The Secret Checklist: Getting Your College Degree Faster, Cheaper, and Easier

Don’t overpay for college.

I made this mistake, but you don’t have to.

That’s why it’s my mission to share these secret tips to make your college degree cheaper, faster, and easier…

…without scholarships or losing your free time.

I’ve even been featured in Forbes, American Express, BusinessWeek, and hundreds of other outlets for my work.

Helping thousands of busy adults like you on their journey…

…So YOU can make a better life for yourself and your family.

Now, I’m going to share that secret list with you.


Secret #1- Tuition Discounts

Colleges actually have secret discounts available to instantly lower the cost of your degree anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on the school.

Yep, no scholarships necessary!

Just instant savings that could remove thousands of dollars from the price tag.

It’s a little known secret, and available at tons of colleges across the country: big, small, public, private, etc.

Grant, that’s Amazing…So How Do I Find These Discounts then?

Easy.  Take 2 minutes and create your free profile at  The team has curated one of the largest collection of discounts at universities across the country for you to utilize.


Secret #2- Get Your Degree Online

Student housing, gas, parking permits, babysitters…it all adds up.

When you commute to a traditional college campus, these are real costs you could incur.

Instead, learn from the comfort of your own home or your favorite coffee shop with an online degree…

…this one fact alone could save you THOUSANDS toward your college education.

Don’t disrupt your current life.

Don’t incur extra costs commuting to a campus every week.

Choose online and save.

Recommended Schools

Secret #3- Free Courses for Credit

This is a big one…

Did you know you could take free online courses that receive credit towards your degree?

  1. Lowering the price of college,
  2. Helping you potentially finish more quickly.

Pretty amazing.  How does this work?

The old traditional way meant taking all the courses you need at a university…which translated to higher tuition and possibly more time



…you could now take some of those college-level courses online, from anywhere, at your own pace, for free. has worked out relationships where participating universities across the country could give you credit for the courses you’ve finished.

Create your quick profile here so you can take free courses >>

Learn about criminal justice, psychology, marketing, computer programming, business and more…and get closer to your degree doing it!


Secret #4- Avoid Schools That Require Application Fees and SATs

You could spend $1000 or more applying to a bunch of schools and taking SAT prep courses.

Plus, who wants to take the SAT?!

Here’s the Good News…you don’t have to.

You dont need to take the SAT, you don’t need to pay application fees.

Just go here and you can find awesome colleges that waive the application fees, AND don’t require SATs or entrance exams to enroll!

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Secret #5- Utilize Free Advisors

One of the greatest things available for busy adults are free advisors.

These friendly and knowledgeable people are here to HELP YOU…it’s their job.  Free.

Planning out your degree, knowing what you need, what prior credits you’ve taken can be applied to your degree, etc. these advisors can help you do it all:

  • Help Create a Plan For You
  • Can Identify Ways to Save
  • Answer Questions

In other words, make sure you talk to these people…utilize all the free resources you can.

But, Grant, Where Do I Find These Advisors?

Glad you asked…my next secret tells you just that:


Secret #6- Red Carpet Colleges

There’s an old phrase, “Go Where You’re Treated Best.”

That’s what I call the “Red Carpet” colleges…they understand adults, and the no-hassle experience adults expect.

Most people don’t know this…tons of accredited universities across the country have made the college experience better for adults so they can go back to school and get their degree.

What do I mean?

The No-Hassle Experience

  • No SATs or Entrance Exams
  • No Application Fees
  • Year Round Enrollment (i.e. you don’t need to wait for Fall or Spring)
  • Accelerated Programs
  • Free Courses Friendly
  • Free Advisors
  • Adult Support Resources
  • …much much more.

It’s a game changer.  In my opinion, these schools make the dream of going back to get a degree so achievable and easy.

Where Can I Find These Colleges?

Take 2 minutes and use this free tool here > .  You’ll not only be able to identify those schools with these awesome perks, but also find ways to potentially save with free courses or discounts.

Recommended Schools


Secret #7- Don’t Do What I Did…The “Hard Way”

I compiled a list of the normal mainstream things we’re all told to do…

…things I wish I avoided in my college journey.  Here they are:

My College Regrets

  • Time Applying for Scholarships
  • Finding and Researching Schools
  • Community College Expenses (Gas, Parking Fees, etc)
  • Application Fees
  • SAT Exam Prep and Fees
  • Living on Campus
  • Missed Wages Over 4 Years
  • Paying Full Tuition

Here’s the good news though…You could now avoid these!  I wasted all of that time and money doing things the Hard Way, to reflect and save everyone else from doing the same.


Instead of repeating those mistakes I made, you now have the secrets above.  The secrets that could help you:

  • Quickly Find Your Red Carpet Colleges
  • Avoid Application Fees
  • Avoid the SAT
  • Enroll Faster
  • Take Free Courses to Lower Tuition
  • Use Instant Discounts to Save Thousands
  • Get Your Degree Faster
  • Avoid Headaches and Hassles


What You Should Do Next

You now have the secrets…go make your degree and dreams a reality.

These are gamechangers…you no longer need to wait on making a better life for you and your family.

Ill leave you with a quote that’s helped me dearly:

Start Here:

Take 2 Minutes and try the free savings tool >>


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