How She Paid Almost Nothing for Medical Assistant Training

Today we are talking about Kim S., who wanted to start a Career as a Medical Assistant,

But didn’t have the luxury to enroll in a costly full-time degree program that would take two years to complete.

Instead, she found a way to complete her training within months, without student loans or driving to college every day.

Full-Time Programs for training in Medical Assistance can be expensive, with programs ranging from $8,000 to $20,000.

Not everyone can afford these big price tags and want something affordable.

BUT, Kim paid a fraction of that.

She relied on two main pillars, and today we’ll share those with you.

Pillar #1 – Over 89% of Employers Want Certified Medical Assistants

According to a recent study*, over 89% of employers want the Medical Assistants they hire to be certified.

Having a certification is the #1 requirement for any Medical Assistant they hire.

But how do you get certified as a Medical Assistant?

Nationally Recognized Institutions like the NHA conduct an examination, and  once you clear that you’re a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA).

Most employers are likely to give preference to certified medical assistants.

Pillar #2 – Training That Prepares You For Certification

So, ultimately you need a training program that prepares you for certification.

You can either enroll in a full-time degree program, or you can do what Kim did, enroll in an Online Certification Program.

Online Certification Programs through a University power you with all the skills to crush the certification exams.

And the best thing…they cost significantly less than a full-time degree program.

Not only that, they are faster and more accessible, giving you the freedom to learn from the comfort of your home.

How Kim Used This To Her Advantage


Kim took advantage of this. She found an affordable online training program and avoided getting into student loan debt.

Not just that, she saved more as she didn’t have to drive to college every day or spend extra on accommodation, textbooks, etc.

Her Online Training Program was more accessible, she could study anytime, anywhere, training material & digital textbooks were all included and she also got a free laptop.

And that’s the story of how Kim got her medical assistant training for fraction of the cost and didn’t have to put her life on hold.

So the takeaway here is –

The #1 thing you need to focus on is getting certified by Nationally Recognized institutions like NHA.
Complete your training from a program that prepares you for these certifications. Online Programs are affordable and can help you get there faster.

Serious About Starting A Career as a Medical Assistant?

If you’re serious about becoming a medical assistant, you need to find the right training program.

But that can be hard, as not all training programs are the same.

And finding the right Online Training Program can be even more stressful.

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