Interior design sales consultant is a broad job description that encompasses professionals who sell merchandise related to interior-design. These consultants might also be considered sales associates. Consultants might work for a number of retail companies including furniture stores, home improvement stores, and lighting shops. The key differences between sales associates and consultants are that products offered by consultants are often higher end and consultants may manage a portfolio of clients.

Job Growth for Interior Design Sales Consultants

The projected salary and job growth for interior design sales consultants are impossible to pinpoint given the diverse positions within the industry. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists a sales manager’s average salary at $98,530 or $47.37 per hour. This statistic encompasses every type of sales manager and is not specific to the interior design field. Another salary-driven notion to consider is that these positions are often commission-based or salary plus commission-based. The projected job growth rate for sales managers by 2020 is 12% which is about average.

Education Requirements for Interior Design Sales Consultants

The BLS lists a bachelor’s degree as a requirement, but that is not necessarily true. Interior design sales consultants are often successful based off of experience and innate talents. However, holding a degree or certificate in a related field can help improve job prospects, job security, and help a person achieve a promotion or advancement. Related degrees include Architecture, Business, Communication, and Interior Design. Interested individuals need to carefully consider if a degree or certificate is worth the costs when evaluating this decision.

Work Environment for Interior Design Sales Consultants

Most consultants work in stores, shops, or offices to directly serve clients and customers. A consultant’s specialty largely directs the work environment. For example, professionals who sell furniture probably work in large shops where customers can peruse available products. Those who sell interior atrium fixtures might work in stores or in offices where clients come in to consult with them. Home improvement stores also hire interior design sales consultants to manage departments focused on interiors.

Potential Clients for Interior Design Sales Consultants

Many corporations, individuals, businesses, government agencies, and organizations require the expertise of interior designers. Some interior designers depend on consultants to help them achieve a client’s ideal project. Consultants might be working directly with interior designers or the client to complete a corporate office, residence, boat, nightclub, hospital, or prison. The list of potential clients is nearly endless. A lighting sales consultant might work with one customer to select the perfect fixture for a new restaurant and another one to choose the best track lighting for a research facility.

Another career option along this path is for an interior design sales consultant to open his or her own business. Supplying DIY customers and interior designers with a wide variety of interior design options from furnishings to flooring can be a great business for entrepreneurs. Providing fantastic service, competitive prices, and the convenience of one-stop shopping can be lucrative.

Personality Type

The most critical word in this job title is “sales.” Interior design sales consultants are first and foremost salespeople. It takes a person who is confident, outgoing, and friendly with a broad range of knowledge in their specialty in order to succeed. Those who advance to a management position also need to be able to set goals, motivate staff, analyze data, and serve as an example. These professionals need to have a thick skin and the ability to up-sell while still maintaining great relations with clients. This is not a career path for a wallflower or someone who doesn’t like to feel pushy.

This career often comes with high demands, stress, and pressure which are excellent motivators for some people. High-end sales can be a fantastic, lifelong career for the right person. One of the perks of choosing this industry is that many of the purchases are expensive, which means high commissions. Interested individuals should consider their skills, talents, and ability to thrive in this fast paced environment. Trying out an entry-level sales position, preferably in an interior design business, is a great way to test the waters.