and taking SAT prep courses.

Plus, who wants to take the SAT?!

Well, the good news is you don’t have to!

We help find schools that either waive the application fees when you register at for free, AND don’t require SATs or entrance exams to enroll!  Check it out!

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Secret #3- Choose Online Education

College housing, gas, parking permits, babysitters…it all adds up.

When you commute to school on a traditional college campus, these are real costs you could incur.

Part of what makes an online education so affordable is the fact that there is no need to move halfway across the country, or drive 3 times a week to a traditional college campus.

You learn from the comfort of your own home or your favorite coffee shop. This one fact alone could save you THOUSANDS toward your college education.


Secret #4- Free Courses for Credit

This is a big one…

Did you know you could take online courses that receive credit towards your degree when you enroll at college?

  1. Lowering the price of college,
  2. Preparing you to be successful, and
  3. Helping you potentially finish more quickly.

Yep. That’s why we created…to help make college more affordable and accessible.

Take as many college-level courses as you’d like…online, from anywhere, at your own pace, for FREE.

We’ve then worked out relationships where participating universities across the country could give you credit for the courses you’ve finished.

Start taking as many free courses as you’d like>>.  Learn about criminal justice, psychology, marketing, computer programming, business and much more.


What You Should Do Next

You now have the secrets that could make your degree a reality.

These are gamechangers…you no longer need to wait on making a better life for you and your family.

That’s why we created  We help you plan a path to get all of the above and more. We call it SmartPlan.  Instantly get yours within a few minutes, and start today to a new successful you.

Take 2 Minutes and try our free savings tool >>


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