If I’ve Taken Some Units At Community College, Can I Still Enroll?

Of course! Our courses at OnlineDegree.com are free and available to everyone. Courses completed from a community college could possibly be combined with the courses you complete at OnlineDegree.com to maximize the amount of credit you receive at your eventual university. You should check with your desired university beforehand though to understand what’s possible to obtain eventual credit and any guidelines they have (e.g. how many units can be awarded, if they’ll award credit for the completed courses you desire to take, does that change based on your major, etc.) You can also see our Full Transfer Guide for more details.

Sounds Too Good To Be True, How Can OnlineDegree.com Be Free?

We love hearing that 🙂 ! Our mission is to make college more affordable and accessible for the millions of adults who want a better life. Tuition is a huge barrier for many people, and often prevents someone from taking that first step towards a degree. We’ve worked tirelessly to keep all of our courses and accompanying books free to students. That commitment has resulted in removing those common hurdles, and helping our students potentially save thousands of dollars towards their eventual degree. We are boldly exploring other means of keeping the lights on outside of the traditional tuition model, and OnlineDegree.com will always be 100% tuition-free to our students. Period.

Do I Need to Be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident to Enroll?

Yes. Currently, OnlineDegree.com is only available to U.S. citizens (living in or outside of the U.S.), or international students living within the United States as a permanent resident.

We’re working on expanding that, and we’ll update the site soon when things have changed.

What If I’m an International Student Outside of the United States?

Sorry, we’re not yet able to accept international students living outside of the United States.  Currently, OnlineDegree.com is available to U.S. citizens (living in or outside of the U.S.), or international students living within the United States.

We’re working on it, and we’ll update the site soon when things have changed.

Does This Guarantee I’ll Be Accepted at an Eventual University?

No, no one can guarantee your acceptance other than the actual university where you’re applying. They always have the final decision. Each university has different guidelines and requirements on how they admit students into their school. This can include GPA, SAT/ACT scores, extracurricular activities you’ve participated in, etc. At many universities, transfer students have higher rates of acceptance vs freshman enrolling out of high school. That means earning units at a community college or through OnlineDegree.com can potentially increase your odds of getting into the school you want. Ask the eventual university where you’re applying to find out what things they take into consideration.

What if I’m Already Enrolled at a University?

You should first contact your university and see what their policy is for obtaining credits while you’re enrolled.   If so, direct them to the NCCRS website to inquire if they’ll accept the course(s) you’d like to take towards your current major.

What if I’m Currently in High School and Haven’t Finished My Diploma/GED?

OnlineDegree.com is only available to adults age 18 and over who’ve completed their high school diploma or GED equivalent.  Our courses are designed to be college-level, and universities will require you to have completed your diploma or GED equivalent before you can enroll to their schools.  It’s fantastic that you’re thinking about college, and we’ll be here when you’re finished with high school.

Do I Have to Pay for Textbooks?

Nope! At OnlineDegree.com we firmly believe in the Open Educational Resourse (OER) movement that strives to provide free collaborative and peer-reviewed textbooks to alleviate student costs. All of our reading material to accompany each course has purposely been chosen to be OER. It is thus free and there is no cost to the student in it’s digital format.